The Walking Dead Top 10 Episodes Countdown: #3

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

This episode is just… amazing. I tried to think of a better word or at least a word I hadn’t used a million times the past few days, but I have a cold and my brain is all fuzzy so words aren’t really my thing right now.

“Still” follows Beth and Daryl on a very important (at least to Beth) quest: to get Beth her first alcoholic drink.

This episode is number three on my list because we learn so much about both of these characters and see such different sides to them. They’re not in the prison anymore, they don’t know if anyone else in their family survived and they’re both going through all these different emotions and ways of dealing.

Beth’s dealing with the death of father and, as far as she knows, Maggie, by getting a drink. It’s something so simple and maybe a little crazy, but it’s something she wants and she knows if she looks she can get it. Finding alcohol is a lot easier than finding a sister she thinks may be dead.

Daryl on the other hand deals with what happened by being a jackass. We learn in this episode that he feels a lot of guilt about what happened at the prison and while eventually he breaks down, he spends a good portion of the episode raging at everything and breaking stuff.

Episode twelve of season four is where we really start to see Beth and Daryl developing a friendship and it’s honestly one of my favourite friendships they had on the show.

Both these characters were so different and their relationship was so unexpected, but for the few episodes we saw them they really balanced each other out. Daryl felt like he’d lost everything again, but Beth believed that there had to be something better out there and that not everything good could possibly be gone.

This episode and the next one with these two definitely has a lot of influence over what happens in season five. Not just with Daryl searching for her, but I think it probably had some influence over Daryl’s storyline in Alexandria.

“Still” is such a great episode and I watch it over and over again. Both these characters are amazing and that moment at the end where they flip off the burning shack is wonderful and so symbolic to both of them.

What do you think of “Still”?

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The Walking Dead Top 10 Fave Episodes Countdown: #7


“Remember” is the twelfth episode in season five and this one sees the group entering the Alexandria Safe Zone (ASZ).

This is such a great episode because it is so different from all the other episodes previous.

Since season one there’s just been one bad thing after another with the group losing people and losing supposed safe havens. Then they find Alexandria.

The group (and I think all viewers) know the Safe Zone isn’t going to last, but at that moment it was such a nice change of pace from everything we’d seen before. It was calm and quiet and there was no worry of walkers getting them while they slept. Though, that wasn’t necessarily a good thing for the group.

What this episode does the best is show how each character deals with suddenly being in a safe environment.

Carl struggles to adapt to suddenly being able to be a kid again while Michonne is excited and wants to give the place a chance. Rick is still constantly looking over his shoulder and doesn’t believe the place is possible. Daryl probably struggles the most to fit in and refuses to shower, while Carol, being as brilliant as she is, immediately puts on an act of being totaly helpless and weak. Why? Because she doesn’t trust the place either and wants to be prepared for anything and knows the element of surprise will help that.

One of the things I find The Walking Dead always does is that it makes you wonder how you would act in that situation. I imagine none of us will ever find ourselves in a zombie apocalypse, but many people probably have been in a situation before where they deal with awful things every day and then suddenly things turn around and are great and they don’t know how to deal with it.

Would you adapt easily to the new situation? Would you struggle to fit in and figure things out? Would you pretend you’ve adapted, but really are ready to run or fight at any moment? Whether in a world of zombies or not, this episode makes you think and question what you would do.

This episode is also the first of five episodes to be named in reference to The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner which, as many fans realized, is the book Dale references and quotes back in season one.

What did you think of “Remember”?

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The Walking Dead Top 10 Fave Episodes: #10

The new season of The Walking Dead premiers this month! Yes, season six will officially air on October 11th. To celebrate I’m going to be doing a countdown of my top ten favourite Walking Dead episodes and then I’ll be reviewing the newest episode on the 11th.

Let’s kick things off with #10: “Clear”

ClearThe twelfth episode in season three sees Rick, Carl, and Michonne going on a run for guns and supplies. They return to Rick’s hometown to search and while there they meet up with Morgan who Rick hasn’t seen since he woke up from his coma. Only Morgan isn’t the same man he was back then. After his son’s death, Morgan hopped on the crazy train to nopeville and Rick takes it upon himself to bring him back to reality.

I love this episode. It takes place during Carl’s lil’ shit phase, but is also the episode where he and Michonne really start to build their friendship. I wasn’t a fan of Carl when I watched the series for the first time, but after rewatching the episodes Carl is now one of my favourite characters.

In “Clear” we get to see him and Michonne working together. They start to form that bond we all love seeing today and this is really when Michonne became one of the group.

The reintroduction of Morgan was also a great twist and one I didn’t see coming. In this episode Morgan really shows the tragic side of the apocalypse and what can happen when a person is left alone in the new world after losing everyone. I thought this really sort of showed us what could have happened to Rick had he been left alone after Lori’s death.

“Clear” shows us the start of a new alliance between Carl and Michonne and the reforging of an old one between Rick and Morgan. We learn so much about each of these characters in this episode and it really sets up a dynamic for these four for future episodes.

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