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Broad Blog Too Broad?

blogSo I did a lot of research before starting this blog, trying to get an idea of how to run it and the kind of content to include. I can safely say that everything I found was incredibly… unhelpful. Everything I read said to find your niche and write about it. Blog about what you like. Well, I’m already doing that over on my other blog and this blog isn’t like that one.

That’s where I talk about writing and post book and film reviews. This blog isn’t one where I choose one topic and talk about it. I want this to be one where I talk about lots of stuff. I can be pretty opinionated and I have lots of stuff I care about and want to talk about. On top of that, I’m a writer, which means a blog is the perfect place to get a discussion going. This blog won’t be one thing, but many things. Some topics you may find here are:

Shark Finning/Whaling
Films and Shows
On This Day in History…
Stuff Going on in the World
Experiences in general

Essentially, I’m going to be talking about pretty much anything. Now, a lot of things I read said starting a blog this broad would be too much. Too overwhelming. But how would I know if it’s too overwhelming without even trying? I can always talk about things and if it’s too much I can change them. But for now here it is. If you have something you would like me tot talk about leave a comment or visit my contact page!

Is there anything you want to hear about?

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