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Heroes Seasons One to Four


Run: September 25, 2006-February 8, 2010
Created By: Tim Kring
Prod. Tim Kring, Dennis Hammer, Allan Arkush, Greg Beeman
Genre: Serial Drama, Science Fiction, Superhero
Starring: Adrian Pasdar, Milo Ventimiglia, Jack Coleman, Hayden Panettiere, Masi Oka, Greg Grunberg, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Ali Larter, Noah Gray-Cabey, Zachary Quinto, Leonard Roberts, Santiago Cabrera, Tawny Cypress, James Kyson Lee, Cristine Rose, Dania Ramirez, David Anders, Kristen Bell, Dana Davis, Robert Knepper, Jayma Mays, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Malcolm McDowell, George Takei, Christopher Eccleston, Adair Tishler, Brea Grant, Robert Forster, Deanne Bray

****WARNING: This post contains major spoilers for Heroes! If you haven’t seen the show don’t read any further!****

Heroes Reborn starts tonight and to celebrate I decided to talk about the original Heroes series.

Heroes originally ran from 2006 to 2010, ending when it was cancelled before it’s fifth season. Over the four season run, Heroes saw a steady decline in both viewers and quality while it was on air and I don’t think many people were really surprised when it was cancelled.

But I didn’t watch it back then. In face, I watched all four seasons for the first time just a few months ago and I loved the whole thing. I wish it had been renewed for a fifth season because I thought it was a great show.

Season one was definitely the best. It was fresh and exciting and it was a TV show about superheroes! It introduced these amazing new characters who came from all over the world, from different walks of life, and it connected them together. It was truly fantastic.

Each season of Heroes is told through ‘volumes’ with each one focusing on a specific plot. The first volume began in the pilot episode with each subsequent volume beginning in the last five to ten minutes of each season finale (with the exception of season three which contains both Volumes Three and Four). Each of these volumes focused on a specific plotline, usually with the characters facing a new villain.

Volume One focuses on the different characters discovering their powers for the first time as well as the people hunting anyone with powers.

volume one

Volume Two goes back and forth between time periods quite a bit as the characters try to stop the Company from releasing the Shanti virus. Throughout this volume we get to see the after effects of the virus being released and what would happen to the characters if that future were to come true.

Volume Three brings Arthur Petrelli (Forster) into play as he leads a team trying to create a formula that will give ordinary people extraordinary abilities. It also bounces back and forth in time again after the attempted assassination of Nathan Petrelli (Pasdar).

The second half of season three focuses on Volume Four and Nathan is actually the primary villain this time around with him making the decision to round up anyone with powers. This volume ends with Nathan’s death, but it isn’t actually the last we see of him.

Volume Five is the final volume we actually get to see in the show and it brings in a new villain, Samuel (Knepper), who wants to expose the truth of people having powers to the world and plans to do so by killings thousands of people without powers. At the same time, everyone involved is dealing with the decision to put Nathan’s mind inside Sylar’s (Quinto) head and everyone not involved is having to learn the truth.

Samuel Sullivan

The final volume is Volume Six: “Brave New World” and all we see of this volume Claire revealing her powers (and the existence of everyone else’s) to a group of reporters.

The fact that the series was broken up like this is one of the things I loved best about it. It made it more interesting and the idea of focusing on a new villain or villains for each volume kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time because you never knew what to expect.

One of the best things about Heroes was the constant battle between good and evil. I know, I know, that sounds pretty typical for a superhero show. There has to be a hero and villain for the show to work. But what Heroes did was surprise you with who was actually the hero and who was actually the villain.

All throughout the series the characters were fighting Sylar (formerly Gabriel Gray), a former watchmaker turned serial killed who has the power to absorb the powers of others. However, by the end of season four he’s helping save the world. It’s funny though because we see during the first three seasons that Sylar could actually be a good guy, but his powers prevent him from doing so.


Going the other way, Nathan Petrelli started out as a good guy, but became the primary villain for majority of season three. Now a lot of people would argue that Nathan was never a good guy. I’ve seen a lot of stuff online that says he was a villain. Personally, I always liked him. Not so much in season three, but overall I thought he was a great character and definitely one of my favourites.

Which is why I was so pissed when they killed him! Yes, he technically came back for a bit, but really? I was so angry and while I’m sure the writers had their reasons for doing so, it seemed pretty unnecessary to me.

I think one of the most interesting dynamics on the show was between Peter Petrelli (Ventimiglia) and Sylar. I’ve already said Sylar was a villain. He was inherently evil. Peter, on the other hand, was inherently good, a hero. But what’s really interesting is that they had the same power: the ability to absorb other’s powers.

It was a constant ongoing battle that was so interesting and exciting to watch. It really questioned the reasoning behind why one of them was good while the other wasn’t

Sylar always said his powers were the reason he did awful things, because he couldn’t control himself. But then why didn’t Peter fall down the same rabbit hole?

The whole thing had a rather anti-climatic ending in which Peter hit Sylar over the head with a parking meter and then the two of the teamed up to save the world. I liked it only because, despite being a villain, I really like Sylar and didn’t want either of them to die, but I was a little confused since it seemed to be building to a huge battle between the two.

Peter and Sylar

Sylar and Peter were actually a huge reason as to why I watched the show in the first place. Or rather, the actors who played them. I’m a huge fan of Zachary Quinto and Milo Ventimiglia and have seen much their other work and both actors were phenomenal in this.

Greg Grunberg and Masi Oka also played important roles in this show as Matt Parkman and Hiro Nakamura respectively. Greg’s character had the ability to read minds, but was constantly torn between using his powers for good and wanting a normal life.

Hiro on the other hand knows he must use his power and is completely adorable when doing so. He manages to somehow be incredibly philosophical at times while remaining the eternal optimist (most of the time). Every he gets excited he shouts “Yatta!” and always refers to Nathan as “Flying Man!”


Hiro was definitely a fan favourite.

My personal favourite character was Peter Petrelli. I’m not going to go too much into it here because I could just go on and on. Maybe I’ll do a separate post one day talking about all the characters on the show. I thought Peter was a great character who really sat at the heart of the show. I already mentioned the battle with Sylar, but in so many other ways he was just a constant throughout each season and with everything going on.

Now, there are two more characters I want to mention and that’s because they both played huge roles in the original series and they play huge roles in the new series.

Those characters are Claire Bennet (Panettiere) and her father, Noah (Coleman). I wasn’t a huge fan of Noah at first because of him hunting and capturing people with powers. He grew on me eventually though when it was revealed that he was actually trying to help people and that he knew about Claire all along and was protecting her.

Noah and Claire

Claire, however, I thought was great from the start. She was a sixteen year old cheerleader with the power to regenerate and she was probably one of the most relatable characters on the show just because of how she handled her powers. She was a teenager who desperately wanted to fit in (at first), but had this huge secret that sort of alienated and cut her off her from everyone ‘normal’. While I doubt anyone in real life has ever felt like that because they’re hiding a superpower I’d say this definitely made her a relatable character to people watching.

There was an amazing dynamic between her and Peter and many people (myself included) thought they were really cute and shipped them together… until it was revealed they were related.

Yup, Claire was adopted when she was a baby and her biological father is none other than Nathan Petrelli. This then makes Peter her uncle and it was with that information that the ship sunk. They were still great together though, just in a less cute-romantic way and more a badass-uncle-niece way.

Now Claire isn’t actually going to be in the new series, but from I can gather it takes place some years after the season four finale and everyone knows about some people having powers.

Jack Coleman will be reprising his role as Noah Bennet in the new series and he is once again a central character. Now that I actually like his character, I’m excited to see where he ends up and what role he plays.

noah bennet

Having all these characters with special abilities meant having to show these abilities somehow. Sometimes it was easy. Matt Parkman just had to stare at people really hard to read their minds while Hiro, if he wanted to teleport, literally just had to blink. He was literally gone in the blink of an eye, ha, I never made that connection until I was writing this.

For others though like Sylar, Claire, Peter, and even Nathan, there was more to it. They somehow had to make it seem like Claire’s bones were sticking out of her sides and stuff was broken and I can guarantee that if you don’t watch The Walking Dead it looks really gross and too real. Sylar and Peter had a whole myriad of powers that included things like telekinesis, invisibly, and shooting things out of their hands, while Nathan has the ability to fly.

This is where you run the risk of your special effects looking really bad. It’s not like it’s a children’s cartoon where they can fire a single beam out their hands or you have squiggly lines appear to show Nathan is flying really fast.


They had to make it look like there was electricity coming out of Sylar’s hands, like Peter was actually invisible, and like Nathan was actually flying and, while the effects were sometimes a little cheesy, it actually looked pretty good. The cheesiness of some things just made it better because it was just funny.

I really enjoyed Heroes. The characters were amazing, the plotlines interesting, the actors were phenomenal, and the special effects (while a little cheesy at times) were equally great.

I watched all four seasons in less than a week because once I started I couldn’t stop. I had to know what was going to happen next. I laughed a lot, cried a lot, and spent a great deal of time yelling at my TV. Basically it was a fantastic show.

I desperately wish it had been renewed for a fifth season so we could’ve seen what happened to all the characters after Claire’s huge reveal at the end of season four. However, I’m really excited and happy for Heroes Reborn. Apparently it’s going to be going back to Heroes roots so I have high hopes that it’ll be good.

Make sure you tune in tonight for the two hour series premier of Heroes Reborn!

Check out the promo video below!

Did you watch Heroes? What did you think?

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2 thoughts on “Heroes Seasons One to Four

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you loved Heroes! I get very scared when I see people revisit it now, because most people whine that “oh, it’s DATED”, “oh, it was SO BAD”, “oh, it’s not Daredevil or Arrow – it was only good for it’s time.” And of course, there is an entire community of haters who claim that Heroes is the worst show ever and that no one ever wanted it back. Dude, Heroes owned my soul in high school and remains to be my favorite show of all time. I don’t care if it’s a little dated. Buffy is dated. The X-files is dated. Xena is dated. You don’t see them getting the same kind of shit. The hate for Heroes has been strong and visceral ever since season 2, and it disheartens me to see so much of it in the Heroes Reborn reviews. How people can uproot hate they felt 5-10 years ago in the same putrid density is unreal to me.

    Anyway, I really liked Reborn – it wasn’t Season 1 good, but it was definetly “Fugitives”-era good. Solid and exciting and still more interesting than most new pilots. They didn’t hit gold again with their cast, but I think they at least landed a solid silver. Definitely a better round of characters than some of the newbies introduced in season two (2 was, admittedly, my least favorite season).

    I was also a huge Peter/Sylar and Peter/Claire shipper and wrote a lot of fanfic about both *cough* So you are my kind of person just for that, ha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Heroes had been on my ‘To watch’ list literally for years and I noticed really quickly that there was a lot of hate online for it and when I finally watched it I really didn’t understand. It’s such a great show! I had to rewrite this review what felt like a million times cause I was just going on and on.

    I agree about Reborn 🙂 yeah, I don’t think there’s much that could beat season one of Heroes for me at this point, but this one was definitely good. I really liked seeing all the parallels to the original Heroes. It got me excited to rewatch the original series.

    I read a lot of Peter/Claire fanfic xD it’s funny because when I was watching the show I wasn’t really into Peter/Sylar even though I’d seen a lot of it online. Then I read a couple fanfics and I could definitely understand where others were coming from with it xD


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