Supernatural Top 11 Fave Episodes Countdown: #9

Mystery Spot

Ah yes, “Mystery Spot”. The eleventh episode of season three is one where you just can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of parts of it and the music will haunt your dreams forever.

Sam finds himself in a groundhog day situation in which he wakes up over and over again on the same Tuesday and it always ends with Dean dying. Whether he chokes, slips in the shower, or is crushed by a desk falling from the sky, he always dies. Every. Single. Tuesday.

This doesn’t sound very funny, does it? Dean dying over and over again and Sam having to witness the whole thing. It definitely isn’t funny for Sam, but it’s pretty funny for the viewers just because of how ridiculous and insane some of Dean’s deaths are.

Like come on! A desk falling on him? I’ve seen it described many times as being a sort of Bugs Bunny & Roadrunner cartoon sort of thing and that’s definitely what it looks like.

Not only that, but the first part of their day, before Dean dies, is repeating over and over again.

Every time Sam wakes up it’s to the song “Heat of the Moment” by Asia. It wasn’t just haunting Sam, it haunts me. Every time I hear this song now I think of this episode. I laugh and it’s so great and it’s even better if I hear it on a Tuesday.

Not only that, but Pig ‘n a Poke will always make you laugh, not just the first time you hear it, but every time after that too. I’ve seen this episode countless times and if I’m being totally honest I still don’t know what a Pig ‘n a Poke is.

“Mystery Spot” is number nine on my list because it’s a funny episode and I love it. It probably would’ve actually been higher, but there were eight episodes I loved even more so here we are.

Make sure you check back tomorrow to see what #8 and tell me what you thought of “Mystery Spot”!

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Supernatural Top 11 Fave Episodes Countdown: #10

yellow fever

This episode… oh my gosh it’s so funny! “Yellow Fever” is the sixth episode of season four and in it Dean is infected with a virus that makes him fear basically everything and he and Sam have forty-eight hours before it kills him.

Dean’s always so tough and is usually the one scaring other people so seeing him running away from a yorkie screaming in terror is definitely one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

The best part of this episode, and definitely one of the reasons it’s one of my favourites, is Jensen’s performance of “Eye of the Tiger”.

When Dean is lying in the Impala listening to the song, Sam is supposed to come over and interrupt him. However, Jared missed his cue because he wanted to see what Jensen would do and it resulted in this masterpiece:

Even if you don’t watch Supernatural you have to admit that is a masterpiece. And for anyone who does watch Supernatural you’ll know that Jensen is actually known for being kind of shy and not doing stuff like that often which only makes this video better.

This whole episode is wonderful. Between “Eye of the Tiger”, Dean manning the flashlight, and Sam and Bobby scaring a ghost, it’s probably pretty obvious how “Yellow Fever” made it on this list.

Sorry this one is late. I didn’t get home until late yesterday and could hardly keep my eyes open so this kind of got neglected.

What did you think of “Yellow Fever”?

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Supernatural Top 11 Fave Episodes Countdown: #11

I did something similar to this with The Walking Dead earlier this month in preparation for The Walking Dead season six premier. So why am I doing it again, especially since Supernatural premiered a couple weeks ago?

I’m doing a Supernatural countdown to celebrate reaching 100 chapters on my SPN fanfiction, “All You Did Was Save My Life”.

This is the longest fanfiction I’ve written thus far and it’s not even close to being done yet. I absolutely love this story and I am so excited to be celebrating 100 chapters.

For the next eleven days I will counting my Top 11 favourite episodes of Supernatural with number one being posted on Wednesday the 28th. The same day Chapter 100 will be going up.

Why eleven days? Because Supernatural is on season eleven of course!

Now, enough explaining, let’s start this countdown with season five, episode four: “The End”.

The End

This episode is both amazing and emotional all at the same time.

In “The End” Dean ends up in the year 2014 where the Croatoan virus has spread and killed a good portion of the population. Some survivors have gathered in a camp with 2014 Dean as their leader. In this future, Castiel has lost his angel powers and is now a hippie of sorts while Sam has been possessed by Lucifer. Past Dean must help Future Dean and the others in their plan to defeat Lucifer.

This episode is amazing because we get to see different sides to the characters. One of the things about Supernatural is that each actor can end up playing a bunch of different characters and it’s a cool experience to see how each actor interprets their new character.

I really have to praise all the actors for playing their future selves because it was amazing how only an episode or so ago they were playing these characters one way and now they have to play them as if four years has passed and they all did phenomenal.

However, I especially have to talk about Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins because their characters were so different! Jensen had to play Past and Future Dean, Jared had to play Sam as Lucifer, and Misha suddenly went from being the most serious and confused angel to a guy without shoes having orgies. What?! And they all pulled it off spectacularly, I can’t even describe in just a few words how amazing they all were.

I said this is episode is emotional which is definitely true (at least I found it to be) because it is exactly what it sounds like, it’s the end. Not of the show, not even close, but it shows what the end of the world and humanity could be like if Dean and Sam didn’t change it.

Sam is Lucifer and he kills Dean, Cas, Chuck, and all the rest and Past Dean is there to see it all happen. And he promises Past Dean that they will always end up there, no matter what happens or what Past Dean and Sam try to do, Lucifer will always win.

This promise seemed pretty creepy and worrying when I first watched the episode, but now going back and watching it again after I know what happens in future episodes it’s so emotional because you know what he said was true! I know his promise didn’t last for long, but still, can the Winchester boys never get a break?

Alright, so I’ve officially kicked off this countdown with a great, yet kind of depressing, episode. #10 will be up tomorrow so many sure to check it out and check out my fanfiction “All You Did Was Save My Life” by clicking on my fanfiction page up at the top! Chapter 100 will be up soon!

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