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The Whispers Episode Review: “A Hollow Man”

The Whispers

Season 1 | Episode 8 | Aired July 20, 2015

Did anyone else have an issue when they tried to watch the episode last night? For some reason the channel I normally watch it on cut the first ten minutes of the show, it played for about five minutes, and then there was just a bluish-green screen. I have no idea what this was, but I had to wait until this morning to find somewhere to watch the episode. Glad I did because it was so good.

Alright, who thought it was going to be Sean or Claire who died in last night’s episode?

I know I did. Thankfully, both of them were fine, but last night’s episode was definitely intense. It had so many twists and turns that I definitely didn’t see coming.

After destroying the rock last week, Sean and Claire are now on the run. They meet up with Jessup who brings Henry to them, rather than taking him to the FBI like he was instructed (though Sean does punch him). With Jessup’s help, Sean and Claire find out about a man named Thomas who spoke to Drill in the 1980s and they go to find him.

Sean and Claire

While Sean and Claire are getting answers from Thomas, Lena is on her own mission from Drill. She and Drill make a deal, Lena would do what he asked on the condition that Drill never speaks to Minx again.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve said The Whispers always leaves me with a ton of questions and last night was no different. The only change was that some of the questions actually were answered throughout the episode.

What does Drill want Lena to do? Kill
Who does Drill want her to kill? Thomas
Why does Drill want her to kill Thomas? Because Thomas knows how to kill Drill

This last one kind of confused me because apparently the Drill that Thomas spoke to when he was a child in the 1980s isn’t the same Drill that is now talking to Henry and Minx and all the other children. But then how does that work?

Drill was meant to be calling to his family and getting them to join him on Earth. So does that mean they’re all Drill? Is Drill the name of a species and not the specific entity that’s been talking to the kids? Whatever it is, it suddenly makes Drill significantly scarier if there’s more than one of him.

Alright, back to what happened last night. All signs were pointing to Claire or Sean getting shot by Lena. The preview for the episode, Sean and Claire talking about being a family again, and we all know Lane hates Claire. I was freaking out (much like Henry) when she walked into the house with the gun.

Thankfully, Sean and Claire were both fine. Unfortunately, Thomas is the one who got shot and if they aren’t able to save him then they may never find out how to kill Drill. Even more unfortunate is that, in order to save Thomas, they need to take him to a hospital. A hospital where they’ll ask questions like, “who shot him?” Clearly Wes has a choice to make and it looks like he, Lena, and Minx may be on the run now too.

Thomas shot

I actually felt really bad for Lena in this episode. I mean, it’s not exactly an easy choice to make, is it? And it was obvious from the start that she did not want to be doing what Drill had told her to, but can you really blame her? She can’t actually see or hear Drill, but Minx can, and Minx will do whatever Drill asks. That’s terrifying. So really, doing whatever she has to to protect her kid, yeah, I get it.

Though I am also leaning the other way a bit too only because she won’t know if Drill held up his end. Like, “Kill this person and Drill will leave Minx alone.” That’s all well and good, but considering how much Minx has lied for Drill in the past, he could continue talking to her and having her do things and Wes and Lena would never know. So while I get her reasoning for doing it, maybe ask questions first next time.

I also felt really bad for Henry. The poor kid was locked inside the car, he knew Drill was there, he saw Lena go in with a gun, and he couldn’t do anything about it! He just had to sit there and was finally allowed out of the car after he heard gunshots, probably thinking his parents might be dead. How is this kid not traumatized after everything that’s happened so far?

Drill Storm

Alright, I know I talk about this every week, but I just have to mention the scene in the motel with Sean and Claire. Blame the writers for making these two so adorable I just have to talk about them. I always love in a show when they talk about the characters backgrounds. They did the same thing on last week’s episode of Zoo and I really enjoyed it because it makes the characters more real.

Sean Claire Henry

Up until last week, we hadn’t gotten to see Sean and Claire interacting as a couple. And since most of last week’s episode Sean was in shackles and when he wasn’t it was just awkward between them, this was sort of the first real interaction we’ve seen them have and it was far too cute.

“Somehow we managed to stop talking to each other.” – Sean
“Or maybe we just stopped listening.” – Claire

Though I must admit, scenes like this, where the characters are talking about caring about each other and being a family, are really the scenes that make me think something is going to go wrong. It didn’t this week, but I really hope none of the main characters die in this show. Right? Anyone else?

Something I actually got really excited about last night was when Thomas was talking about Drill to Claire and Sean. He starts talking about how he could hear “the whispers” in his head when Drill was there, but that he doesn’t hear them anymore. He then asks Sean when he stopped hearing “the whispers”.

I love when they say the title of the thing in the thing. Like in all the Twilight saga books they say the title in the book. I had never quite thought about why this show was called The Whispers, but suddenly it makes so much sense! I feel like it should have been obvious for ages now because whenever we hear Drill talking to the kids it’s like he’s whispering, but for some reason I just never made the connection!

So much happened last night and I don’t feel like I’ve quite covered it all, but I don’t want to give away everything cause that wouldn’t be any fun, would it? The next episode doesn’t premier for two week (why is this a thing? The Fosters isn’t on next week either and I’m very confused) and it looks like a fantastic episode.

What did you think of last night? Any predictions for two weeks from now?

Check out the preview for the next episode!

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