The Whispers Episode Review: “Broken Child”

The Whispers

Season 1 | Episode 9 | Aired August 3, 2015

Two weeks and we finally got to see the fallout from the last episode. Things kicked off right where they ended last week with the group rushing Thomas to the hospital after he was shot by Lena. While he is being treated by Dr. Benavidez, Lena, Wes, Sean, and Claire are all taken into custody and interrogating. They’re not arrested however as they’re the only ones who have a lead on Drill.

Sean returns to the hospital to help Jessup guard Thomas, while Claire, Lena, and Wes investigate Thomas’s house and later, the institution he was locked in after his brother’s death. While there they discover something seriously terrifying, Thomas didn’t kill his brother. Drill killed Thomas’s brother and then took over his body. Great. Drill can possess people. Fantastic.

Back at the hospital, Jessup is knocked unconscious by a little girl (Ava Telek) at Drill’s request. In exchange, Drill will heal her sick brother (Spencer Drever) which he does and then the boy is sent on a mission: to kill Thomas. Unfortunately, Drill succeeds.

I missed The Whispers. I forgot it wasn’t on last week and sat down all prepared to watch it and then I remembered. So glad it was back this week cause I desperately wanted to find out what had happened with Thomas and Drill. I had a lot of predictions for how Thomas may have killed Drill, but I was not prepared for the actual answer.

Drill possessed Thomas’s brother! Drill can possess people? As if it wasn’t creepy enough that he can control electricity and only the kids can hear him, now apparently he has the ability to take over your body! That’s terrifying.

What makes it even worse is that Drill is looking for the right host which means it could be Henry, Minx, Harper, the president’s daughter, or countless others. It could be a child not on the show yet!

The upside that came with this episode is that they now know how to destroy Drill. The downside to this is that destroying Drill means allowing him to possess – and kill – one of the children. Can you not? Please don’t kill one of the kids. There has to be another way to get rid of him. I guess we’ll just have to wait until next week to find out.

This is How He Did it

Something I was happy about this episode was the inclusion of Jessup. Granted it wasn’t for incredibly long as that little girl knocked him out, but it felt like more than what we’ve seen in other episodes. Up to this point Jessup just hasn’t felt like a main character to me, but last night that all changed and Jessup had an important role to play.

The Whispers is very much little a horror/thriller/creepy film in some ways. I’ve talked a bit about this before like with Minx standing creepily next to Lena’s bed in the dark and staring at her. Well, last night they included a little girl (the one who attacks Jessup) in a terrifying mask. This kid shouldn’t have been that creepy. It was just a little girl wearing a paper plate with two holes for eyes. And yet, it was absolutely horrific.

Creepy Mask Kid

Another thing they did that reminded me of horror films was when Dr. Benavidez was with Thomas and all the lights suddenly came back on. She called out, asking if it was Sean and, when there was no response, starting walking down the hall towards the light box, leaving Thomas all alone. Come on people! I was yelling at my screen so much during this scene.

Like really, it’s obviously not Sean since he was the one who turned all the lights out in the first and said they had to keep the lights off. And I’m sorry, but since when is it a good idea to walk towards the silence when you’re fighting against a supernatural entity? Oh that’s right, never! It’s never a good idea! It’s especially not a good idea if you’re supposed to be protecting someone and then leave them alone to investigate. Don’t do it!

Dr. Benavidez

Something else you probably shouldn’t do is go anywhere with the man you cheated with and his wife because it will be incredibly awkward. I’d like to imagine that since they all have a common ground of wanting to protect their children that there’d be some sort of truce. However, majority of the time, it was just incredibly awkward, especially when Claire tried to talk to Lena about it.

It’s even more awkward because Sean has forgiven Claire, Lena seems to have forgiven Wes, and even Sean and Wes seemed to have reached some sort of truce for the time being, but every time Lena and Claire are in a room together I just cringe. It’s so frosty I can feel it through the screen. Not that I can really blame them. It’s definitely an awkward situation, but I’m really hoping they can at least deal with it enough to figure this Drill stuff out first. Especially since they’re apparently going against Claire’s boss and, possibly, the President.

At the very end of the episode Claire’s boss goes to the President and tells him about how they can kill Drill (which he overheard while spying on Claire, Lena, and Wes). He then asks the President if he is willing to sacrifice the life of one child to save the entire world.

How on earth do you make that decision. Like, obviously, you don’t want the entire planet to be destroyed and everyone on it killed. But how does anyone, especially someone with a child, say they’d be willing to do that?

This episode was intense and emotional and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Everything that happened with Thomas, both in present time and in the flashbacks they showed was absolutely heartbreaking. It’s definitely going to be a driving force for the other characters to stop Drill as Sean has already said he won’t let what happened to Thomas, happen to Henry.

I honestly have no idea what is going to happen. I’ve made predictions in the past and they’re always wrong so I figure I’ll quit while I’m ahead. But what do you think?

Do you have any thoughts on this episode? How about what’s going to happen next week?

What would you do if you were in the President’s shoes?

Check out the preview for next week below!

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