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The Whispers Episode Review: “What Lies Beneath”

The Whispers

Season 1 | Episode 5 | Aired June 29, 2015

After working, socializing, and having family visiting, this is the latest I have posted a review for this show so far and the latest I ever plan on posting a review for this show. I’ve also been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls which is actually because I’ve been watching The Whispers and I forgot how awesome of an actor Milo Ventimiglia is so naturally I’ve had to binge Gilmore Girls. I can definitely say though that I won’t be posting a review this late for this show ever again. Now, onto last Monday’s episode!

“What Lies Beneath” starts off directly after Sean, Claire, and Henry are taken into custody at the nuclear power plant. Everyone is baffled by the events of the last episode when they saw the nuclear reaction contain itself and Claire, Sean (who still doesn’t remember anything), and Henry are all fine and clear of radiation

Henry Drill

I did think it was a little strange that there wasn’t more of a conversation about the fact that Henry can suddenly hear again, but then I guess after all the other weird things that have happened recently nothing is really a surprise anymore.

Sean is interrogated by both Wes and Claire and during his interview with Wes, the machine monitoring Sean’s heart rate spikes and the pattern matches the giant frozen fulgumite we saw in the first episode right by where Sean’s plane crashed. His interview with Claire was actually really sad to watch because he doesn’t remember anything, not even after she shows him pictures of them and Henry. Five episodes in and I’m already emotionally compromised over these fictional characters.

Heart Rate

Also during Claire’s interrogation with Sean, he explains what each tattoo means. He has all of them figured out, each one relates to some sort of accident or almost accident caused by Drill. All except one. “AS33” is the only tattoo he doesn’t understand yet. However, Claire does. She discovers that “AS33” is the jersey number of another little boy who has been talking to Drill.

The boy is seen to be making what appears to be a bomb which we later learn in the episode he is putting inside a volcano. The boy, Ethan, is actually the son of one of the women who works with Wes which makes Claire believe Wes may be a target. I’m thinking they all may be a target as the only kids chosen all seem to be connected through their parents somehow.

Wes realizes this and tries to send Lena and Minx away, but Lena refuses to leave even though she appears to be terrified of her daughter. When she takes Minx to a play place kind of like Chuck-e-Cheese she freaks out when she can’t find Minx. Can’t really blame her though, she did just learn the doctor she took Minx to had died and then Minx has gone off to “talk to a friend”. Yeah, I’d probably be freaking out too.

Meanwhile, probably the biggest moment of the episode, Wes is back in the Sahara after he realizes they need to dig into the ground to find clues about Drill. They find something bright and glowing that almost appears to be pulsing. It looks almost like a heart and, given the way Sean reacted like he was in pain (can they please not kill him) when they yanked it out of the ground, I have a feeling things are only going to get worse now that they have it.

Now I don’t know how many episodes are in this season. There’s at least eight cause that’s what’s advertised on Wikipedia and as this is a summer program I think it’s safe to assume it won’t be a 22-episode season. However, even though we’re only on episode six I feel like they’re getting close to something big. Some really big. In the promo for tonight’s episode (which you can watch below) we see Claire with all the kids who have talked to Drill so far, all of them staring up at the lights.

The characters are getting closer and closer to finding out more about Drill and while I’m excited to find out who or what Drill is, I have a feeling the repercussions won’t be good.

Who Is Drill

Now, I’ve heard rumors that the show may not be renewed for a second season and that if it is a bunch of the cast may not be returning as the shooting location for the show changed. I really hope these are only rumors as I’m really enjoying The Whispers and I hope it continues.

What did you think of last week’s episode? What do you think is going to happen tonight?

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