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The Fosters Episode Review: “Idyllwild”

The Fosters

Season 3 | Episode 9 | Aired August 10, 2015

This is the last episode before The Fosters summer finale and let me tell you, they were holding nothing back.

Brandon had his final performance at Idyllwild (which he won!), Stef found out about Monte and Lena’s kiss, Callie discovered what really happened with Rita, Mike might’ve found who was driving the car that hit Ana and the twins, and Callie and Brandon had sex.

Seriously, this episode was just packed with drama! Let’s start with Stef and Lena. Stef finally found out about the kiss Lena and Monte shared last season and I don’t really know what I was expecting. I don’t know if I thought there’d be yelling and screaming or what, but the revelation was just… sad. Not sad, like, pathetic, but sad like, these are two fictional characters and yet I’m getting really emotional over their marital issues.


It doesn’t look like they’re splitting up if the preview for next week is everything to go by, but this is The Fosters which means anything can happen. I’m really hoping they don’t split up, but honestly, given all the issues Stef and Lena have had lately, it wouldn’t surprise me if they took a break.

Now, two people who need to take a break are Brandon and Callie. Seriously, I am so tired of these two. Is this what it’s like for other people when you don’t ship a couple, but everyone else does? Every time they have a scene together I just cringe.

On Monday night things only got worse. Callie discovered the truth about the incident with Rita and was able to record enough evidence to clear her name. However, by clearing Rita’s name, Callie also believed she condemned herself when she didn’t deny Carmen’s accusations about Callie’s feelings for Brandon. This was strike number one leading to disaster.

Callie and Brandon

Strike number two was Brandon’s performance at Idyllwild. This actually made me so happy! It was so great seeing Brandon perform again, I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed it. Brandon is at Idyllwild as a composer, but he decided to perform his own piece. This led to him winning the competition (exciting, though a little unrealistic)and he now gets to perform at Disney Hall.

With Brandon flying high off his win and Callie believing she’ll never be adopted now, the pair come together and end up having sex.

I swear, if she gets pregnant, I’ll be so ticked. Like, there’s been a lot of baby talk this season and when Mariana had her pregnancy scare before, Stef and Lena both thought it was Callie’s. Was this foreshadowing? I hope not.

Speaking of Mariana, she finally told Mat the truth about why she broke up with him. I felt kind of bad for Mariana, but mostly I just felt bad for Mat. No one deserves to be cheated on and he had no clue it had happened! He actually apologized about extending the tour cause he thought that’s why she had broken up with him before she told him the truth! He’d been feeling guilty when she was the one who cheated and I felt so bad for him.


Ugh, so many secrets being revealed! One more secret that will hopefully be revealed next week is who was driving the car that hit Ana and the twins. Unfortunately, it’s looking a lot like the driver might’ve been AJ’s brother, Ty. If this does turn out to be the case, this might put a bit of a strain on Mike and AJ’s relationship.

There were so many revelations on Monday! Everybody’s secrets were coming to light and there didn’t seem to be any positive repercussions. Next week is the summer finale and anything could happen!

Do Stef and Lena break up? Was Ty the driver? Will there be a mini Callie or Brandon soon? We’ll just have to wait and see! But for now, tell me what you think!

Check out the preview for next week summer finale!

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