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Supernatural Top 11 Fave Episodes Countdown: #9

Mystery Spot

Ah yes, “Mystery Spot”. The eleventh episode of season three is one where you just can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of parts of it and the music will haunt your dreams forever.

Sam finds himself in a groundhog day situation in which he wakes up over and over again on the same Tuesday and it always ends with Dean dying. Whether he chokes, slips in the shower, or is crushed by a desk falling from the sky, he always dies. Every. Single. Tuesday.

This doesn’t sound very funny, does it? Dean dying over and over again and Sam having to witness the whole thing. It definitely isn’t funny for Sam, but it’s pretty funny for the viewers just because of how ridiculous and insane some of Dean’s deaths are.

Like come on! A desk falling on him? I’ve seen it described many times as being a sort of Bugs Bunny & Roadrunner cartoon sort of thing and that’s definitely what it looks like.

Not only that, but the first part of their day, before Dean dies, is repeating over and over again.

Every time Sam wakes up it’s to the song “Heat of the Moment” by Asia. It wasn’t just haunting Sam, it haunts me. Every time I hear this song now I think of this episode. I laugh and it’s so great and it’s even better if I hear it on a Tuesday.

Not only that, but Pig ‘n a Poke will always make you laugh, not just the first time you hear it, but every time after that too. I’ve seen this episode countless times and if I’m being totally honest I still don’t know what a Pig ‘n a Poke is.

“Mystery Spot” is number nine on my list because it’s a funny episode and I love it. It probably would’ve actually been higher, but there were eight episodes I loved even more so here we are.

Make sure you check back tomorrow to see what #8 and tell me what you thought of “Mystery Spot”!

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