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PyeongChang 2018 – Figure Skating Day 1

PyeongChang 2018

Day one and the Olympics were already well underway.

One of the first events to take place was the first half of the Figure Skating Team Event, featuring the men’s short program and the pairs short program.

There were many amazing performances and some unfortunate stumbles, but all in all every athlete brought their best.

There are two aspects to the scoring in figure skating, Technical Elements and Presentation. Points are awarded based on the performance (jumps, step sequence, etc.) and are based on the level of difficulty (4 spins will earn more than 2 spins) and how well the move is carried out. Deductions can be made for falls.

For a more detailed explanation on how the scoring and judging works, check out this article from the Washington Post.

Here is a recap of the programs and scores in order of performance:

Men’s Single Short:

Junhwan Cha
Music: Gypsy Dance
Technical: 40.71
Presentation: 36.99
Deductions: 0.00
Total Score: 77.70
Points: 5
Jumps: Triple Flip, Flawless Triple Axel, Triple Lutz

Paul Fentz
Music: “Wonderwall”, Paul Anka
Technical: 34.54
Presentation: 33.78
Deductions: -2.00
Total Score: 66.32
Points: 2
Jumps: Quadruple Toe Loop, Triple Axel, Triple Lutz Combined Triple Toe Loop
Despite falling during both the Quad and the Axel, Paul became quite the internet sensation thanks to his song choice in a jazzed up version of “Wonderwall” (which was an excellent choice)

Chafik Besseghier
Music: Sugarhill Gang, Down the Road (Remix)
Technical: 26.93
Presentation: 34.13
Deductions: 0.00
Total Score: 61.06
Points: 1
Jumps: Triple Toe Loop Combined Double Toe Loop, Double Axel, Triple Lutz

Han Yan
Music: “A Thousand Years”, Christina Perri
Technical: 38.28
Presentation: 40.82
Deductions: -2.00
Total Score: 77.10
Points: 4
Triple Axel, Quadruple Toe Loop, Triple Lutz Combined Triple Toe Loop
Avoided a Fall, but hand went down during first triple axel and quadruple toe loop

Matteo Rizzo
Music: “Torno A Surriento”, Il Volo
Technical: 40.60
Presentation: 37.17
Deductions: 0.00
Total Score: 77.77
Points: 6
Jumps: Triple Axel, Triple Flip Combined Triple Toe Loop, Triple Lutz

Patrick Chan
Music: “Dust in the Wind”, Kansas
Technical: 38.56
Presentation: 45.10
Deductions: -2.00
Total Score: 81.66
Points: 8
Jumps: Quadruple Toe Loop, Triple Lutz Combined with Double Toe Loop, Triple Axel
Fall During Quadruple Toe Loop and Triple Axel

Alexei Bychenko
Music: “Hava Nagila” (Jewish Folk Song)
Technical: 47.59
Presentation: 40.90
Deductions: 0.00
Total Score: 88.49
Points: 9
Jumps: Triple Axel, Quadruple Toe Loop, Triple Lutz Combined with Triple Toe Loop

Nathan Chen
Music: “Nemesis”, Benjamin Clementine
Technical: 37.73
Presentation: 43.88
Deductions: -1.00
Total Score: 80.61
Points: 7
Jumps: Quadruple Flip, Double Toe Loop, Double Toe Loop, Triple Axel
Stumbled During Quadruple Flip, Fall During Triple Axel

Mikhail Kolyada
Music: Piano Concerto No. 23 in A Major, Tango
Technical: 33.75
Presentation: 42.61
Deductions: -2.00
Total Score: 74.36
Points: 3
Jumps: Quadruple Lutz, Quadruple Toe Loop, Single Axel
Fall During Quadruple Lutz and Quadruple Toe Loop

Shoma Uno
Music: “Winter (from Four Seasons)”, Vivaldi
Technical: 56.64
Presentation: 46.61
Deductions: 0.00
Total Score: 103.25
Points: 10
Jumps: Quadruple Flip, Quadruple Toe Loop Combined with Triple Toe Loop, Triple Axel

Pair’s Short Program:

Kyueun Kim & Alex Kang Chan Kam
Music: Historia De Un Amor
Technical: 27.70
Presentation: 24.40
Deductions: 0.00
Total Score: 52.10
Points: 1
Double Twist Lift, Triple Salchow, Side-by-Side Triple Salchow

Paige Conners & Evgeni Krasnopolski
Music: Ghost (Musical)
Technical: 30.70
Presentation: 24.77
Deductions: -1.00
Total Score: 54.47
Points: 2
Triple Twist Lift, Side-by-Side Triple Toe Loop, Triple Flip
Deduction made for fall during step sequence

Miu Sazaki & Ryuichi Kihara
Music: Yuri on Ice Soundtrack
Technical: 32.13
Presentation: 25.29
Deductions: 0.00
Total Score: 57.42
Points: 3
Side-by-Side Triple Lutz, Triple Twist Lift, Triple Salchow

Alex Scimeca-Knierim & Chris Knierim
Music: “Come What May”, Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Technical: 38.41
Presentation: 31.34
Deductions: 0.00
Total Score: 69.75
Points: 7
Triple Twist Lift, Side-by-Side Triple Salchow, Triple Flip

Xiaoyu Yu & Hao Zhang
Music: “Swan ake”, Petr I. Tchaikovski
Technical: 37.20
Presentation: 32.97
Deductions: -1.00
Total Score: 69.17
Points: 6
Side-by-Side Triple Toe Loop Combined Double Loop, Triple Twist Lift, Triple Loop
Deduction made for step and hand down during first jump

Nicole Della Monica & Matteo Guarise
Music: “Magnificat”, Mina
Technical: 35.73
Presentation: 31.89
Deductions: 0.00
Total Score: 67.62
Points: 4
Side-by-Side Triple Salchow, Triple Twist Lift, Triple Loop

Vanessa James & Morgan Cipres
Music: “Make it Rain”, Ed Sheeran
Technical: 34.66
Presentation: 33.83
Deductions: 0.00
Total Score: 68.49
Points: 5
Triple Twist Lift, S Side-by-Side Triple Salchow Combined Throw Double Salchow, Triple Flip

Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford
Music: “With or Without You”, A. Meservy
Technical: 41.08
Presentation: 35.49
Deductions: 0.00
Total Score: 76.57
Points: 9
Triple Twist Lift, Side-by-Side Triple Lutz, Triple Lutz

Aljona Savchenko & Bruno Massot
Music: “That Man”, Caro Emerald
Technical: 39.33
Presentation: 37.03
Deductions: -1.00
Total Score: 75.36
Points: 8
Triple Twist Lift, Side-by-Side Triple Salchow, Triple Flip
Deduction Made for Fall during Triple Flip

Evgenia Tarasova & Vladimir Morozov
Music: Piano Concerto No. 2, Rachmaninov
Technical: 43.78
Presentation: 37.14
Deductions: 0.00
Total Score: 80.92
Points: 10
Triple Twist Lift, Side-by-Side Triple Toe Loop, Triple Loop

Overall Ranking:

USA – 14
JAPAN – 13
CHINA – 10
ITALY – 10

At the end of the first day of skating it was a close competition with overall points ranking each country close behind each other.

Super proud of Team Canada for both their performances. Patrick Chan took a couple stumbles, but he recovered quick and continued on like nothing happened. Meaghan and Eric did an amazing job during the pair’s short program, I thought it was a beautiful number and the two of them moved so in sync it was wonderful.

Despite a few falls here and there, you could tell every skater was bringing their A Game and I’m sure we’ll see more of this determination in the coming days.

The pairs skate continued today, February 11th and I’ll be posting my recap for that tomorrow. Among the skaters will be Tessa and Scott, representing Team Canada for the Ice Dance Short and I can’t wait to see what happens.

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