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Fear The Walking Dead Episode Review: “Cobalt”

Fear the Walking Dead

At the end of last week’s episode we saw Griselda and Nick being carted off by the military to supposedly get help. However, this week it became clear that that wasn’t actually the case.

While there were people, Liza included, who were doing their best to help people, it is revealed throughout the episode that the military would be executing all civilians and then leaving. Wow, great protection plan guys.

Not gonna lie, that’s definitely not what I had imagined being the reason the safe zones failed. I figured it would be a build up of walkers or one person on the inside dying or something. I never thought it would be because the military guys are asshats, but that’s apparently the case.

This information was relayed from Ofelia’s boyfriend to Daniel after Daniel tied him up in a basement and tortured him. Yup, that happened.

Madison and Daniel

What else happened in this episode? Travis went with some soldiers on a mission to the hospital, but they never actually made it there. At the hospital, Nick was recruited to help a fellow prisoner with his plan to, I believe escape before the soldiers can kill them. At the same time we see that Griselda has succumbed to her injury and died with Liza being the one to put her down before she can reanimate.

Back in the Safe Zone, Alicia and Chris get drunk and break into a house where they proceed to break everything in the house and steal things. They also seemed to be flirting with each other which was kind of weird.

This episode was kind of all over the place and while I don’t think it was great, I’d definitely say it was better than last week.

Let’s start with Travis. He went with the military with the intention of getting Liza, Griselda, and Nick back. However, they stopped to help another unit and most of the men were bit, resulting in Travis and one other returning to the Safe Zone. On their excursion though, we see Travis is still not willing to kill a walker.


Seriously man? Come on! The dead are walking, you know that now, there’s no questioning it. If you don’t kill them, you die. It’s not a hard concept, but Travis still doesn’t seem to have grasped it yet.

Madison on the other hand is a ‘do what you have to to survive’ kind of girl. While I think torturing the poor soldier might have been going a bit far, I’m glad to see that at least Madison and Daniel understand that sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do if you want to survive.


Alicia and Chris have apparently taken ‘you gotta do what you gotta do’ to mean go get drunk in the middle of the day and break shit.


This whole sequence was just really awkward because they kept looking at each other like they wanted to jump each others bones right then and there. I know they’re not biologically related, but that’s still weird. They’re step-siblings, stop flirting, it’s creepy.

What’s also creepy is the random guy who has recruited Nick and actually bargained with the soldiers for them not to take Nick away. Who are you? What do you want? Why do you have so much power? What’s your plan with Nick? I have so many questions about this guy, but I’m not sure I even want the answers.

Nick and Strange Man

Someone who does want answers is Liza who quickly realized tonight that not everything is as it seems as the facility she, Nick, and Griselda were taken too. Liza was under the impression she was helping people, but soon discovered that many people (like Nick) were just being locked up.

She especially seemed to realize this after being forced to put down Griselda after she died. Griselda was the first real loss on the show. We’ve seen a couple people get bit or had already been bit, but as far as central characters Griselda was the first and I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t overly surprised.

We learned pretty much nothing about Griselda except that she believes basically everything her husband says. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, it works for them, but that’s pretty much all we knew about her. She got injured right at the start which meant she wouldn’t be able to get around without help and, if the others had to run, she would slow them down so I wasn’t too surprised when they killed her off.

I did feel kind of bad though because I feel like the main reason they killed her was to develop Liza’s character since she was the one who had to put her down. There was no shock factor to it. She got an infection after her surgery, started speaking in Spanish and thanks to AMC’s ridiculously small subtitles I still have no clue what she said, and then she died. It’s like she was just there to eventually move the other characters forward and didn’t actually have any real purpose.

I guess we’ll just have to see what happens now with the other characters. At the end of the episode Daniel walked up to a building and could hear groaning inside letting him and the viewers know that it’s full of walkers.

The season finale is on tonight and it definitely needs to be a beyond phenomenal episode if they’re hoping to be renewed for a second season. I’m guessing someone else will probably be dying tonight and I hate to say it, but if it’s Travis, Chris, or Liza I probably won’t be too bothered. Sorry, but it’s true.

If anyone with the last name Clark dies though, well… That’s another story. We shall just have to wait and see. Only have to wait an hour though since this review is so late! I promise the season finale review won’t be this late, I just had a really hard time getting into these past couple episodes.

If Fear The Walking Dead does get a second season I’m not sure if I’ll be doing reviews just cause if I’m not excited for the show it takes me forever to review so we’ll have to see.

What did you think of “Cobalt”?

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