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Supernatural Top 11 Fave Episodes Countdown: #10

yellow fever

This episode… oh my gosh it’s so funny! “Yellow Fever” is the sixth episode of season four and in it Dean is infected with a virus that makes him fear basically everything and he and Sam have forty-eight hours before it kills him.

Dean’s always so tough and is usually the one scaring other people so seeing him running away from a yorkie screaming in terror is definitely one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

The best part of this episode, and definitely one of the reasons it’s one of my favourites, is Jensen’s performance of “Eye of the Tiger”.

When Dean is lying in the Impala listening to the song, Sam is supposed to come over and interrupt him. However, Jared missed his cue because he wanted to see what Jensen would do and it resulted in this masterpiece:

Even if you don’t watch Supernatural you have to admit that is a masterpiece. And for anyone who does watch Supernatural you’ll know that Jensen is actually known for being kind of shy and not doing stuff like that often which only makes this video better.

This whole episode is wonderful. Between “Eye of the Tiger”, Dean manning the flashlight, and Sam and Bobby scaring a ghost, it’s probably pretty obvious how “Yellow Fever” made it on this list.

Sorry this one is late. I didn’t get home until late yesterday and could hardly keep my eyes open so this kind of got neglected.

What did you think of “Yellow Fever”?

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