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The Walking Dead Episode Review: “Here’s Not Here”

The Walking Dead

This was actually a really good episode. When the episode started I wasn’t all that excited because it was obvious it was going to be a Morgan-centric episode and anyone who reads my reviews knows I’m still iffy on his character.

And while he still isn’t my favourite, I definitely feel like I like and understand him a lot better now. This episode was much anticipated as it’s a flashback that shows us exactly how Morgan went from being the crazy guy Rick, Michonne, and Carl met back in season three to being the zen master we saw at the end of season five.


We finally got to see that transformation last night in the 90-minute episode, “Here’s Not Here”.

It starts off with Morgan in crazy mode. He’s running through the forest basically with tunnel vision (and is later described as PTSD, I’d say that’s pretty accurate). He just has to kill walkers (and people) to clear. Clear the area, clear the world, clear everything of all the threats Morgan is now fighting against. No one is his friend, everyone is his enemy.


Until he meets Eastman. Now I’ll admit that I when I first heard Eastman’s name the first thing that popped into my head was a Kanye West joke, but that was gone pretty quickly because Eastman was a badass.

He was described multiple times during Talking Dead as basically being Morgan’s Yoda because he teaches Morgan to relax and chill out and how basically guides him away from being a complete psychopath.

We all knew the tranquility of it wouldn’t last though because if it did presumably Eastman and Morgan would’ve been travelling around together. But no, sadly, Eastman got bit. Not really a surprise, but still quite disappointing because he was actually really awesome.

RIP Eastman

He’d lost his family, but he still survived and he taught Morgan to survive. He was in one episode in six seasons and I was so attached that I almost cried as he told Morgan the story of his family. Seriously writers, this is not okay.

Now I said above that I wasn’t all that excited for this episode. I’m not a huge fan of Morgan (I’m sorry! Don’t sharpen the pitchforks!) and I also desperately want to know what happened to everyone after the end of last week’s episode. But this one actually turned out really well.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of the character I was still interested and intrigued and I wanted to know more about how Morgan went from one extreme to the other.

Not only that, but despite wanting to know the fate of all the other characters, it was kind of nice to just sit and relax and take a breather for a bit before we get back into the insanity next week.

Now, one of the things I found most interesting about this episode, is that this flashback is actually Morgan telling a story. It’s him explaining how he got to that point to one of the Wolves, the same one who tried to kill him in the season five finale, but who he let go and the same one who attacked him in the house in episode two (and who I thought he had killed already).

At the end of the episode Morgan leaves him alive and tied up in a locked house before going outside when he presumably sees Michonne and the two Alexandrians returning and runs off.

Deep Sigh

See, I was actually starting to really like Morgan and understand everything he was doing, but then he let the Wolf live. Really? Like, I get it, you want to honour your new code and Eastman’s code and not kill anyone, but the guy literally said that he’s going to kill Morgan either way, but no, sure, let him live. I’m sure nothing could possibly go wrong by leaving him loosely tied up in a house.

I just see this going so horribly wrong next week. We’re back to the craziness next Sunday and it looks like Jessie is definitely understanding what they need to do now while it looks like Maggie may be going out looking for Glenn. I don’t know if I’m prepared for what she’ll find.

“Here’s Not Here” gave us all a chance to breathe and become sort of zen ourselves, but now it’s time to return to the guts and the gore and the reality of the apocalypse.

Check out the preview for next week below!

Also, I recently got a job (Yay!) and the place I’m working has tons of Walking Dead merchandise and it’s both amazing and torturous because I can’t afford to buy anything.

But anyway, let me know what you guys thought of the episode! Should Morgan kill The Wolf?

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