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Zoo Season One Finale Review: “That Great Big Hill of Hope”


Talk about a season finale! Oh my gosh, Zoo did brilliant, absolutely could not have had a better episode to end season one.

“That Great Big Hill of Hope” was so different than all the other episodes in the season with the team actually being separated for majority of the episode.

After the plane went down at the end of last week’s episode, Jamie was rescued from the water by a strange man in a boat. However, the others don’t know this and all presume she, along with the cub (and the cure), are dead.

The others were granted immunity from their past actions in exchange for them agreeing not to talk about what happened. And they don’t talk about it, not even with each other.

Jackson and Chloe have been working with Amelia Sage to try and find a new method of curing the animals, but it is shown that Jackson has really been struggling and was let go from leading a team after months of failures.

Poor Jackson

Abraham has started working as a bodyguard and protecting people from the animals. He and a group of others have taken it on as their job to drive people around and protect them from the animals now out to kill them.

Meanwhile, Mitch has taken up pretty permanent residence on a bar stool and has been drinking away his sorrows. He’s in a perpetual state of misery over losing Jamie and believes he is a failure because he wasn’t able to save her or the cure and couldn’t stop the world falling apart.

It is revealed during their time apart that Reiden Global made a deal with the government. Essentially they would be pardoned of their actions so long as they helped deal with curing the animals. Typical, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Eventually, the team is brought back together, but not without a lot of drama.

Chloe finds out that a military team in Zambia had found the leopards. Unfortunately, it was too late. The leopards had wandered off their usual territory and were now infected just like all the other animals.

While Jackson is out filling his neighbour’s prescription and grabbing beer he is attacked by baboons, bitten by a dog, and has an epiphany. Mosquitoes are the answer. They bite every living creature, regardless of what it is and they lay their eggs in water so if they inject mosquitoes with the cure then it will be spread in no time.

However, without the leopards it doesn’t matter and it seems like all hope is lost.

It's Over

Then Abraham shows up. The man had been on one of his own runs, driving a man from his home to the hospital when they had stopped at an underground restaurant still serving meat. The man made Abraham realize that now is not the time to push away those you care about, but rather hold them closer than ever.

Jackson and Abraham reconcile and, though they still don’t have a solution, things don’t seem totally hopeless now.

Then something wonderful happens. Jamie calls Mitch. At first he doesn’t believe it’s her (my heart was literally breaking for him, amazing performance Billy Burke, seriously spectacular), but she finally managed to convince him and he was so happy!

Seriously, the fan girl in me was squealing very happily, it was so adorable. Things got even better when Jamie revealed that she still had the cub! Though not really a cub anymore, the fisherman who pulled her from the water that day also saved the leopard cub which means they still have a cure.

Now they the whole team, the cure, and a way to spread the cure, they just needed to get all those things together.

The Team

Mitch calls the others and the four of them are together again, driving to a boat so they can get to Jamie and the cure. However, before they get there they are stopped by a herd of animals who charge them in the road.

And that’s it. That’s where the episode ends. I swear, if this show doesn’t get a second season I will scream. Between Zoo and The Whispers I desperately need to know what’s happening and it’s very much not okay to leave us all hanging!

Alright, so that was a ridiculously long summary of what happened, but last night’s episode was crazy! So much happened and each character had their own little plot and then they all came together, it was great!

Alright, so where do I start? Well, Reiden Global. I said I’d get to that in a minute so let’s talk about that first. I thought that was brilliant what they did with that because it’s so true. RG is a giant company who makes tons of money and basically controls the world so instead of being forced to shut down or re-evaluate everything, they get a slap on the wrist and have to help clean up their mess.

That’s it. That’s all they have to do then they can just go back to what they were doing before. I thought this was so accurate to what actually happens in real life because who hasn’t seen something like that happen with big companies in this day and age.

And then the government was talking about killing all the animals and starting from scratch with rebuilding populations. Are you kidding me?! Yeah, like that’s going to work. Jackson said it best, the human race is just aiding their own demise and extinction.

Killing all the animals and pardoning big companies is exactly what will be the downfall of the human race and I feel like Zoo is showing that brilliantly.

I loved the way they did this episode. It’s always important for a show to have a killer season premier and a killer season finale, especially on the first season if they’re hoping to be renewed (I’m hoping!). And this season finale was killer.

It was so different! I don’t think any of us expected the team to be scattered like that. I assumed (hoped) they would all survive and that when they did they would all still be together.

Instead they were totally separated. It sounded like they talked to each other sometimes, but really had cut themselves off from everyone (expect Jackson and Chloe) and it was both sad and interesting to watch it happen like this.

It was interesting to see how the characters all got on by themselves now. They’d all been so reluctant to work together at first, but now being separated it was like they didn’t know what to do. I just felt so bad for all of them!

I think it really showed a lot of character development when Abraham said the team were friends who became family because at first they were just working together for the sake of figuring out what was going on. Now they couldn’t even look at each other because it was a reminder of their failure, but they couldn’t stay away from each other because they were family.

There's a story there

And the family gained a pet apparently because the cub survived! Oh my goodness, any of you who read my review last week know I desperately wanted to know what happened to the cub and tonight we learned it’s alive! It’s not a cub anymore, not by a long shot (so was Jamie just asleep that whole time or…?)

Yes, the little guy is now a big guy, but still adorable and still holds the key to the cure as Jamie very excitedly told Mitch.

These two are adorable. I know one person who read this ships them just like I do and from looking on Tumblr and Twitter I know a lot of you were very excited at what happened last night.

Mitch basically admitted (drunkenly, yes, but still) that he loved Jamie and it was so incredibly heartbreaking to watch him falling apart and sinking into this deep, dark hole.

Mitch Love

Then they spoke and I was feeling so many emotions all at once it was wonderful. Then, just when things seemed to be looking up and it looked like Mitch and Jamie were going to be reunited, a herd of animals got in the way.

Another character duo I’m glad to see reunited was Jackson and Abraham. I love Chloe and Jackson and I was so happy to see they’d stuck together after everything, but I have to admit I was kind of surprised Jackson and Abraham hadn’t spoken, especially after everything that happened last week!

Not the days

Thankfully the pair made up and the brotherhood was reunited so we got to see Jackson and Abraham and Jackson and Chloe.

Though I have a really bad feeling about Jackson if the show gets another season. They drew attention to that dog bite at the end of the episode and that has to mean something, right? That bite looked really gross and it got me wondering if maybe the animals have advanced so much they can pass the Reiden Global virus onto people?

I mean, we don’t know for sure they can’t, right? Not at this point where when an animal attacks they just kill you. In the beginning when they attacked people maybe they weren’t advanced enough, but that bite looked really nasty and I’m desperately hoping nothing bad happens to Jackson.

From the bite or from the stampede.

Yeah, if you’re going to end your first season, what better way to go out than to have majority of your main cast trapped in a car being charged at by a bunch of blood-thirsty murderous animals?


As if this episode wasn’t crazy enough already, that ending was insane. Every animal you could think of was just stood there, stopping them from reaching the boat and reaching Jamie and the cure. It was like the animals knew who they were and where they going. Then they charged and it turned to a black screen.

What?! Come on, this is worst than last week! At least last week we knew we’d see the aftermath of what happened, this was the season finale! What if it doesn’t get renewed? We’ll never know what happened.

I’ve said before that if a show ends of a cliff hanger and then gets cancelled they should be able to make one more episode just to show what would have happened. Like, a five years later of something. I decided this after watching Heroes and I stand by it. I will especially stand by it if Zoo and The Whispers don’t get renewed.

Please CBS, give us season two! This show was amazing and fantastic and so many other positive adjective! We desperately need to know what happens!

What do you think happened?

Let me know down below what you thought of the season finale and what you think happens next (no spoilers if you’ve read the book)!

Thanks so much for sticking with me over the course of season one, hopefully we’ll be back here next summer for season two!

**Update: As of October 2, 2015 Zoo has been renewed for a second season!**

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6 thoughts on “Zoo Season One Finale Review: “That Great Big Hill of Hope”

  1. Oh my god… Hi! I’ve just watched the episode and I’m-I’m not okay right now-OMG!! That’s the only reaction i can give to the episode.
    I wasn’t expecting this… I was expecting they’re gonna save the world easier (since the beginning)-I wasn’t expecting any of these. This episode was heart breaking. It must be a season 2. It has to be. I NEED IT.
    And all those “Mitch talking about Jamie” scenes… And he said he loved her. And the phone call from Jamie-and Mitch didn’t believe her at first. I was about to cry watching these scenes. 😦 (Billy Burke is really a great actor, yes.)
    Jackson is not okay and I’m so worried about him. I think maybe he can die later. :/ And I literally hate Reiden Global. -_-
    I have a lot of things to say actually but i’m still in shock because of the end, so… Thanks for the review, you’ve said all things i thought (and felt) about the episode.
    I hope i’ll see you again. ❤ (Because season 2. I don't know what i'm gonna do if it doesn't happen. Seriously.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much for commenting on my reviews! It’s definitely been awesome to know there’s someone else out there who feels the same way I do about the episodes each week!

    I know exactly what you mean, everything you said is exactly how I feel and I definitely had the same reaction

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for reading my reviews! I’m glad you liked them!

    I’ve been looking for some Zoo fanfics and I haven’t found any yet. I definitely plan to write some and I have a couple ideas, I just don’t know how to actually write them yet.

    The idea is there, getting it on paper in complete sentences is another matter :p

    Liked by 1 person

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