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The Whispers Episode Review: “X Marks the Spot”

The Whispers

Season 1 | Episode 1 | Aired June 1, 2015

Premiered: June 1st, 2015
Created by: Soo Hugh
Prod. Steven Spielberg, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank, Zack Estrin
Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller
Based on: “Zero Hour” – Ray Bradbury
Starring: Lily Rabe, Milo Ventimiglia, Kyle Harrison Breitkopf, Barry Sloane, Kristen Connolly, Kylie Rogers, Catalina Denis, Derek Webster

What would you do if your child’s imaginary friend turned out to be real? And what would do if that not-so-imaginary friend was using your child to get people killed? That’s the premise of the new show The Whispers which premiered last night.

When I first saw the commercial for this show I was intrigued and knew right away that I wanted to watch it. It sounded creepy and it kind of reminded me of Under the Dome as far as the supernatural aspects go. It’s safe to say, I was not disappointed.

The Whispers starts off with a seemingly innocent little girl, Harper, talking to her imaginary friend, Drill. However, it isn’t long before the situation escalates to the point of Harper’s mother falling out of the tree house and nearly dying. It quickly becomes apparent to viewers that Drill is definitely not imaginary.

Harper is not the only child who is able to see and talk to Drill. Another little girl, Minx (Rogers), and a little a boy, Henry (Breitkopf) (who was deaf until Drill “fixed him”), also communicate with Drill, as well as a little boy who died a month before as he did what Drill told him to.

One of the things I love about shows like this is how everything is connected. For instance, Claire Bennigan (Rabe) is an FBI agent who is investigating the Harper case. She is also Henry’s mother. It is revealed in the show that Henry’s father disappeared three months previously in a plane crash. However, during the episode, his plane is found by Wes Lawrence (Sloane), a member of the Defense Department and Minx’s father. However, the body of Henry’s father is not there.

At the same time all this is going on, a mysterious man, a John Doe, was brought into the hospital with no memory of who he is. It turns out this man is Sean Bennigan (Ventimiglia), Claire’s husband and Henry’s father. Somehow he is connected to everything that is going on with the children. From the mysterious shape found by his crashed plane to Harper entering his room at the hospital and saying that he knows where Drill is, it was seriously mind warping.

Overall, I found the premier of The Whispers to be amazing. It was creepy and intriguing, and just a little bit confusing. All of which are great aspects for a new show and it definitely has me wanting to watch more.

Did you watch the season premier of The Whispers? What did you think?

Watch the video below to see what’s coming up this season!

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