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Supernatural Episode Review: “Form and Void”


Season 11 | Episode 2 | Aired: October 14, 2015

This episode was so great! Crowley returned, Sam is cured, Dean discovered the Mark of Cain on Amara, and we learned more of what was going on with the guys who took Cas.

Alright, let’s start with Sam because somehow that’s probably the easiest plotline that happened in this episode. We all know that last week Sam became infected with the strange Darkness cloud that made people go rabid. Well this week the mystery only continued to grow.

It seems there isn’t a specific timeline that people change. Some people turn rabid in an hour some take a day and there doesn’t seem to be any reason for it. However, we do know one thing for sure, fire kills it. Sam was close to turning rabid when (for some reason) he decided to hold a flame up to the black veins on his neck and poof! They were completely gone! He was cured!

Sam Fire

No clue why this is yet, but hey, at least Sam isn’t dying. I was really thankful for this because Sam had spoken to a Reaper who said there’d be no coming back this time. Everyone who watches Supernatural knows that a Winchester death isn’t a forever death, but when the Reaper said that it became a very real possibility and I definitely don’t want either of the Winchester boys to die. It always results in the other one doing something incredibly stupid to get the dead one back.

Dean isn’t dying either because he’s protected by The Darkness now. Though it’s come into question who The Darkness is. Is it the woman Dean saw in the premier or is Amara? Last week Dean discovered that Amara has the Mark of Cain and eats souls. No, that wasn’t a typo, she eats souls.

How can something so cute be so… I don’t even know how to describe this. I think the biggest surprise of this though was actually the fact that the baby then aged several years. She now looks about six or seven and she just wandering out of the house so now Dean has no clue where the soul eating child is.

Supernatural --

But Crowley does. Yes, Crowley came back as “Father Crowley” and became quite fascinated with the child. I mean, who can blame him? He’s the King of Hell, she’s a baby dementor. He ends up luring her to his side by kidnapping a family and offering up their souls to her. I’m definitely interested to see what she’ll look like now she’s had more souls to eat.

I’m also interested to see what will happen with Cas. He was reunited with the Winchester boys at the end of the episode as he begged for help after being held hostage by two angels who wanted information on Metatron. We all know Cas doesn’t know where Metatron is, but that didn’t matter to these angels who, it turns out, were being led by Hannah.

It didn’t matter in the end though cause they all died. They tied Cas up and one of the other angels attacked Hannah. This of course made Cas angry and he broke out of his bonds to kill the angels, but not before Hannah died too. Well, so much for Erica Carroll coming back.

Castiel Sad

I’m still at a point where I just want to wrap Cas in a hug and never let him go and just protect him from everything bad in the world. He looked so sad! Why can’t they ever have nice things on this show? Why? Give the Winchesters and Cas some peace for once!

There’s a new episode on tonight and it looks fantastic! I’m so excited to see what happens next and I promise my review will not take as long to upload!

Let me know what you thought of “Form and Void” and make sure you watch the new episode tonight!

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