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The Fosters Episode Review: “Faith, Hope, Love”

The Fosters

Season 3 | Episode 7 | Aired July 20, 2015

This episode dealt with a lot of heavy topics. Substance abuse, religion, and post-partum depression, just to name a few. It was an intense episode that, once again, challenged topics you don’t normally see dealt with on television.

AJ and Callie must face the repercussions of their kiss last week, AJ’s brother Ty shows up, Brandon returns to Idyllwild only to discover he has a new rival, and Ana asks Mariana to be Isabella’s godmother which causes tension in the house as it would mean Mariana being baptized.


Now, let’s start with what was probably the main plot of last night’s episode which was Mariana becoming Isabella’s godmother. In order to do this she would need to be baptized which is something neither Stef or Lena want her to do. They are also angry because Mariana’s biological grandfather told Mariana that if she does get baptized then her soul will be in limbo and they won’t ever see her in Heaven. Yeah, I can understand why Stef and Lena were so angry.

In the end though they relent and allow Mariana to make her decision on the matter. She ends up deciding not to get baptized after the priest called Stef and Lena ‘sinners’.

Mariana Family

Religion is such a touchy topic and one that is normally avoided on television, in film, and even in real life. But this is The Fosters and they don’t shy away from anything. Now, at first I thought Stef and Lena weren’t really handling the whole situation right. Even if they aren’t religious, surely Mariana should be able to explore her beliefs and make that decision for herself, right? In the end, this is what happened and I was very glad it did.

I feel like they really handled this topic well. Whatever happens and is said, there’s going to be people who aren’t happy. But I think they really dealt with this whole situation well and portrayed what it can be like to be someone in the LGBTQ+ community (or be a friend or family member) and be confronted with a religion that is unaccepting.

Another large part of this storyline was the lack of trust and faith Ana’s parents had in her. Throughout the episode we see them accuse Ana of using again and when Ana disappears from the baptism, they want to just go ahead and do it without her! After Ana goes to Stef and Lena and asks them to take Isabella, everyone realizes that Ana has Post-Partum Depression.


This revelation prompts Lena to admit to Stef that she is still struggle with the loss of their baby, something that hasn’t been spoken of much since it happened.


Something else major that happened last night is that we finally got to meet AJ’s brother, Ty (Chris Warren). Ty views things very differently than AJ and believes that once Mike gets sick of him, or when AJ turns eighteen, that that’ll be it and Mike will throw him out.

He is also angry that AJ is having to move in with Rita until Mike gets his license because of his and Callie’s kiss last week. I can kind of understand where Ty is coming from because he and AJ have obviously been in the system a long time and it can be hard to trust people after that.

However, I also think the only way AJ is going to succeed and truly feel comfortable around Mike and the others is if he stops listening to his brother. Ty wants the two of them to leave, but I think we all know that if they go it won’t end well. I also think that AJ doesn’t really want to go. He didn’t seem overly enthusiastic when Ty mentioned it so I’m actually hoping he just lets Ty go and stays with Mike.

AJ actually got in a bit of trouble on Monday night when he and Callie went for a drive around the block in Callie and Mariana’s new car. Callie was worried they were going to get in trouble because she didn’t have insurance yet, instead they got in trouble because it turns out the car she and Mariana bought was stolen. This is why you don’t buy giant things like this without telling your parents people!

It was pretty much a given that something was going to go wrong when the girls bought the car in secret. Then when Callie and AJ decided to take it for a drive something bad just had to happen. But I definitely didn’t think the car would be stolen! I thought the guy that sold it to them was going to stalk them or something, like you always hear about Craigslist deals going wrong. I didn’t imagine this and I think this is definitely a lesson for anyone who has ever considered buying a used car. Make sure it isn’t stolen first!

Alright, the final thing we have to talk about is Brandon. First, he made this really amazing piece for Idyllwild, but decided it was too risky so he transferred it back to just being played on a regular piano. This happened and then his ‘friend’ turned around and used the original idea Brandon had had and passed it off as his own.

Brandon was, understandably, freaking out and frankly so was I! This was so infuriating! Sure, he decided not to take a risk, but now if he does use his original idea it will look like he got the idea from his ‘friend’. *Deep sigh* Honestly, and I don’t know about all of you, but I actually enjoyed Brandon’s piece better so hopefully this’ll get sorted out and Brandon will get the credit he deserves.

I’m glad to see he’s stepping up this time though. Everything with Kat was just a mess so I’m really hoping he’ll find a way to come out on top this time.

The other thing that happened with Brandon (and Callie) is that there was apparently a restraining order against Brandon at one point?! Was this in the show? I don’t remember it being in the show. This means that Callie’s adoption will be delayed and Callie can’t even stay in the house!

callie's Adoption

Alright, I have to admit, it kind of drives me crazy that the main storylines Callie seems to get involve something screwing up her adoption and Brandon. Like, The Fosters literally deals with so many important things and comes up with these huge storylines explaining other things amazingly, but these two just keep getting recycled. Please Fosters writers, let Callie get adopted. It’s time.

Monday night’s episode dealt with some heavy topics and I think they really handled them all well. Aside from Callie’s adoption getting pushed back again, the whole episode was fantastic.

The next episode isn’t on for two weeks (why? A lot of shows are skipping next week, but I don’t know why) so there won’t be a review next week! In the meantime, check out the preview for the new episode below. It looks crazy!

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