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The Fosters Episode Review: “Daughters”

The Fosters

Season 3 | Episode 8 | Aired August 3, 2015

The Fosters is back! Last Monday was so boring wasn’t it? Well this week definitely was not boring with everything that went on.

Callie was back living with Rita which, outside of living with Stef and Lena, should have been the best place for her to be. Unfortunately, after an unexpected visit from Rita’s daughter, things just gradually went downhill and it ended with Rita in handcuffs after apparently assaulting Carmen.

Brandon and Callie had their separate meetings with the social worker about Brandon’s restraining order (which I now remember!) and Jude overheard a conversation about Stef and Lena that made him act out at school.

The main storyline was, of course, Rita. This whole thing was just crazy. First we meet Rita’s daughter, Chloe, who hates her mother. She hates her so much she makes some comments about Rita’s deceased husband and Rita slaps her. This was the first sign that something was going to go horribly wrong and a strong piece of evidence against Rita.

Rita and Callie

Then, while at Girls United, Carmen is constantly fighting with a new girl, Brooke, which is actually a strong piece of evidence both against and in favour of Rita. This whole plot to me was just crazy. I can’t see Rita hitting Carmen, but then I also couldn’t have seen her slapping her own daughter either. We won’t actually find out what really happened until next week and I literally have no idea what I think of the situation. It could literally go either way at this point.

Another big part of the episode was Brandon and Callie’s interviews with the social worker over Brandon’s restraining order and what their feelings are for each other. Of course, their stories were totally different and nothing excepted that they now love each other as siblings matches up. It’s going to be interesting to see how that goes.

Also, yes, I now remember the restraining order! I totally forgot about, but then went back and rewatched the clip from season one and the whole thing just came flooding back. I never even thought that that could keep Callie from being adopted and I’m really hoping it doesn’t (though, given the preview next week, it may be something else that does that).

Finally, Stef and Lena are still dealing with their marital issues. Stef is still busy investigating the car crash Jesus and Mariana were involved in and thinks she may have found something huge. Meanwhile, Lena is telling Monte about her issues at home rather than telling Stef. Seriously, they both need to stop what they’re doing and figure it out.

Especially since the kids apparently all know. After overhearing Stef, Lena, and Brandon arguing about it, Jude gets upset and is convinced Stef and Lena are getting divorced. I felt awful for Jude here. He was so upset and so scared and he didn’t think he could say anything because he’s adopted and doesn’t know what they’ll do to him.

Jude and Callie

What they do is hug him and tell him they were worried. Rita made the point of saying that they don’t love kids more or less because they’re foster kids versus biological kids and I think this whole situation really drove that home and I’m so happy about that.

It became especially prevalent during the conversation Stef had with Brandon right after this. She apologized to him after realizing she’s harder on him than the others because he hasn’t suffered as much as they have. However, Stef realizes she’s wrong to be doing this because Brandon has suffered and does deal with tough things.

Stef and Brandon

I thought this scene was so important. It was important to show that foster/adopted parents don’t love their kids any less because they’re foster kids or adopted kids. But it was also important to show that biological kids aren’t loved any less because they’re biological. Every kid, every person, deals with tough stuff and suffers in different ways. Brandon hasn’t suffered in the same ways Jesus and Mariana have, or Callie and Jude, but he has suffered.

Stef and brandon 2

To have Stef not only acknowledge this, but also apologize and then show her support for Brandon with the whole AJ situation was so important and I am so thankful The Fosters showcased this.

The episode ended with a video message Callie recorded for foster care app, ‘Fost and Found’, where she talks about the bad homes she’s been in and calls people out by name, including the judge who keeps putting off her adoption. On one hand, I get where she’s coming from. Sometimes enough is enough and you have to call out the people that hurt you and that keep hurting you. But on the other hand, I think what she did can be considered slander? And I think people can get into huge trouble for that so I’m not sure affect this will have on her adoption now, but I’m guessing it won’t be good.

This episode was absolutely insane! So many impossible situations and so many scenarios that just seem too tough to deal with. There’s only one episode left before the mid-season finale and I have no clue what is going to happen. Do you?

What do you think really happened with Rita and the girls?

How about Brallie? Ship it or no way?

What did you think of Brandon and Stef’s conversation?

What’s going to happen to Callie now?

Check out the preview for next week below!

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