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Dancing With the Stars Semi-Finals Results

Dancing With the Stars

Here we go! The last results show before the finals!

To recap, here are the final scores from last night:

Rumer and Val
Score: 68

Noah and Sharna
Score: 66

Riker and Allison
Score: 70

Nastia and Derek
Score: 70

The show started off looking back at Noah and Sharna’s journey so far, including Noah’s proposal last night. Congratulations again to the happy couple! It was announced then that Noah and Sharna were in jeopardy.

After that viewers got to see Whitney, Artem, Jenna, Lindsay, Alan, and others perform a dance that will be in the Almay Simply American Tour, raising money for families in the US military. It was quite a spectacular performance and everyone did an amazing job!

Next, they moved on Riker and Allison and took another look at their experience in the semi-finals. It was announced that Riker and Allison were safe and I will admit that I freaked out. I am so excited and so happy and I can’t wait to see them dance next week!

We then got to see something pretty amazing. A Dance Through the Ages. Emma and Sasha were challenged to show 100 years of dance in two minutes and they succeeded. The video was incredible and it was so funny to see the different dance styles and outfits that went with each decade. Comparing the 1900’s to now, it was definitely interesting to see.

Something that was emotional and moving to see was the recap of Nastia and Derek’s journey in the semi-finals. It was just as touching to watch Len dance with Nastia in the package as it was to watch live last night. Nastia and Derek were in jeopardy.

An “electrifying” performance took place shortly after this announcement featuring the woman of Dancing With the Stars. Now, I’m not a professional and, unless we see their preparation, we don’t know how the dance is supposed to look. But I think we can guess. This performance was spectacular, all of the women on the show did a phenomenal job. But some of them seemed a little out of time at some points? Was it just me? They just seemed to sometimes be a little out of sync with each other, but even at those times, they always got right back into the dance and it went on amazingly.

A video was shown of the four pros talking about each of the stars and I think they, and everyone watching, can agree on one thing: this is some of the toughest competition this show has ever seen. Everyone is so good!

A performance from Flo Rida followed after during which he sung his song, “G.D.F.R” while some of the ladies of Dancing With the Stars performed on stage.

We finally reached the fourth couple: Rumer and Val. After taking a look back at their performance last night, we learned that Rumer and Val were in jeopardy.

So now, going into the elimination, here are the results:

Noah and Sharna
Status: In Jeopardy

Riker and Allison
Status: Safe

Nastia and Derek
Status: In Jeopardy

Rumer and Val
Status: In Jeopardy

Something I love about getting closer and closer to the finals is that we get to look back on all the things that helped the couples get to where they are now. This included the training log of each of the couples, looking back at their successes and their struggles.

From Derek’s injury to Noah’s development as a dancer, from Riker and Allison’s time constraints to Rumer’s injury, it was really cool to see how far they’ve all come since that first week.

What came after the training log was something I was very excited for. A performance of “Gotta Be Me” by Riker’s brother, Ross, and the cast from Teen Beach Movie 2. I loved this performance! I’ll admit that as a big fan of R5 and everything they do I might be a little biased, but I thought this performance was absolutely great and got me really excited for Teen Beach Movie 2.

Now comes the moment that everyone was waiting for, but also dreading. The moment where we would find out which couples would be joining Riker and Allison in the finals. Rumer and Val, Noah and Sharna, and Nastia and Derek were all in jeopardy and, as much as we wish it wasn’t so, one of these couples had to go home.

Unfortunately, the couple to go home was Nastia and Derek. Honestly, no matter which way these results went, I think it’s safe to say that it would have been a shock and a disappointment. Nastia and Derek did amazing throughout this whole competition and they truly deserved to get as far as they did and to go farther.

Nastia and Derek

Noah and Sharna, Rumer and Val were safe and will be going to the finals with Riker and Allison.

What did you think of the results? Who do you think will win the finals?

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