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The Whispers Episode Review: “Collision”

The Whispers

Season 1 | Episode 3 | Aired June 15, 2015

Episode three and secrets are starting to be revealed.

We now know for sure that Wes and Claire had an affair and this is why Lena hates Claire so much. We also learn that when Sean left to go on his last mission, the same one he didn’t come back from and somehow connected him to Drill, he was leaving because he seemed to have learned about Claire’s affair.

So while Claire is busy doing everything she can to find Sean – including talking to Wes’s daughter, Minx – Sean is driving to the nuclear power plant with Dr. Benavidez. Why? We haven’t officially been told that yet, but it’s something to do with Drill.


At the same time all this is going on, Harper is still doing whatever Drill tells her to because Drill has promised to heal her mother if she does. When Harper’s father, who we learn is actually the head of the same nuclear power plant Sean is heading to, is talking to the doctor, Harper uses his phone to send a text that says “Aware of situation. Will handle.”

So I think this proves that Drill is really feeding these kids information because this was a ridiculously mature text message for a six year old. Not only does he essentially have control over life and death, but basically everything. How do you defeat that?

Well, we’re not sure yet and neither are they, but it definitely seems like they’re starting to realize Drill may not be all that imaginary. At least, Wes and Claire are realizing it. Dr. Benavidez still thinks Sean is crazy and Claire’s colleagues aren’t buying it, thinking her judgement is compromised because of Sean being the suspect.

All the while Henry still hasn’t told anyone he can hear. I’m a little confused by this because they keep showing in the previews for ‘the next episode’ that him and his mom are talking, but then it never happens! However, this is working to his advantage. He overhears his mom and Wes talking about how his dad is alive and they have no idea that he knows. I reckon this might be the thing that causes him to reveal to his mom that he can hear because now he knows and he’ll probably get angry that she hasn’t told him.

At the end we see Henry asking Drill to bring his dad back to him and, with Sean’s connection to Drill already, and the power we’ve seen that Drill possesses, I don’t see this ending well. Why? Because he already killed someone this episode.

After Minx’s little outdoor excursion at the end of episode two (that I’m assuming her parents know about, though it’s never stated), Minx is now seeing a shrink. He tells Minx that Drill isn’t real and she isn’t allowed to play with him anymore. You know what happens to him? He dies. Yup, as he’s biking home he swerves out of the way of a little boy standing in the road and directly into the path of an oncoming car. The little boy then picks up his ball and walks off down the street, the lights going out as he goes, just like they did with Minx.

I don't think Drill is going to like this

I really enjoyed this episode. There are some shows I watch where you can predict what’s going to happen in the next episode and while I still enjoy those shows, I can’t do that here. I try, but I usually end up being wrong. And I enjoy that. I like not having a clue what’s going to happen in an episode or thinking something’s going to happen and then having it be totally different.

The Whispers is unpredictable, creepy, and all around enjoyable. It’s only episode three and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

What did you think of Monday night’s episode? Any predictions?

Check out the preview for episode four below!

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