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The Fosters Episode Review: “It’s My Party”

The Fosters

Season 3 | Episode 6 | Aired July 13, 2015

Tonight’s episode was one for celebrations! It was Callie’s seventeenth birthday and Jude decided to throw her a party! Everyone was there, the family, Sophia, Robert, Cole, the girls from Girls United, the guy who ran the youth centre she worked at, and a whole bunch of other people I’ve never seen before. Overall it was actually a pretty happy episode. Sure, there was some drama, it wouldn’t be The Fosters if there wasn’t drama, right? But it really was a happy episode.


Now, Callie’s party wasn’t the only thing that happened. Stef and Lena attended their first couple’s counselling session, Callie and Mariana bought a car behind their parent’s backs, Wyatt revealed to Callie that he and Mariana slept together, AJ and Brandon got into a fight with Mike taking AJ’s side, and Callie and AJ kissed. All in all it was a pretty typical Monday night on The Fosters.

We all knew Mariana and Wyatt’s secret was going to come out eventually. Though I don’t think anyone, Mariana included was expecting it to come out quite the way it did. Wyatt asked Mariana on a date and, despite getting Callie’s blessing, Mariana said she couldn’t do it because she knew Callie wasn’t okay with it. This resulted in Wyatt freaking out on Callie and revealing they had hooked up. Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt…

This must be something that only happens on TV and in movies, right? Someone revealing some huge secret during an argument because you thought that’s what the person was mad about. That doesn’t happen in real life does it? Because if it does, clearly more people need to watch TV and films because they’re never mad about the thing you think they are. It’s always a totally separate issue, but you feel so guilty over the one thing that you get defensive and assume that’s what they’re mad about. Don’t assume. Don’t ever assume. Because you will end in a horrible Wyatt-Callie-Mariana situation.

A relationship that actually seems to be doing better is Stef and Lena’s. For most of the episode they were at odds with each other over Love/Dislike lists their therapist wanted them to make. However, near the end of the episode their seemed to be some love and understanding returning to the pair. I’m sure that will end when Monte’s kiss is revealed, something we’re all still waiting on.

Something I personally have not been waiting on is the inevitable AJ/Callie kiss which happened tonight. Is it just me? I will say that I do like AJ more now. He seems to be trying to get along with everyone (except Brandon) and he told Mike he talked to his brother, but this thing with Callie… I’m just not feeling it. Are you feeling it? Stef and Lena sure aren’t if the preview for next week is anything to go by.

AJ and Callie Kiss

This whole thing will inevitably cause more of an issue with Brandon and Mike who finally had the hard truth dealt to him. After AJ and Brandon get into a fight over who AJ has been talking to, Mike tells Brandon to stay out of. It’s horribly ironic because Brandon was right, AJ was talking to his brother and hiding it from Mike.

Brandon Mike 1

When Mike later goes to talk to Brandon, Brandon informs him that he’s visited the house and bonded more with AJ in the few weeks he’s been there than he has with Brandon in several years. Is Mike the worst father ever? No, absolutely not. But I’m happy Brandon finally told Mike exactly how he feels because maybe now Mike can start to fix it.

Brandon Mike 2

Also in the boat of crappy fathers was Sophia who found a partner in crime in Brandon tonight. She knows about her father’s affair and is refusing to talk to him and seems to be putting her need for some sort of revenge to use by helping Brandon spy on AJ. I don’t think I need to describe how badly this ended, you all saw it.

Brandon and Sophia

Alright, finally, the car. Callie now has her license and asked Stef and Lena if she could buy a car with the money she’s saved. Unfortunately, they say no. This does not stop Callie and Mariana (who will be getting her license soon) from pooling their money together and buying a car anyway.

We learn that the reason Stef and Lena said no to Callie buying a car was because Robert, her father, had already bought her one for her birthday. However, Callie turned it down. She might be regretting that decision now as sharing a car with the girl who slept with your ex-boyfriend behind your back and then kept it a secret for ages might be a little awkward.

Oh dear, oh dear. Just your usual Monday night. Next week’s episode looks crazy and I am so excited to see what happens! Ana is back and Callie and AJ are in major trouble after their kiss and I just can’t wait.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? What do you think is going to happen next Monday?

Check out the preview below!

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