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My name is Jen. I write currently un-published novels and I am also a long-time writer of fanfiction. I love reading, painting, hanging out with my puppy, and binging on Marvel films and TLC. Oh, and I’m also really bad at knowing what to write in these about pages.

There will be a variety of things found on this blog. Majority of it will be episode reviews (hence the name). Occasionally I will post something to do with feminism or the environment or something else I want to rant about (a full list can be found on my first blog post), but about 95% of the content on this blog will be episode reviews. All my old posts and any posts that aren’t episode reviews can be found under the category “Reviewing Life”

This blog was previously called jcarsonrants, but I decided to give it a makeover and I’m pretty pleased with it.

Any suggestions for things you would like to see are always welcome! Just leave me a message or head over to the contact page!

You can also find me on my other blog, jcarsonwrites, where I post about writing, books, film reviews, and other things of that sort


Pictures used in my posts are not mine and were most likely found on Pinterest or Google

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