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The Whispers Episode Review: “Darkest Fears”

The Whispers

Season 1 | Episode 10 | Aired August 10, 2015

****WARNING: This post contains MAJOR spoilers for Monday’s episode of The Whispers! Do not read if you haven’t watched!****

What on earth happened in Monday’s episode?! I just… I have no words.

Drill made a new friend, Wes and Claire came up with a plan on how to destroy Drill, Henry and Sean were in an accident, and Lena… well, I’ll get to that. I can’t even believe it.

Monday was just crazy. There were so many moments when I thought I knew what was going to happen, but then it didn’t. Then there were a lot of moments I definitely didn’t see coming.

Drill made a new friend in the shape of a young boy named Nicholas (Darien Provost). Now up to this point all of the kids Drill befriends have parents with access. It’s not clear if this is the case with Nicholas, it seems to be more of a desperate act on Drill’s part. He was getting weak and Nicholas was an easy target who, after being rescued from bullies by Drill, was easily persuaded to do what Drill wanted him to.

Drill Posession

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out in Nicholas’s favour as Drill used him as a bargaining chip. When Wes and Claire have Drill trapped, Drill threatens to posses Nicholas unless they free him, going so far as to start the possession process. I thought Provost did an amazing job here. “Pretend you’re being possessed by an invisible alien” isn’t exactly an easy thing to have anyone do let alone a kid and Provost did great.

While Wes and Claire were busy trying to destroy Drill, Sean and Henry were involved in a car accident as they tried to get home during the blackout. I swear, every week I end up yelling at my television because it seems like Sean is going to die. Every. Single. Week. Can they stop putting him in life threatening situations please? Isn’t the crazy alien thing enough of a threat?

The main thing about this episode that I really enjoyed was the family dynamics we saw. We saw Sean and Claire acting like a real married couple again, Sean in dad-mode with Henry, Wes and Lena together, and the pair of them parenting Minx. A big focus of this show is on Drill and the destruction he causes so whenever they take the time to show these little moments with the characters I really love it.

Sean and Claire

Thankfully, Sean and Henry were both fine (at least from the accident), but I’m so confusion about what is wrong with Henry. We all know he was sick before and that’s how he lost his hearing and Henry even brought up the idea that maybe Drill is punishing him for not talking to him anymore. While Sean said Drill won’t hurt him anymore, I think we all saw this episode exactly what Drill is capable of and I’m wondering if, since Drill gave Henry his hearing back, maybe he’s going to make Henry lose again like he did before.

Henry and Sean were helped out of their car after the crash by a strange man who I was worried was going to be a serial killer. Thankfully that wasn’t the case, but Lena and Minx may have met a serial killer instead, or at the very least a really creepy stalker who has lists with their names and Sean, Claire, and Henry’s names. Who is he? Is he connected to Drill? What is going on?

I was so happy when Lena and Minx made it home safe and that this creepy guy who gave them a ride didn’t drive them out tot he middle of nowhere to kidnap them. However, this happiness was short lived.

I haven’t been a huge fan of Wes or Lena up to this point, it really depends on the episode. However, the past couple episodes we’ve really seen more and more of them as a couple and as parents with less fighting. This episode in particular had me loving these two together and with Minx. And you know what? The writers knew that’s what would happen. They knew this was the episode we would love these two and that’s why they did it. They killed Lena. They killed her and had Minx be right there when it happened and then they had Wes come home to find her body.

My heart broke. When it happened I thought maybe she wouldn’t be dead, but then Wes got home. This show went form 0 to 100 real quick. It started off as a creepy alien thing who could control the lights and talk to kids and now this creepy alien thing has murdered someone out of revenge.

I never could’ve seen this coming. There were points throughout this episode where I thought Wes was going to die and parts where I thought Claire was going to die. Same with Sean, Henry, and Minx. But after making it home safe, Lena was the last person I expected this to happen to! I literally had no idea what to say or what to expect next week.

Wes wanted Drill destroyed because of what he was doing to the children and he wanted Minx safe. Wes trapped Drill, drove him into a corner and screamed for everyone to hear that he would not stop until Drill lost. The war has started. Wes laid the foundation and Drill took the first shot. There’ll be no stopping Wes now.

I have no idea what could possibly happen next, but now that they’ve killed one main character I’m suddenly so much more nervous about all the others. I don’t want Claire to die, or Sean, Henry, Minx, Wes, or any of the others. I didn’t want Lena to die, but she did. They did that and now this is like watching The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. No one is safe. Better not have a favorite character cause they might be next.

I don’t have words to properly describe my feelings for Monday’s episode and after reading people reactions online I gather I’m not the only one. I think probably the most accurate description for my reaction (and many others it seems) is unintelligible screaming, both out of rage and confusion.

We’re nearing the end of season one and from the looks of next week’s promo things are only going to get more intense and crazy. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that no one else dies and also that the show will get renewed.

What did you think of “Darkest Fears”?

Check out the preview for next week!

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RIP Lena

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