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Finding Carter Episode Review – “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Finding Carter

Season 2 | Episode 3 | Aired April 14, 2015

Alright, so it’s a week late, but I finally reviewed Finding Carter Episode three!

One of the focal points of this episode was relationships. Elizabeth and David announced they are splitting up, Elizabeth’s parents celebrated their anniversary, Max and Taylor were attempting to deal with their break-up, and Carter had another (brief) confrontation with Crash.

I really enjoyed this episode. I felt it was a nice change of pace from the past two episodes where it’s been “go! go! go!” while still staying true to itself. This episode was just as crazy and drama packed, but focused more on the family aspects as opposed to the focusing on the lady who kidnapped Carter.

One of my favourite parts of Finding Carter is how they handle certain situations. With everything that’s happened to the Wilson family and now with Elizabeth and David announcing their separation, I like that we see how every member of the family is handling things differently.

Carter is trying to deal with things while still searching for the truth; Taylor is angry at everything and getting drunk and acting totally un-Taylor-like, while Grant is just sick and tired of everyone in his family. This poor kid really does get pushed aside for some of the family drama doesn’t he?


I also love the relationship between Carter and Taylor. Watching them together feels like they’re actually sisters, not two girls who were hired to play these characters. It feels real, both when they’re taking care of each other and when they’re at each others throats just like real sisters.


Something I didn’t love was Max and Taylor. Don’t get me wrong, I love them as a couple and wish they were still together, but I’m getting a little tired of this whole back and forth thing. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like teenage romance or what, but the kiss between Taylor and Max had me cringing more than anything else. Like I get that they’re young, but come on, it’s time to stop. Either you’re together or you’re not. I was happy that Taylor said she needed to take a step back and they couldn’t get back together, but the kissing thing kind of confused me.

Also in this episode we see that Lori is continuously calling Carter and Taylor. Both girls ignore the calls until finally Carter has enough. She answers the call and tells Lori to leave her family alone. You just know this isn’t going to end well.

I swear that every episode so far someone has said, “no more secrets” and then the next week they reveal a new secret. For both the characters on the screen and the people watching I think we’re all wondering the same thing:

When will the secrets end?

What did you think of last weeks Finding Carter? Check out the promo for tomorrow nights episode below!

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