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Dancing With the Stars Finale Results Recap

Dancing With the Stars

Here we go! The finale! The competition this season was tough and tonight was the night to see if all their hard work paid off. One of the remaining three couples was to be awarded the Mirror Ball Trophy!

Before we move right into the recap of tonight, here’s a reminder of how things stood last night.

Riker Lynch and Allison Holker
Score: 80

Rumer Willis and Valentin Chmerkobskiy
Score: 80

Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess
Score: 72

The finale tonight started off with an amazing dance featuring all the stars and pros from this season before they then moved onto a recap of last night.

Last night, on the Dancing With the Stars Twitter, they asked which freestyle routine viewers wanted to see again. The people voted and we got to see an encore presentation of Riker and Allison’s amazing freestyle (which you can watch below).

Riker and Allison weren’t done yet though because the next dance we saw was a shortened version of their Jive from Week One.

Now, this night isn’t just about the finalists. We also get to see performances from many of the stars from this season and past seasons as well as a few special guests. The first of these was Redfoo singing his song “Juicy Wiggle” which is ridiculously catchy.

One of the comments made tonight was that Week One seems so long ago and I definitely have to agree. I can’t believe how fast this season has gone by! We got to have another look back at the past ten weeks and it’s crazy to see all the stuff that happened in those weeks.

The next performance we saw was from Charlotte and Keo who danced to “California Gurls” and I have to say, I was really loving the fact that they had someone dressed in a shark costume. That shark has become obnoxiously famous and I love it.

After that we got to see a dance from Alfonso Ribeiro and Sadie Robertson, last season’s champion and second place winner. It was also announced that Alfonso would be taking over for Tom as host of America’s Funniest Home Videos this fall!

Suzanne and Tony were back to perform their Week Three Samba. The dance was great, but I’m not going to lie, I would have loved to see their Three’s Company number again if only because of all the nostalgia it brings.

Viewers then got to watch a very strange compilation of moments that, despite being picked up by the camera, weren’t picked up by the microphones, so they had several members of the DWTS team try to figure out what they were saying in a “Bad Lip-Reading” compilation. It’s safe to say this was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen on this show.

However, the next thing we saw was not strange at all, but actually pretty fantastic. An encore performance from Robert and Kym of their Week One. I have to ask, what is going on with them? Is there anything or are they really close friends?

Like I said earlier, this night isn’t just about the finalists and we finally got to see a performance from one of those special guests I was talking about earlier. Jason Derulo performed his hit single, “Want to Want Me”, while several of the pros danced on stage.

Noah and Sharna were next, accompanied by Derek and Amy, performed a beautiful Argentine Tango before we then got to see Chris and Whitney doing their Footloose dance from Week One. A lot of week one dances coming back tonight.

One of the things I love about them having these separate results shows is that we get to look back on the things that happened so far in the competition. This includes looking back on all the crazy weeks that the couples had to dance to. From team dances to Disney night to spring break, the stuff these dancers have to do is crazy!

After this wonderful look back, we got to see what was one of my favourite dances of the competition. Nastia, Derek, and Sasha performed a Charleston, accompanied by the amazing Andy Grammer. They first performed this number during the first week Derek was hurt and couldn’t dance with Nastia and I absolutely loved it so I was so excited to see them doing it again.

Lots of encore performances tonight! Val and Rumer were the next couple to dance to one of their previous dances, in this case it was their Salsa from Week Three and they did just as amazing this time as they did then.

Also doing just as amazing as they did the first time were Willow and Mark who were shockingly eliminated in Week Seven. I definitely thought they would be in the finals this season, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. However, they did come back and perform their absolutely stunning Alice in Wonderland Foxtrot from Disney Week!

I really enjoy that the couples come back and perform these amazing dances again. I also really enjoy seeing the behind the scenes footage from the show which is what we saw next. The DWTS bloopers were absolutely hilarious. I never realized just how much stuff went wrong behind the scenes and before the show!

The next special guest to perform was Fifth Harmony with their single “Worth It”, accompanied by several of the female pros. All the girls in this number did a phenomenal job, both in the dance and the song.

We’re now half way through the finale, but nowhere close to being done! The female pros had their turn, now it was the guy’s turn and I swear these guys will take any opportunity to take their shirts off.

Sia was the next special guest to take the floor performing “Elastic Heart” as Derek and Julianne (and Joey and Emma, two amazing child dancers) performed an absolutely beautiful number. I actually had to rewind this a few times because I wasn’t sure where to look. Derek and Julianne did amazing, but those kids! Oh my gosh!

It’s a night to look back and this time we got to take another look at the heartbreaking and touching moments that happened over the course of the season. It has definitely been an emotional season.

Patti and Artem were back to perform their Salsa from Week Two to the song “In Da Club” by 50 Cent. This isn’t the last of Patti in the finale though as later in the show she returned to perform her song, “Two Steps Away”

And now, it’s finally that time. The twenty-four hour fusion challenge. What is the twenty-four hour fusion style? Good question. Last night the couples were assigned a new dance which was a ‘fusion’ of two dances.

Watching the videos for the couples was actually really emotional as it was their last rehearsal together and the viewers have seen how much each of the stars has grown over these past ten weeks.

The fusion dances will be judged out of 40 like all the previous dances and their scores from tonight will be added to their scores from last night for an overall total

Here are the scores for the fusion dances:

Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess
Dance: Cha Cha/Argentine Tango
Song: “Surrender” – Cash Cash feat. Julia Michaels
Score: 36
Total: 108

Riker Lynch and Allison Holker
Dance: Salsa/Quickstep
Song: “Classic” – MKTO
Score: 40
Total: 120
*Perfect Night*
*Perfect Finale*

Rumer Willis and Valentin Chmerkobskiy
Dance: Foxtrot/Paso Doble
Song: “Big Jet Plane” – Angus and Julia Stone
Score: 40
Total: 120
*Perfect Night*
*Perfect Finale*

And there we have it, the final dances of season 20! The only thing left was to tally up the votes for the third, second, and first place couples in this competition! All of these couples worked so hard this season and I really think at this point it was anyone’s game. Unfortunately though, there can only be one winner.

But! Before we get to the results, there was one more performance to be had. Patti LaBelle returned to sing her song, “Two Steps Away”. She truly is a woman of many talents.

Now, onto the results. Riker and Allison, Noah and Sharna, Rumer and Val. Only one of them can win.

In third place, Noah and Sharna. They did such an amazing job this season and I am so glad they made it to the finals.

Noah and Sharna

However, it’s now down to two. Riker and Allison, and Rumer and Val. Who will win? This is tough. I really liked both of them and I literally had no clue who would win.

Riker and Allison

The winners for this season of Dancing With the Stars were Rumer and Val!

Rumer and Val

Honestly, I was voting for Riker and Allison, but I’m still so happy with this outcome. Rumer and Val worked so hard and did such an amazing job and they truly deserved it.

I’m also really proud of Riker and Allison for making it all the way to the finals. It’s so amazing and I’m really happy for all three couples for making it as far as they did.

And that’s it! Season twenty is over which means my recaps are done for now. Did you enjoy them? Yes? No? Maybe?

Can’t wait for next season!

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