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Finding Carter Episode Review: “I Knew You Were Trouble”

Finding Carter

Season 2 | Episode 8 | Aired May 19, 2015

This episode was intense. People were raging at each other all over the place and it was just one crazy thing after another.

First off, Carter went to see Lori. Bad move. We all knew it was a bad move, but she did it anyway and while it seems like Lori really is hurt and trying to sort her life out, it turns out it was all some diabolical plan. She knew by hurting herself she could get Carter to come running and, what do you know, it happened! I think everyone is definitely underestimating just how far Lori will go to get Carter (and maybe even Taylor) back in her life.

After the awful visit to Lori, Carter was miserable. This resulted in her and Max kissing and, I think it’s safe to assume, having sex. Both of them regret it immediately after as this is obviously going to cause an issue with Taylor who is still in love with Max. This whole thing is just a disaster and I think we all know that there’s no way they’ll be able to keep this covered up. It’s going to come out one way or another (Carter better not get pregnant).

Something that happened in this episode that wasn’t a total disaster was the fashion show Taylor helped organize. She, Elizabeth, and her grandmother were all involved in the show and this was probably the calmest moment of the whole episode. Though I was a little confused as to where Grant was as everyone else (minus Carter and Max) seemed to be there. Even Gabe’s dad was there!

Finding Carter Fashion Show

Apparently he’s selling their house and was thinking about asking Elizabeth to get a place together. Okay, even if Elizabeth and David weren’t on the brink of getting back together, this is an insane idea! They’ve only been together for how long? And the kids aren’t exactly thrilled about the whole thing, at least, Carter, Taylor, and Gabe aren’t. But yeah, syre, moving in together is a good idea.

Finally, Madison needs to go. She revealed to Bird that the reason she came looking for Carter was because Lori asked her to. Her parents kicked her out and then when Madison told Lori she suggested finding Carter and the two of them getting a place together. It’s a plan that gets Carter away from her real family and would give Lori the perfect opening.

Bird and Madison

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Madison will be going anywhere any time soon as she and Bird kissed right near the end of the episode. Really? Really?! I’m happy for Bird, but why does it have to be Madison?

This episode was a rollercoaster, just one thing after another after another.

What did you think of “I Knew You Were Trouble”?

This review was supposed to be up last Thursday, but life got in the way. My review of last Tuesday’s episode should hopefully be up tomorrow. I’m going to do my best to post it and then I’ll be all caught up and be able to return to my regular schedule of posting the night of the episode/the next morning.

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