Zoo Episode Review: “Eats, Shoots, and Leaves/Wild Things”


Season 1 | Episodes 11 & 12 | Aired September 8, 2015

Just when I think things can’t get any more nuts they throw a non-stop two hour episode at us!

I’m so glad this episode was two hours! There’s always so much craziness in one hour and I don’t think I could have waited a week after the first hour to see what happened next.

Let’s see, Ray died, he was killed by a leopard. Ben Shafer’s friend was killed and then Chloe was kidnapped by Reiden Global only to later be rescued by Delavenne (Apparently I’ve been spelling his name wrong for the past several weeks, blame Wikipedia because I just copied the spelling from there) who is apparently on their side again, but I really didn’t know if we should trust him.

Ray Leopards

Jackson got shot and almost died, but thankfully he was fine, he managed to save three kids from the leopards and him and Abraham made up. Mitch, Jamie, and Abraham successfully made and tested the cure for what is happening to the animals only for something to go horribly wrong with their plane on the way home with it. Oh yeah and Mitch and Jamie kissed. That was a thing!

Jackson Shot

In this two-hour episode there was so much craziness. The team is in Zambia to find a leopard for the cure. They manage to find a cub, but in this quest Ray ends up dead and Jackson gets shot. They must then take Jackson to the hospital which, unfortunately, has been overrun by animals.

While Jackson goes in for surgery, Abraham, Mitch, and Jamie take the cub and Mitch manages to make the cure using a tooth and a rubber heart. They administer it to a dog that Abraham borrowed and see a change almost instantly.


Meanwhile, Jackson’s surgery was successful, but while he’s in recovery the leopards get in and he must save three children who are also in the recovery room. This near death experience helps mend the bond between him and Abraham who had been fighting since the last episode over Jackson’s reckless behaviour.

Back in the States, Chloe has been taken into custody of Ben Shafer’s friend only for him to be killed moments later. She is kidnapped by some men from Reiden Global who torture her sister in an attempt to get her to tell them where the team is. Before Chloe can tell them the real answer, Delavenne shows up and helps her escape.


He takes her to a conference where he has her tell a room full of scientists and doctors about the Defiant Pupil and what the team has found, but none of them believe her. Except for one woman, Amelia Sage whose team of researchers has also been investigating the strange mutations found in the animals.

The team in Zambia are rescued by soldiers sent by Chloe and are finally on their way home with a cure. Everything seems good. Jackson and Abraham are friends again, Chloe is safe, Mitch and Jamie finally kiss, and then their plane is attacked by animals.

That’s it. Black screen. End of the episode.

What?! No! They can’t do this to us! Mitch and Jamie had just kissed and I was so excited because I’ve been waiting twelve episodes for this and then they have animals attack the plane and things go horribly wrong and asdfghjkl.

So I’ve been anxiously awaiting this week’s episode ever since we saw in the preview last week that Jackson gets shot. I definitely thought Ray was going to have something to do with it, but then he got dragged off by a leopard so that theory went out the window. Instead he got shot protecting Abraham and that was just an arrow straight to the heart, wasn’t it? Talk about an emotional rollercoaster between these two for the past two weeks.

Abraham and jackson

Thankfully Jackson was fine and he seems to have pulled his head out of his ass and realized he was acting really stupid. Now his brotherhood with Abraham is back to normal, I’m excited to see what will happen with him and Chloe when they are (hopefully) reunited soon.

I was so happy with what we got to see of Chloe this week. Not the whole ‘her family member is being tortured’ thing, but up until this point we’ve only seen little bits and pieces of her character. Tuesday night I feel like we got to see a lot more and we saw how strong she really is.


It’s always been obvious she’s a tough character, but I thought it was really interesting to see the change from episode one where she’s being rescued by Jackson to this episode where she rescued, not only Jackson, but the whole team by sending those soldiers for them.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll get to see even more of her badassness next week in the aftermath of whatever it was that happened at the end of this episode.

Ah yes, the end of this episode. The ending where, right before the animal attack, something happened that so many of us have been waiting for. The Jamie and Mitch kiss. It happened! It finally happened!

Mitch Jamie Kiss

They’d really been building it up to it for ages and this episode especially we could see them growing closer. We learned more about their pasts through them sharing things with each other like how Mitch dropped out of med school, Jamie spoke more about her mother, and the whole interaction with the tent was hilarious.

Moody Teenage Mitch use This one

I know I’ve said it in past reviews, but one of the things I really love about them is the banter. Mitch is so sarcastic and cynical, while Jamie is basically the opposite so seeing the two of them work together on anything is always interesting. Throw Abraham into the mix and even the most dire situation (where it seems like the cure didn’t work and the Mother Cell is lost) ends up full of sass and wit.

The banter was strong between all the characters this episode actually. It’s definitely one of my favourite things about this show because it’s like watching real people, not characters, have a conversation.

I found it really interesting how even though there are plot lines focusing on all the characters every week, something seemed different this week. Jackson sort of had his own storyline happening, as did Chloe, and I really liked how we got to see so much of Mitch, Jamie, and Abraham together in their own story which then interweaved with the others.

I would like to take a minute now just before the end of this review to talk about how adorable that kitten was. The team found a baby leopard to use for the cure and it was SO CUTE! All the animals are going crazy and hunting people, but I didn’t even care. This thing was so adorable and I wanted ten of them.


Is he a Bono or a Bowie?

But what happened to him during the flight? Was he okay? Are we going to see more of him?

As you can see, I’m asking the real questions about these episodes. Forget the main characters on the plane, what happened to the baby leopard?

Though I must admit, I’m kind of wondering what happened to the main characters too. Last we saw they flew up and hit the ceiling of the plane as it was attacked by animals, but what happened after? What animals were attacking the plane? Why were they attacking? Is everyone okay?

Gah! We just have to wait until next week and it’s driving me crazy. Next week is the last episode this season and I am incredibly excited to see it, but like all other shows, I don’t want it to end.

I’m curious to see if this is going to get renewed. I guess it sort of depends on the end since it seems like everything’s been solved now they have a cure, but it also seems like things could horribly wrong leading to a second season. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

What did you think of this two-hour episode? What do you think of Mitch/Jamie?

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Also! On a sort of unrelated note, I went to Fan Expo this past weekend! It was amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever nerded out so hard in my life. If you’re at all interested, you can read my blog post about Fan Expo Friday Here! I’ll be posting about Sunday soon!

I’m also going to a Supernatural convention next month and will be blogging about that too! Writing about Fan Expo is sort of practice for that as I will be attending the SPN convention all weekend so let me know what you think!

Zoo Episode Review: “Murmuration”


Season 1 | Episode 9 | Aired August 25, 2015

You know what freaks me out? Birds. You know what animal went crazy and attacked people in this episode? Yup, that’s right, birds.

“Murmuration” starts off exactly where last week ended with Mitch escaping from Reiden Global right after seeing Delavane at the Reiden Global office. I’m still so confused by this.

Mitch Running - Use This One

He manages to escape with both the meds for Clem and with The Mother Cell and then had to explain to the rest of the team what had happened and what an idiot he was. Obviously, they didn’t take it very well, but were forced to put their personal feelings on hold after an arrest warrant was issued for Chloe and Jamie.

They devise a plan where Jackson and Chloe go to visit Delavane to try and get him to admit everything, but he refuses. At the same time, Jamie is contacting one of her friends from the paper to help expose the truth, and Abraham and Mitch are busy getting the medication to Mitch’s daughter.

But of course this is Zoo and nothing can go exactly the way it’s supposed to. When Jamie, Jackson, and Chloe meet with her newspaper friend, the man from last week who is Ben Shafer’s friend finds them. He refuses to believe Shafer was a dirty agent and they are forced to run, barely escaping.

Mitch and Abraham arrive at the house to find it empty. His ex and daughter are trapped at the park where people are being attacked by birds. They arrive just in time to save them and everyone regroups back at Mitch’s ex’s house where, once again, they barely escape the FBI.

Save the world

However they did discover two key things. First, the birds, it seems, have developed a universal language. Horrifying, right? Maybe the concept of all birds being able to talk to each other isn’t that bad, but the noise they made when doing so? Yeah, that was awful.

The second thing they discovered this week may just be the secret to a cure. Leopards. Leopards were mentioned early on in the season, but no one knew why they were significant. Now though it seems leopards in Zimbabwe may hold the secret as they haven’t been directly exposed to any Reiden Global products.

So now they’ve got to get to Zimbabwe to try and figure out the cure all while they’re on the run from pretty much every law agency and from one of the largest, most influential companies in the world. Wow the next few weeks are going to get really intense.

Speak Spy

Alright, so last week’s episode with the rats grossed me right out, but this episode was terrifying. Birds freak me out so much. I will literally move out of the way when I’m walking somewhere if a bird is about to fly over me. I have had birds in my yard fly at my face and then stare at me before doing it again. “Murmuration” was basically my worst nightmare.

I’m starting to get really concerned that one of the main characters is going to die in this show. So many other people have died from animal attacks and I just think that there’s no way all of the main characters can stay that lucky for the entire season.

There were a lot of close calls and near misses last night and I feel like it’s leading up to something or hinting at something that might happen, but I really hope I’m wrong.

I also get more and more worried every time Henry the dog is on screen because I don’t understand why Reiden Global products only affect some animals and not others. Why isn’t Henry foaming at the mouth yet? I don’t understand it, but that’s why I’m not a scientist.

team on the run

I’ve mentioned this in the past couple of episodes, but I’m going to mention it again because it’s still relevant. I really like that we’re slowly getting to know the characters more and more in each episode. I also really like that the characters are getting to know each other more and more in each episode.

So far Mitch has been sassy and sarcastic all season, but last night the rest of the team saw the kind of lengths he’ll go to. Jackson (and viewers) also got to see a bit more to Chloe last night when she blamed herself for everything that had happened with Shafer.

The only ones on the team who really know each other are Abraham and Jackson so it’s fun as a viewer to not only get to know these characters as time goes on, but to watch them getting to know each other.

team Meeting

When Mitch went to make the trade last week I’m sure all of us were watching and going, “oh come on, don’t be an idiot” and this week we got to see the other characters react to the situation.

I’m also really enjoying the ideas used in the show. I know the show is based on the book by James Patterson, but as I’ve never read the book (I’m working on it) I don’t know if they’re pulling everything directly from the book (I assume most of it is) or if some stuff they’re coming up with themselves.

Either way, I don’t think I could ever come up with stuff like that. Bears growing shells and birds creating a universal language? It’s insane and so incredibly brilliant and not something I ever would have thought of myself.

“Murmuration” gave us a look at some of the characters in a different light and it’s given me nightmares for weeks. Well done writers and James Patterson. Last week after watching the episode I dreamt of mice which was horrible so I look forward to sleeping tonight.

Check out the preview for next week below!

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Zoo Episode Review: “The Cheese Stands Alone”


Season 1 | Episode 8 | Aired August 18, 2015

This episode was gross. No really, it was disgusting. And why is that? Rats! Rats are the reason this episode grossed me out so much. A huge swarm of squeaking, blood-thirsty rats. I’m cringing as I type this.

“The Cheese Stands Alone” saw Jackson, Abraham, Jamie, and Chloe heading to Pender Island off the coast of Massachusetts to investigate the supposed rat infestation that’s taken place there while Mitch claims to be going to Harvard to do some research. Mitch never actually makes it Harvard, instead he goes to visit his daughter, Clementine, and spend the day with her before going to Reiden Global to bargain The Mother Cell for Clem’s medicine. However, while he’s there he something that surprised him and completely shocked me.

This was a pretty good episode, even if it did have my skin crawling the whole time. We’re still learning, piece by piece, some things about Jackson’s childhood and it seems like things really started to go downhill with his father when he was twelve, which is actually the last time he was at Pender Island.

There’s been some hints at possible characters getting together (I haven’t read the book so maybe this actually happens, maybe they’re just teasing), but as a person of the Internet I already know couples are being shipped. Some Internet people like Jackson/Jamie. However, last night a character we met for the first time made a comment about Jackson and Chloe (something else the Internet likes). Personally, I’m a fan of Mitch and Jamie in any capacity just because she seems to drive him crazy and he’s incredibly sarcastic so them just being friends and hanging out is hilarious.

Speaking of Mitch, we know last week he seemed to be transferring to the dark side when he called Reiden Global and told them in exchange for The Mother Cell being returned he wanted medicine for his daughter. Well, this week he went to make the exchange and saw something that I most definitely did not see coming. Delavane, the man who has been leading their entire operation, is at RG head office. What?!

Please tell me I’m not the only one totally surprised by this. Is he with Reiden Global? Is he undercover? Whose side is he really on? From the looks of next week’s preview, he’s definitely not on the right side.

We also found a bit more about Ben Shafer or ‘Number 12’ as he’s apparently called. There was this whole scene with a random guy (I still am not totally sure who he is) on a date with a woman (who now seems to be irrelevant). He ends up getting a phone call to say Number 12 is dead and is then sent video footage of FBI Agent Ben Shafer talking to Jackson and the others, though the man doesn’t know who they are yet.

So now we have even more questions. Who is Ben Shafer really? Why is he called Number 12? Who is this man and what is his involvement?

So many questions and so little time left before they all get eaten by animals.

Especially since they seemed to determine this episode that the animals various evolutions has nothing to do with them surviving, but rather them being able to wipe out other species, namely: humans. Wonderful. This show is just making me slowly more and more scared to go outside. But then I also don’t want to stay inside in case my dog turns ravenous and learns how to call other dogs to come attack.

Look at it. It’s vicious.


I’m really loving Zoo so far. All the characters are interesting, the storylines are great, and I love how they don’t give away everything all at once. They keep you guessing and give you the information piece by piece.

I seriously need to go buy this book.

What do you think of Zoo so far? Are you terrified of your pets?

Check out the preview for next week!

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Zoo Episode Review: “Sleuths”


Season 1 | Episode 7 | Aired August 11, 2015

Because the bear fiasco from the previous episode wasn’t bad enough, they added more bears this week! Sure, why not.

Bears freak me out. They’re fast and huge and I know I couldn’t outrun it and I would probably die if I ever met one. Hopefully I’ll never meet any of the bears in this episode who have somehow developed a hard shell due to The Mother Cell. Great.

Just what bears needed, a shell. Not gonna lie, when Mitch first said they had developed a shell-like thing all I could picture was a bear with an armadillo shell and I’m not sure why.

Mitch was up to something sneaky in this episode. He revealed to Reiden Global that they have The Mother Cell so that his daughter can get medication that will help with her disease. I’m sorry, but there are just so many obvious ways this can go wrong and I don’t understand why he’s doing this!

Mitch RG

I really like Mitch, he’s one of the best characters on the show, but seriously? Reiden Global drugs are the reason all the animals are going crazy and you’re going to, not only reveal you have something incredibly important to them, but you’re then knowingly going to give these drugs to your child?!

I get that he wants to help his daughter and giving her the drugs that might cure her is definitely a good way to get back in the good books, but this just seems like a terrible idea and I think we all know this situation isn’t going to end well.

One situation I was surprised at the outcome of was the Jamie situation. It’s still not totally clear if “Ben Shafer” was a dirty FBI agent or not an FBI agent at all, but either way he’s dead. And Jamie killed him.

They started out by getting her a new passport with a new name (Nancy Armstrong, her mother’s name) and then decided to take things one step further by breaking into Reiden Global. Why? To try and prove that “Ben Shafer” was being off by RG by hacking into their computers.

Mitch Drunk

Yeah, I reckon the plan probably did make more sense and seem less crazy with alcohol in their systems, but, surprisingly, it works and they manage to download a bunch of files without getting caught.

While all this is going on with Jamie, we also learn more about Abraham’s past and it’s so incredibly sad! It is revealed that when Abraham was a boy, he and his brother were captured by this group and both his brothers were killed (because Abraham refused to choose one to die).

He was trapped there for several years, but finally managed to escape and is now determined to protect his family. This explains why he’s so protective of Jackson and their whole relationship. However, this also made me incredibly worried he was going to die when the bear came charging at him.


That’s how it works right? A character tells their emotional back story and they die. We finally learn more about them and start to care more and then they’re ripped away from us. Thankfully that didn’t happen and all five of the main characters are still alive. For now.

Tomorrow night’s episode looks absolutely horrific. Rats. Something I think majority of people hate. I have friends with pet rats and I think domesticated ones can be cute (sometimes), but these aren’t domesticated rats they’re dealing with tomorrow. These are huge, gray, sewer-dwelling rats who are travelling in packs and eating people.

Nope. No thanks. The lions were scary, the bats were creepy, wild dogs terrified me (as my dog was sitting next to me while I watched), and the bears were scary. Rats are gross, rats that eat people are even worse. So as you can tell, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.

Are you excited for the rats? Which animal has freaked you out the most so far?

Check out the preview for tomorrow’s episode!

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Zoo Episode Review: “This Is What It Sounds Like”


Season 1 | Episode 6 | Aired August 4, 2015

Shocking. That’s the first word I would use to describe “This Is What It Sounds Like”. Mitch and Chloe spent majority of the episode trying to stay alive after being kidnapped by Silva and his gang who want them to solve the bat issue while Abraham searches all over for them.

Meanwhile, Jackson and Shafer help Jamie remember what happened during the crash and this information actually leads them directly to Hartley. Unfortunately, they reach him too late and Hartley dies before they can get any information from him.

More surprising than this is that we find out whose side Shafer is really on. There’ve been a lot of characters in this show so far so I’m not 100% certain who it was that paid Shafer off, but considering how badly he wanted The Mother Cell, I’m guessing it was someone at Reiden Global. Before he can get it, Jamie shoots (and I think kills) him which I’m fairly certain makes them fugitives.

As all this is going on, a new animal has been affected by The Mother Cell: bears. A poor woman in France is trapped in her pantry after a bear gets into her house and tears apart her kitchen. This was absolutely terrifying.

So I definitely did not see Shafer’s storyline coming. I didn’t like the guy from the moment he was introduced, but I never imagined he would tie Jamie up and then beat up Jackson, all for this Mother Cell. Not only that, but he killed someone! Like I said, I’m assuming he’s being paid off by Reiden Global (if I’m wrong, please correct me).

If that is the case though, then their reach goes pretty far and taking them down might be even harder than it seemed. Though I don’t think it’ll be too hard to convince them they need to do it, especially since Mitch tried to contact his daughter in Tuesday’s episode and we all knew Clementine’s dog is taking medicine from RG.

Chloe and Mitch

There are just so many things I can see right now are going to go wrong and so many more than we obviously don’t know about yet.

Also, Hartley’s dead. Again, not what I was expecting. I was expecting this big crazy showdown given how determined he was, but it seems he got what he wanted when he had an optometrist put something back inside his eye. What it was, we don’t know yet. I’m guessing we’ll find out next week and hopefully get some answers on Hartley and on Jackson’s father.

From the looks of the preview we’ll also be getting some answers on why a bear raided a poor woman’s kitchen and then went into hibernation. In the middle of spring. I was so confused at first how it was that this woman didn’t hear the bear walking behind her.

Like, she had hardwood floors. When my dog is walking on my kitchen floor I can hear her and she’s twelve pounds of fluff. How does anyone not hear a bear in their house? Even if you don’t know it’s a bear, you’d think that a woman who lives alone (I’m assuming) would hear other footsteps in her house! But apparently not. She didn’t notice the bear until it was a couple feet away in the kitchen at which point she hid in the pantry.

Yup, pretty much exactly what I would do. Hide or just get out as quickly as possible and get as far away as possible. They say you can’t outrun a bear and that you’re supposed to make yourself seem bigger and make lots of noise. I’m guessing this information doesn’t apply in Zoo, nor would it apply if there was actually a bear in your house. I’m not sure what the protocol for that is so let’s hope it never happens.

I really enjoyed Tuesday’s episode. I normally have to watch each episode twice before I review it to make sure I got everything and understood it all, but as the season goes on I’m not having to do that and it’s becoming easier to follow everything.

What did you think of the most recent episode?

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Zoo Episode Review: “Blame it on Leo”


Season 1 | Episode 5 | Aired July 28, 2015

Bats were the theme of Tuesday night’s episode of Zoo. After finding the name ‘Leo Butler’ written all over Hartley’s bible, Jamie and Jackson (along with FBI Agent Ben Shafer after he invites himself along) head to out to find out who he is, especially after learning of his former ties to Reiden Global. Meanwhile, Abraham, Mitch, and Chloe fly to Rio to try and figure out why there is a sudden influx of bats during the daytime.

Jamie and Jackson manage to find Leo, but he doesn’t know anything about Robert Oz or Hartley. However, he knows quite a lot about Reiden Global and reveals to them that RG has something they call “The Mother Cell”. The group is shocked to learn that The Mother Cell is literally in every product Reiden Global distributes and seems to be what is causing the animals strange behavior.

Jamie and Leo go to retrieve The Mother Cell, but before they can get back to Jackson and Shafer, their car is hit by Hartley, who then takes the cell.

In Rio, Mitch, Chloe, and Abraham discover that the bats seem to be attracted to technology after Chloe is attacked by one while on the phone to Jackson. This would explain why the bats took down Abraham and Jackson’s plane while they were in Japan and why there were bats in Antarctica, attracted to the solar panels.

Mitch Bat

As they try to create an antenna that will help test and deal with this issue, they are once again confronted by the gang from earlier who, unfortunately, don’t go quite so easy on them this time. I was very confused by this and was definitely freaking out at my TV when that guy attacked Mitch with the baseball bat (they think they’re so clever) and I’m really looking forward to seeing where they take this next week. Why were these guys attacking them? What was the reason? Is everyone good? What happens with the bats?

While all this happening, we are introduced to a new character, a little girl, Clementine, and her dog, Henry. After being hit by a car, Henry needs surgery and medication. Medication that we see is distributed by Reiden Global. This whole storyline seemed a little pointless at first and I was confused as to why we were suddenly being introduced to this little girl until it is revealed that she is Mitch’s daughter.

Tuesday’s episode was very bat-centric which is something I’m sure all those people who really hate bats appreciated. Now I’m not gonna lie, this episode confused me a little and I definitely have a lot of questions. Is Reiden Global definitely responsible? Seems to be, I think we can assume it is. Are all the animals attacked to technology or is just the bats? And what on earth was Mitch saying for most of the episode?

They should’ve gotten Mitch and Leo together, that would’ve been a conversation no one could keep up with.

Speaking of Mitch, we met his daughter! Finally! He mentioned her last week, but I totally make the connection when we first saw her. Yeah, like I said before, I was a little confused as to why they were suddenly adding this girl to the mix. I was a little worried the dog was going to eat her or something, but then it tried out find. Doesn’t look like it’ll stay that way though!

Now that Henry’s taking meds that come from Reiden who knows what’s going to happen. I’m guessing that’ll probably lead to an interesting reunion with Mitch and his family. I’m just really hoping Clementine doesn’t get eaten.

I’m really liking how they keep splitting the group up into little sub-groups. Last week it was Jamie, Jackson, and Chloe (and Shafer), and Abraham and Mitch. This week Chloe has gone with Mitch and Abraham. It’s just interesting to see and with these smaller groups it feels like we’re able to learn more about each of the characters.

Mitch Abraham Chloe

If you had all six of them together all the time we probably wouldn’t learn too much, but by splitting them up there’s more time to focus on the individual characters and their backgrounds and their affects on each other. I’m loving that we’re learning more about Mitch, but I really can’t wait until we more of Abraham’s background as he’s still quite the mystery.

Of course, this mystery isn’t just down to the script, it’s also down to how the character is portrayed and Nonso Anozie does a spectacular job in his role. They all do. It’s really funny when I watch The Whispers on Monday night with Kristen Connolly and then Zoo on Tuesdays because all I can think is how busy she must’ve been filming both.

I think all the actors did particularly good last night, especially Anozie, Nora Arnezder, and Billy Burke. I’m going to make the assumption that the creators of the show didn’t throw hundreds of live bats at their actors (if they did then kudos to the actors for standing there while that happened), but assuming they didn’t they did a great job at pretending they were surrounded.

Jackson Jamie Shafer Leo

I’m also really enjoying James Wolk’s performance in the show. He was a big reason I started watching in the first place and after seeing him playing clean and composed former-President’s son Douglas Hammond in Political Animals, this show is so different and he’s done an absolutely phenomenal job.

I have so many questions after Tuesday’s episode and am anxiously waiting for next Tuesday to get here so we can hopefully get some answers.

Make sure to check out the preview for next week’s new episode and tell me what you thought of “Blame it on Leo”!

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Zoo Episode Review – “Pack Mentality”


Season 1 | Episode 4 | Aired July 21, 2015

Apparently I’m really terrible at reviewing shows that air on Tuesdays. I have no idea why that is, but anyone who read my reviews for Finding Carter can attest to this (especially since I haven’t reviewed the last two episodes yet). But, it’s finally here, my review for last week’s episode of Zoo!

Several things happened in “Pack Mentality”. The five recruits were forced to work together for the first time, we learned a bit more about Mitch’s background, the fate of Evan Lee Hartley was revealed, and I found out I spelt Reiden Global wrong multiple times in my last review.

In this fourth episode, Jackson, Abraham, Mitch, Chloe, and Jamie headed to Mississippi after hearing about the wolf attack at the prison. While Jackson, Chloe, and Jamie head to the prison, Abraham and Mitch are assigned to try and find one of the wolves so they can run some tests and try to figure out why the attack happened.

While at the prison, Jackson realizes that Evan Lee Hartley is the only surviving member from the wolf attack. Not only that, but determine that Hartley is actually the pack alpha, though none of them know why or what Hartley’s connection to all of this is.

Jackson Wolves

Mitch and Abraham go out into the woods to try and catch one of the wolves and must avoid a hunting party who want the wolves dead. However, the hunting party is not their biggest worry as they are instead found by Hartley. Before Hartley can do anything to them though, the hunters shoot one of the wolves and Hartley runs off.

Jamie goes on a little solo mission to try and gather information about Evan Lee Hartley and discovers a photo of the man with Jackson’s father, Robert. She also learns that Hartley used to just a normal guy, until he suddenly went out into the woods one day and murdered an entire hunting party. That’s definitely disturbing and it makes you wonder what it was about that day that suddenly changed things.

After each of their solo missions, the group reunite to run tests on the wolf and make quite the discovery with the use of a coffee pot and coconuts. Not going to lie, I’m not 100% certain what it was they did here or what this test proved, but I gathered from the coffee pot exploding that it was incredibly bad.

Meanwhile, in Antarctica, a research station is attacked by a cloud of bats. The two women working there believe the reason by the bats suddenly being there is because the animals are trying to protect each other and the bats know the women have several birds in cages. After the birds are released, the bats leave, but not until the two women have already died from exposure to the cold.

Also in this episode, we are introduced to FBI Agent Ben Shafer (Geoff Stults) and I’m intrigued to see what part he will play in all of this.

Like the last episode, I really liked how we got to learn a bit more about the characters in this one. It’s revealed that Mitch has an ex-wife! And a daughter! Is that why he seems so bitter all the time? We don’t know for sure yet, but I’m betting we’ll find out soon.

We also learned more about what Jackson’s childhood was like with his father. While parts of it sound great, other parts… well, not so much. Though I reckon Jackson’s probably rethinking everything that happened during his childhood that he called ‘crazy’ now that all the animals are going nuts.

This episode has also increased the fear I feel whenever I’m around any animal now. It doesn’t help that the birds in my backyard sit on the fence and stare at me through the window, but you know, I’m sure they’re not conspiring or anything.

The whole concept of this episode was genuinely freaky. Somehow Hartley is connected to the wolves, he is also somehow connected to Robert Oz. Not only that, but the increased changes in the animal’s behaviour just gets more and more disturbing. It was creepy enough when the bats flew too high in the sky, too early in the day. Who ever heard of bats in Antarctica?

Honestly, this show just gets better with each episode. We’re only four episodes in and they’ve already got me freaked out by my dog and desperately wanting to read the book. One of the reasons is because I want to know what happens next.

What is Hartley’s connection? What made him snap that day? What is his connection to Robert Oz? What is the cause behind the animals sudden change in behaviour? And so many more! All in all, this episode was fantastic and I am very excited to watch tonight’s.

This felt like more of a recap than a review, but this episode was actually really hard to review! So much happened and it was so good, but I don’t know how to react to it without using the words ‘freaky’ and ‘amazing’ several more times.

What did you think of last week’s episode? Any predictions for tonight?

Check out the preview for the next episode below!

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