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The Fosters Episode Review: “Going South”

The Fosters

Season 3 | Episode 5 | Aired July 6, 2015

Last night’s episode was packed with crazy huge things happening from start to finish. Callie and Brandon went hand gliding in Mexico, Mariana revealed to her moms that she had sex with Wyatt, Lena and Stef decided to go to marriage counseling, AJ and Mike connected after being faced with a racist cop, and Brandon got back into Idyllwild.

Alright where do I start? Callie kidnapped Brandon to go to Mexico with her because she wanted to go hand gliding. Needless to say this didn’t end well when apparently the hand gliding they were participating in was illegal and the only thing that prevented them from getting arrested was Brandon giving the police his very expensive keyboard.

Callie Hand gliding

Things went downhill even more when they realized that in order to get back into the US they needed passports (apparently you don’t need passports to get into Mexico?!) which of course they didn’t have. They managed to get back into the States by playing dumb, but I’m pretty certain Brandon wishes he’d stayed in Mexico when his friend from Idyllwild told him he was back in the program. Which, of course, means he needs his keyboard. *slow clap*

Mariana Tells

I was so worried when I saw the preview last week thinking they were going back to the whole Brandon/Callie storyline and I really did not want to have to watch that train wreck again. It was painful the first time, let’s leave it alone in season one. The hand gliding was pretty cool and actually made it seem like something I myself could maybe do one day. It probably won’t happen on a beach in Mexico with cops chasing me, but it seems a bit easier (and less heart attack inducing) than skydiving.

I think we all knew something was going to come out of Brandon giving away his keyboard. Obviously, Lena, Stef, and Mike wouldn’t like that he had done it, but anyone watching could probably tell it wouldn’t just stop at his parents being angry. Now that he’s back at Idyllwild Brandon is going to need a keyboard and in order to get a keyboard his parents will need to buy it, but that will also include Brandon telling them he gave it away because he didn’t think he needed it anymore. Good luck Brandon.

Alright, moving on to Mariana. She finally confessed to her parents that she slept with Wyatt after Stef found a pregnancy test box in the trash. The conversation wasn’t great at first, but by the end of it all three women seemed to be better off and Lena and Stef got across to Mariana that they just wanted her to be happy and to love herself. While we now know for sure that Mariana isn’t pregnant, she still has yet to tell Callie and even though she broke up with Matt, I think we can all assume he’s going to find out somehow.

Mariana Moody

One of the biggest things that I think happened last night was AJ’s storyline. After going with Mike to visit AJ’s grandmother (which was an incredibly sad and real representation of dementia), it is discovered the AJ’s brother, Ty, had been there to visit only two days prior. After leaving AJ goes with Mike as a ride along to a robbery. After getting out of the car to get a closer look, AJ is pinned to the ground and cuffed by another cop who, even after Mike explains the situation, refuses to look AJ in the eye and apologize.

AJ Arrested

This was such a real and painful representation of something that everybody constantly sees happening now. The power that many white police officers believe they hold and abuse against African Americans. I’m so glad they depicted this because it’s something that’s happening right now and people need to see it, and what better way to get people to see it than put it on a television show?

Yeah I Know What You Thought

So often when it’s shown on the news the cop isn’t the one in the wrong (even if they are), so to put it on a widely popular show that clearly puts the cop in the wrong for everyone to see was so important and I give The Fosters high praise for showing this.

AJ Society

However, not everything was bad for AJ this episode. Mike finally seemed to get through to him on some level which is awesome because I think we might start to see a bit more of AJ as a character and less of AJ as the guy who got Callie fired, now. I’m still not sure I trust him, but we are only a few episodes in so there’s still time. Also, at the very end of the episode, AJ got a call from his brother Ty. This, too, made me trust him a bit more as we now have confirmation that there is definitely a brother.

The final major thing to happen last night was not a good thing. Stef and Lena seemed to be constantly on edge with each other. They were bickering and snapping and fighting about everything. Even their contractor (hired by Stef, much to Lena’s annoyance) thought their marriage was in trouble. This resulted in them making the decision to go to marriage counseling which is something that I think we all have a bad feeling about.


Technically it’s supposed to help, but it’s also a place where everyone can get their feelings out in the open. Including Lena’s kiss with Monte which she still hasn’t told anyone about. Come on people! Have we learned nothing from the past two seasons about keeping secrets?! Especially when it comes to relationships! The best time to tell someone something you don’t want them to know is right after it happens. The longer you wait, the worse the outcome is going to be.

Fighting 2

But this is television and the plots would probably be pretty boring if nobody had any secrets. Overall I really enjoyed this episode of The Fosters. It dealt with some incredibly important things while also making me realize hand gliding could potentially be fun.

But what did you think? Any predictions for what’s going to happen next?

Watch the preview for next week below!

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