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Finding Carter Episode Review: “Riptide”

Finding Carter

Wow, I have fallen so far behind in these reviews! “Riptide” aired three weeks and for some reason I thought it was the mid-season finale, but turns out it wasn’t and then others things happened and now here we are!

“Riptide” starts off by letting viewers know it’s Elizabeth’s birthday. This tells you right off the bat that things are going to go wrong. Why? Because it’s supposed to be a happy time which, in Finding Carter, means the exact opposite will happen.

Things pretty much get turned on their heads right away when Carter’s old friend, Madison, shows up on the doorstep. She immediately starts causing trouble by telling Taylor about stuff that happened to Max and trying to convince Carter to move in with her. She also seems to be on Lori’s side in everything which you know is going to have some sort of repercussion in future episodes. Anyone on Team Lori is not going to be helpful and I’m really not looking forward to this girl sticking around.

I was really sour with Taylor this episode. She freaked out on Max after learning something really personal about him that he hadn’t told her. He then apologized to her and told her anyway! Okay, I get that they were a couple for a while, but that doesn’t mean they had to tell each other everything about their lives. And as they’re not together anymore, Taylor really doesn’t have the right to get angry with Max for not telling her something personal.

Though I do have to say that I really enjoyed the sisterly moments between Carter and Taylor in this episode. I love that no matter what happens with those two or with others, they always seem to stick by each other.

We also got to see that Grant has moved in with his grandparents in this episode, but he and his grandmother, Joan, are returning to the house for Elizabeth’s birthday. There was a really scary moment in this episode where Joan passed out (apparently she forgot to take her heart pills) and I think everyone who watched the episode had a collective heart attack when Elizabeth said she couldn’t find a pulse. Thankfully, she was fine and was back to being sassy grandma not even a minute later, but oh boy!

I also really enjoyed the fact that Elizabeth and David seemed to be getting along so well. They were cooking and having fun together and it was great. Then, at the end of the episode, the whole family was together eating the cake that Grant baked and it was really nice to see them all together again. Of course, this is Finding Carter which means good things don’t last.

Finding Carter Cake

As they’re sitting there eating, Carter gets a message on her newly-returned cell phone telling her that Lori has tried to kill herself. I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I thought it was going to be like she had escaped or been released or something, but not that!

I thought this was a really good episode. There was still a ton of family drama and angst, but it wasn’t outweighing the nice family moments like it has been these past couple weeks.

What did you think of “Riptide”?

My review for last week’s episode, “I Knew You Were Trouble”, will be up tomorrow!

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