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The Walking Dead Top 10 Episodes Countdown: #3

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

This episode is just… amazing. I tried to think of a better word or at least a word I hadn’t used a million times the past few days, but I have a cold and my brain is all fuzzy so words aren’t really my thing right now.

“Still” follows Beth and Daryl on a very important (at least to Beth) quest: to get Beth her first alcoholic drink.

This episode is number three on my list because we learn so much about both of these characters and see such different sides to them. They’re not in the prison anymore, they don’t know if anyone else in their family survived and they’re both going through all these different emotions and ways of dealing.

Beth’s dealing with the death of father and, as far as she knows, Maggie, by getting a drink. It’s something so simple and maybe a little crazy, but it’s something she wants and she knows if she looks she can get it. Finding alcohol is a lot easier than finding a sister she thinks may be dead.

Daryl on the other hand deals with what happened by being a jackass. We learn in this episode that he feels a lot of guilt about what happened at the prison and while eventually he breaks down, he spends a good portion of the episode raging at everything and breaking stuff.

Episode twelve of season four is where we really start to see Beth and Daryl developing a friendship and it’s honestly one of my favourite friendships they had on the show.

Both these characters were so different and their relationship was so unexpected, but for the few episodes we saw them they really balanced each other out. Daryl felt like he’d lost everything again, but Beth believed that there had to be something better out there and that not everything good could possibly be gone.

This episode and the next one with these two definitely has a lot of influence over what happens in season five. Not just with Daryl searching for her, but I think it probably had some influence over Daryl’s storyline in Alexandria.

“Still” is such a great episode and I watch it over and over again. Both these characters are amazing and that moment at the end where they flip off the burning shack is wonderful and so symbolic to both of them.

What do you think of “Still”?

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