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Zoo Episode Review: “Murmuration”


Season 1 | Episode 9 | Aired August 25, 2015

You know what freaks me out? Birds. You know what animal went crazy and attacked people in this episode? Yup, that’s right, birds.

“Murmuration” starts off exactly where last week ended with Mitch escaping from Reiden Global right after seeing Delavane at the Reiden Global office. I’m still so confused by this.

Mitch Running - Use This One

He manages to escape with both the meds for Clem and with The Mother Cell and then had to explain to the rest of the team what had happened and what an idiot he was. Obviously, they didn’t take it very well, but were forced to put their personal feelings on hold after an arrest warrant was issued for Chloe and Jamie.

They devise a plan where Jackson and Chloe go to visit Delavane to try and get him to admit everything, but he refuses. At the same time, Jamie is contacting one of her friends from the paper to help expose the truth, and Abraham and Mitch are busy getting the medication to Mitch’s daughter.

But of course this is Zoo and nothing can go exactly the way it’s supposed to. When Jamie, Jackson, and Chloe meet with her newspaper friend, the man from last week who is Ben Shafer’s friend finds them. He refuses to believe Shafer was a dirty agent and they are forced to run, barely escaping.

Mitch and Abraham arrive at the house to find it empty. His ex and daughter are trapped at the park where people are being attacked by birds. They arrive just in time to save them and everyone regroups back at Mitch’s ex’s house where, once again, they barely escape the FBI.

Save the world

However they did discover two key things. First, the birds, it seems, have developed a universal language. Horrifying, right? Maybe the concept of all birds being able to talk to each other isn’t that bad, but the noise they made when doing so? Yeah, that was awful.

The second thing they discovered this week may just be the secret to a cure. Leopards. Leopards were mentioned early on in the season, but no one knew why they were significant. Now though it seems leopards in Zimbabwe may hold the secret as they haven’t been directly exposed to any Reiden Global products.

So now they’ve got to get to Zimbabwe to try and figure out the cure all while they’re on the run from pretty much every law agency and from one of the largest, most influential companies in the world. Wow the next few weeks are going to get really intense.

Speak Spy

Alright, so last week’s episode with the rats grossed me right out, but this episode was terrifying. Birds freak me out so much. I will literally move out of the way when I’m walking somewhere if a bird is about to fly over me. I have had birds in my yard fly at my face and then stare at me before doing it again. “Murmuration” was basically my worst nightmare.

I’m starting to get really concerned that one of the main characters is going to die in this show. So many other people have died from animal attacks and I just think that there’s no way all of the main characters can stay that lucky for the entire season.

There were a lot of close calls and near misses last night and I feel like it’s leading up to something or hinting at something that might happen, but I really hope I’m wrong.

I also get more and more worried every time Henry the dog is on screen because I don’t understand why Reiden Global products only affect some animals and not others. Why isn’t Henry foaming at the mouth yet? I don’t understand it, but that’s why I’m not a scientist.

team on the run

I’ve mentioned this in the past couple of episodes, but I’m going to mention it again because it’s still relevant. I really like that we’re slowly getting to know the characters more and more in each episode. I also really like that the characters are getting to know each other more and more in each episode.

So far Mitch has been sassy and sarcastic all season, but last night the rest of the team saw the kind of lengths he’ll go to. Jackson (and viewers) also got to see a bit more to Chloe last night when she blamed herself for everything that had happened with Shafer.

The only ones on the team who really know each other are Abraham and Jackson so it’s fun as a viewer to not only get to know these characters as time goes on, but to watch them getting to know each other.

team Meeting

When Mitch went to make the trade last week I’m sure all of us were watching and going, “oh come on, don’t be an idiot” and this week we got to see the other characters react to the situation.

I’m also really enjoying the ideas used in the show. I know the show is based on the book by James Patterson, but as I’ve never read the book (I’m working on it) I don’t know if they’re pulling everything directly from the book (I assume most of it is) or if some stuff they’re coming up with themselves.

Either way, I don’t think I could ever come up with stuff like that. Bears growing shells and birds creating a universal language? It’s insane and so incredibly brilliant and not something I ever would have thought of myself.

“Murmuration” gave us a look at some of the characters in a different light and it’s given me nightmares for weeks. Well done writers and James Patterson. Last week after watching the episode I dreamt of mice which was horrible so I look forward to sleeping tonight.

Check out the preview for next week below!

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