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Zoo Episode Review: “Sleuths”


Season 1 | Episode 7 | Aired August 11, 2015

Because the bear fiasco from the previous episode wasn’t bad enough, they added more bears this week! Sure, why not.

Bears freak me out. They’re fast and huge and I know I couldn’t outrun it and I would probably die if I ever met one. Hopefully I’ll never meet any of the bears in this episode who have somehow developed a hard shell due to The Mother Cell. Great.

Just what bears needed, a shell. Not gonna lie, when Mitch first said they had developed a shell-like thing all I could picture was a bear with an armadillo shell and I’m not sure why.

Mitch was up to something sneaky in this episode. He revealed to Reiden Global that they have The Mother Cell so that his daughter can get medication that will help with her disease. I’m sorry, but there are just so many obvious ways this can go wrong and I don’t understand why he’s doing this!

Mitch RG

I really like Mitch, he’s one of the best characters on the show, but seriously? Reiden Global drugs are the reason all the animals are going crazy and you’re going to, not only reveal you have something incredibly important to them, but you’re then knowingly going to give these drugs to your child?!

I get that he wants to help his daughter and giving her the drugs that might cure her is definitely a good way to get back in the good books, but this just seems like a terrible idea and I think we all know this situation isn’t going to end well.

One situation I was surprised at the outcome of was the Jamie situation. It’s still not totally clear if “Ben Shafer” was a dirty FBI agent or not an FBI agent at all, but either way he’s dead. And Jamie killed him.

They started out by getting her a new passport with a new name (Nancy Armstrong, her mother’s name) and then decided to take things one step further by breaking into Reiden Global. Why? To try and prove that “Ben Shafer” was being off by RG by hacking into their computers.

Mitch Drunk

Yeah, I reckon the plan probably did make more sense and seem less crazy with alcohol in their systems, but, surprisingly, it works and they manage to download a bunch of files without getting caught.

While all this is going on with Jamie, we also learn more about Abraham’s past and it’s so incredibly sad! It is revealed that when Abraham was a boy, he and his brother were captured by this group and both his brothers were killed (because Abraham refused to choose one to die).

He was trapped there for several years, but finally managed to escape and is now determined to protect his family. This explains why he’s so protective of Jackson and their whole relationship. However, this also made me incredibly worried he was going to die when the bear came charging at him.


That’s how it works right? A character tells their emotional back story and they die. We finally learn more about them and start to care more and then they’re ripped away from us. Thankfully that didn’t happen and all five of the main characters are still alive. For now.

Tomorrow night’s episode looks absolutely horrific. Rats. Something I think majority of people hate. I have friends with pet rats and I think domesticated ones can be cute (sometimes), but these aren’t domesticated rats they’re dealing with tomorrow. These are huge, gray, sewer-dwelling rats who are travelling in packs and eating people.

Nope. No thanks. The lions were scary, the bats were creepy, wild dogs terrified me (as my dog was sitting next to me while I watched), and the bears were scary. Rats are gross, rats that eat people are even worse. So as you can tell, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.

Are you excited for the rats? Which animal has freaked you out the most so far?

Check out the preview for tomorrow’s episode!

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