The Fosters Episode Review: “Lucky”

The Fosters

Season 3 | Episode 10 | Aired August 17, 2015

The mid-season finale is here! How did we get to this point already? It seems like just yesterday season three was just starting and now we have to wait several months before the next episode!

You know what though? I’m actually okay with that because last night’s episode ended on a happy note.


Despite everything that happened last week between Brandon and Callie, Callie’s social worker actually went ahead and recommended Callie’s adoption (finally!). Stef and Lena are dealing with the fallout of everything that happened with Monte, all while throwing an anniversary party for Lena’s parents. And after being caught in a compromising position by Connor’s dad, Connor announces that he’s moving to Los Angeles to live his mother. With several surprising twists and appearances by unexpected characters, the mid-season finale was non-stop drama from start to finish.

Let’s start with Stef and Lena. Still on the rocks over Lena’s kiss with Monte, the couple still went ahead with Lena’s parent’s anniversary party. While the couple tried to pretend like everything was normal and fine, they each had their own circumstances to deal with that I think definitely helped them get back together.

Lena learned a lesson in forgiveness when her mother invited Nathan to the party and she realized that, while there’s no excuse for what he said, he isn’t that same kid anymore. Nathan apologized to Lena and their parents and it was definitely an emotional scene to watch.

While all this is going on, Stef is dealing with a medical crisis when she gets a call to come in and have a second mammogram done, a call no woman ever wants to get. Thankfully she’s fine, but the moment she told Lena there might’ve been something wrong was heartbreaking.

Stef and Lena

This scene, from start to finish, was so incredibly emotional because it’s one of those things that I reckon many people can either relate to or fear. Fighting with someone you love and then one of you has a health scare? It’s a terrifying thought and I’m definitely thankful and happy that Stef is fine cause I don’t think I could’ve dealt with it if she wasn’t.

Two people who weren’t fine at first, but ended up okay were Jude and Connor. I knew something was going to happen with them this week because it was in the Wikipedia description. However, the Wiki description got changed so many times I wasn’t sure which one was true (though I was fairly certain it wasn’t that Jude got Connor pregnant).

Turns out two of the Wiki descriptions were correct. Jude and Connor were caught in a compromising position (not all that compromising) by Connor’s dad and Connor decided he wanted to go live with his mom in LA.

Connors Dad

This whole thing was both incredibly sad and hilarious. Sad because Connor is leaving and Jude really doesn’t understand why at first. I think Jude and Connor are definitely two of the most mature teens I’ve ever seen, both on TV and in real life, since by the end of the episode they handled it so maturely.

It was hilarious because Lena ended up giving Jude “The Talk”. His face was fantastic and this was once again one of those moments where I imagined the actors getting the script. It’s an awkward and hilarious situation getting “The Talk” in real life from your real parents, I don’t know how either of them were able to keep a straight face, especially when she pulled out the condom.

Before I end this Jonnor rant, fans were very excited last night because, as the boys were handling their imminent separation with maturity some adults do not possess, they said “I love you.” I could practically hear every Jonnor fan around the world screaming. It was adorable and romantic and these boys should not have this much control over my emotions, but guess what? They do.

Jude Loves Connor

I know Connor is leaving, but I’m very excited to see what happens in the next half of the season. After all, “they have trains”, right?

Connor Loves Jude

Alright, probably the biggest storyline of the night was Callie’s adoption. It happened! Callie Jacob is now, officially, Callie Adams-Foster! I was so incredibly happy, both because it finally happened and because now her adoption getting delayed can stop being a plot point.

It almost didn’t happen though, and not even because of Brandon. It almost didn’t happen because of the video Callie made for “Fost and Found” where she called out the judge on her case by name. The judge was, understandably, upset about this, but Callie wouldn’t back down.

This might actually have been my favourite Callie moment of the entire series. She knew by standing up for what she believed in could mean not getting adopted, but she did anyway. Why? Because someone has to. Someone has to speak up and she’s going to be the one to do it.

When she was saying this all the other characters were looking so proud and so happy with what Callie was saying and I was right there with them. I have so much respect for people who stand up for their beliefs and for the sake of others even if it means possibly jeopardizing themself and their future.

Thankfully, it seems this is how the judge felt as well as he told Callie he was proud of her right before signing off on her adoption.

Woooooo! It’s finally happened! Callie is adopted! However, now there is a fear of what is going to happen next.

I gave my theory last week and after looking on Twitter it seems a lot of people share this theory. Callie told the judge that there was nothing to stop her getting adopted. Awesome, great, now she’s adopted. But is she pregnant?

Callie slept with Brandon

A lot of fans are speculating that now she’s been adopted it might be revealed that Callie is pregnant after her night spent with Brandon and that’ll definitely complicate things. I guess we’ll just have to wait until The Fosters returns.

Speaking of returns, Jesus is back! Now being played by Noah Centineo, Jesus surprised his family after Callie’s adoption and revealed secretly to Mariana that he can’t go back to his boarding school. Of course we didn’t find out why, that’ll be told sometime when the show returns. But for now, Jesus is back!


Welcome to the cast of The Fosters Noah Centineo! I’m looking forward to seeing his take on Jesus and where the character will go now.

Emotions were running high last night all through the episode, from Lena’s parent’s wedding anniversary party to the potential end of Jonnor, things were crazy. Thankfully, “Lucky” ended on a happy note with the whole family together at last. I’m sad we have to wait several months for the next episode, but am glad the mid-season finale didn’t end on any horrifying cliff hangers.

The Family

Did you guys watch the mid-season finale?

Predictions for what’ll happen next??

I’ll be back with more reviews for The Fosters when the show returns!

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The Fosters Episode Review: “Idyllwild”

The Fosters

Season 3 | Episode 9 | Aired August 10, 2015

This is the last episode before The Fosters summer finale and let me tell you, they were holding nothing back.

Brandon had his final performance at Idyllwild (which he won!), Stef found out about Monte and Lena’s kiss, Callie discovered what really happened with Rita, Mike might’ve found who was driving the car that hit Ana and the twins, and Callie and Brandon had sex.

Seriously, this episode was just packed with drama! Let’s start with Stef and Lena. Stef finally found out about the kiss Lena and Monte shared last season and I don’t really know what I was expecting. I don’t know if I thought there’d be yelling and screaming or what, but the revelation was just… sad. Not sad, like, pathetic, but sad like, these are two fictional characters and yet I’m getting really emotional over their marital issues.


It doesn’t look like they’re splitting up if the preview for next week is everything to go by, but this is The Fosters which means anything can happen. I’m really hoping they don’t split up, but honestly, given all the issues Stef and Lena have had lately, it wouldn’t surprise me if they took a break.

Now, two people who need to take a break are Brandon and Callie. Seriously, I am so tired of these two. Is this what it’s like for other people when you don’t ship a couple, but everyone else does? Every time they have a scene together I just cringe.

On Monday night things only got worse. Callie discovered the truth about the incident with Rita and was able to record enough evidence to clear her name. However, by clearing Rita’s name, Callie also believed she condemned herself when she didn’t deny Carmen’s accusations about Callie’s feelings for Brandon. This was strike number one leading to disaster.

Callie and Brandon

Strike number two was Brandon’s performance at Idyllwild. This actually made me so happy! It was so great seeing Brandon perform again, I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed it. Brandon is at Idyllwild as a composer, but he decided to perform his own piece. This led to him winning the competition (exciting, though a little unrealistic)and he now gets to perform at Disney Hall.

With Brandon flying high off his win and Callie believing she’ll never be adopted now, the pair come together and end up having sex.

I swear, if she gets pregnant, I’ll be so ticked. Like, there’s been a lot of baby talk this season and when Mariana had her pregnancy scare before, Stef and Lena both thought it was Callie’s. Was this foreshadowing? I hope not.

Speaking of Mariana, she finally told Mat the truth about why she broke up with him. I felt kind of bad for Mariana, but mostly I just felt bad for Mat. No one deserves to be cheated on and he had no clue it had happened! He actually apologized about extending the tour cause he thought that’s why she had broken up with him before she told him the truth! He’d been feeling guilty when she was the one who cheated and I felt so bad for him.


Ugh, so many secrets being revealed! One more secret that will hopefully be revealed next week is who was driving the car that hit Ana and the twins. Unfortunately, it’s looking a lot like the driver might’ve been AJ’s brother, Ty. If this does turn out to be the case, this might put a bit of a strain on Mike and AJ’s relationship.

There were so many revelations on Monday! Everybody’s secrets were coming to light and there didn’t seem to be any positive repercussions. Next week is the summer finale and anything could happen!

Do Stef and Lena break up? Was Ty the driver? Will there be a mini Callie or Brandon soon? We’ll just have to wait and see! But for now, tell me what you think!

Check out the preview for next week summer finale!

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The Fosters Episode Review: “Daughters”

The Fosters

Season 3 | Episode 8 | Aired August 3, 2015

The Fosters is back! Last Monday was so boring wasn’t it? Well this week definitely was not boring with everything that went on.

Callie was back living with Rita which, outside of living with Stef and Lena, should have been the best place for her to be. Unfortunately, after an unexpected visit from Rita’s daughter, things just gradually went downhill and it ended with Rita in handcuffs after apparently assaulting Carmen.

Brandon and Callie had their separate meetings with the social worker about Brandon’s restraining order (which I now remember!) and Jude overheard a conversation about Stef and Lena that made him act out at school.

The main storyline was, of course, Rita. This whole thing was just crazy. First we meet Rita’s daughter, Chloe, who hates her mother. She hates her so much she makes some comments about Rita’s deceased husband and Rita slaps her. This was the first sign that something was going to go horribly wrong and a strong piece of evidence against Rita.

Rita and Callie

Then, while at Girls United, Carmen is constantly fighting with a new girl, Brooke, which is actually a strong piece of evidence both against and in favour of Rita. This whole plot to me was just crazy. I can’t see Rita hitting Carmen, but then I also couldn’t have seen her slapping her own daughter either. We won’t actually find out what really happened until next week and I literally have no idea what I think of the situation. It could literally go either way at this point.

Another big part of the episode was Brandon and Callie’s interviews with the social worker over Brandon’s restraining order and what their feelings are for each other. Of course, their stories were totally different and nothing excepted that they now love each other as siblings matches up. It’s going to be interesting to see how that goes.

Also, yes, I now remember the restraining order! I totally forgot about, but then went back and rewatched the clip from season one and the whole thing just came flooding back. I never even thought that that could keep Callie from being adopted and I’m really hoping it doesn’t (though, given the preview next week, it may be something else that does that).

Finally, Stef and Lena are still dealing with their marital issues. Stef is still busy investigating the car crash Jesus and Mariana were involved in and thinks she may have found something huge. Meanwhile, Lena is telling Monte about her issues at home rather than telling Stef. Seriously, they both need to stop what they’re doing and figure it out.

Especially since the kids apparently all know. After overhearing Stef, Lena, and Brandon arguing about it, Jude gets upset and is convinced Stef and Lena are getting divorced. I felt awful for Jude here. He was so upset and so scared and he didn’t think he could say anything because he’s adopted and doesn’t know what they’ll do to him.

Jude and Callie

What they do is hug him and tell him they were worried. Rita made the point of saying that they don’t love kids more or less because they’re foster kids versus biological kids and I think this whole situation really drove that home and I’m so happy about that.

It became especially prevalent during the conversation Stef had with Brandon right after this. She apologized to him after realizing she’s harder on him than the others because he hasn’t suffered as much as they have. However, Stef realizes she’s wrong to be doing this because Brandon has suffered and does deal with tough things.

Stef and Brandon

I thought this scene was so important. It was important to show that foster/adopted parents don’t love their kids any less because they’re foster kids or adopted kids. But it was also important to show that biological kids aren’t loved any less because they’re biological. Every kid, every person, deals with tough stuff and suffers in different ways. Brandon hasn’t suffered in the same ways Jesus and Mariana have, or Callie and Jude, but he has suffered.

Stef and brandon 2

To have Stef not only acknowledge this, but also apologize and then show her support for Brandon with the whole AJ situation was so important and I am so thankful The Fosters showcased this.

The episode ended with a video message Callie recorded for foster care app, ‘Fost and Found’, where she talks about the bad homes she’s been in and calls people out by name, including the judge who keeps putting off her adoption. On one hand, I get where she’s coming from. Sometimes enough is enough and you have to call out the people that hurt you and that keep hurting you. But on the other hand, I think what she did can be considered slander? And I think people can get into huge trouble for that so I’m not sure affect this will have on her adoption now, but I’m guessing it won’t be good.

This episode was absolutely insane! So many impossible situations and so many scenarios that just seem too tough to deal with. There’s only one episode left before the mid-season finale and I have no clue what is going to happen. Do you?

What do you think really happened with Rita and the girls?

How about Brallie? Ship it or no way?

What did you think of Brandon and Stef’s conversation?

What’s going to happen to Callie now?

Check out the preview for next week below!

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The Fosters Episode Review: “Faith, Hope, Love”

The Fosters

Season 3 | Episode 7 | Aired July 20, 2015

This episode dealt with a lot of heavy topics. Substance abuse, religion, and post-partum depression, just to name a few. It was an intense episode that, once again, challenged topics you don’t normally see dealt with on television.

AJ and Callie must face the repercussions of their kiss last week, AJ’s brother Ty shows up, Brandon returns to Idyllwild only to discover he has a new rival, and Ana asks Mariana to be Isabella’s godmother which causes tension in the house as it would mean Mariana being baptized.


Now, let’s start with what was probably the main plot of last night’s episode which was Mariana becoming Isabella’s godmother. In order to do this she would need to be baptized which is something neither Stef or Lena want her to do. They are also angry because Mariana’s biological grandfather told Mariana that if she does get baptized then her soul will be in limbo and they won’t ever see her in Heaven. Yeah, I can understand why Stef and Lena were so angry.

In the end though they relent and allow Mariana to make her decision on the matter. She ends up deciding not to get baptized after the priest called Stef and Lena ‘sinners’.

Mariana Family

Religion is such a touchy topic and one that is normally avoided on television, in film, and even in real life. But this is The Fosters and they don’t shy away from anything. Now, at first I thought Stef and Lena weren’t really handling the whole situation right. Even if they aren’t religious, surely Mariana should be able to explore her beliefs and make that decision for herself, right? In the end, this is what happened and I was very glad it did.

I feel like they really handled this topic well. Whatever happens and is said, there’s going to be people who aren’t happy. But I think they really dealt with this whole situation well and portrayed what it can be like to be someone in the LGBTQ+ community (or be a friend or family member) and be confronted with a religion that is unaccepting.

Another large part of this storyline was the lack of trust and faith Ana’s parents had in her. Throughout the episode we see them accuse Ana of using again and when Ana disappears from the baptism, they want to just go ahead and do it without her! After Ana goes to Stef and Lena and asks them to take Isabella, everyone realizes that Ana has Post-Partum Depression.


This revelation prompts Lena to admit to Stef that she is still struggle with the loss of their baby, something that hasn’t been spoken of much since it happened.


Something else major that happened last night is that we finally got to meet AJ’s brother, Ty (Chris Warren). Ty views things very differently than AJ and believes that once Mike gets sick of him, or when AJ turns eighteen, that that’ll be it and Mike will throw him out.

He is also angry that AJ is having to move in with Rita until Mike gets his license because of his and Callie’s kiss last week. I can kind of understand where Ty is coming from because he and AJ have obviously been in the system a long time and it can be hard to trust people after that.

However, I also think the only way AJ is going to succeed and truly feel comfortable around Mike and the others is if he stops listening to his brother. Ty wants the two of them to leave, but I think we all know that if they go it won’t end well. I also think that AJ doesn’t really want to go. He didn’t seem overly enthusiastic when Ty mentioned it so I’m actually hoping he just lets Ty go and stays with Mike.

AJ actually got in a bit of trouble on Monday night when he and Callie went for a drive around the block in Callie and Mariana’s new car. Callie was worried they were going to get in trouble because she didn’t have insurance yet, instead they got in trouble because it turns out the car she and Mariana bought was stolen. This is why you don’t buy giant things like this without telling your parents people!

It was pretty much a given that something was going to go wrong when the girls bought the car in secret. Then when Callie and AJ decided to take it for a drive something bad just had to happen. But I definitely didn’t think the car would be stolen! I thought the guy that sold it to them was going to stalk them or something, like you always hear about Craigslist deals going wrong. I didn’t imagine this and I think this is definitely a lesson for anyone who has ever considered buying a used car. Make sure it isn’t stolen first!

Alright, the final thing we have to talk about is Brandon. First, he made this really amazing piece for Idyllwild, but decided it was too risky so he transferred it back to just being played on a regular piano. This happened and then his ‘friend’ turned around and used the original idea Brandon had had and passed it off as his own.

Brandon was, understandably, freaking out and frankly so was I! This was so infuriating! Sure, he decided not to take a risk, but now if he does use his original idea it will look like he got the idea from his ‘friend’. *Deep sigh* Honestly, and I don’t know about all of you, but I actually enjoyed Brandon’s piece better so hopefully this’ll get sorted out and Brandon will get the credit he deserves.

I’m glad to see he’s stepping up this time though. Everything with Kat was just a mess so I’m really hoping he’ll find a way to come out on top this time.

The other thing that happened with Brandon (and Callie) is that there was apparently a restraining order against Brandon at one point?! Was this in the show? I don’t remember it being in the show. This means that Callie’s adoption will be delayed and Callie can’t even stay in the house!

callie's Adoption

Alright, I have to admit, it kind of drives me crazy that the main storylines Callie seems to get involve something screwing up her adoption and Brandon. Like, The Fosters literally deals with so many important things and comes up with these huge storylines explaining other things amazingly, but these two just keep getting recycled. Please Fosters writers, let Callie get adopted. It’s time.

Monday night’s episode dealt with some heavy topics and I think they really handled them all well. Aside from Callie’s adoption getting pushed back again, the whole episode was fantastic.

The next episode isn’t on for two weeks (why? A lot of shows are skipping next week, but I don’t know why) so there won’t be a review next week! In the meantime, check out the preview for the new episode below. It looks crazy!

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All photos this week were found on The Fosters Tumblr

The Fosters Episode Review: “It’s My Party”

The Fosters

Season 3 | Episode 6 | Aired July 13, 2015

Tonight’s episode was one for celebrations! It was Callie’s seventeenth birthday and Jude decided to throw her a party! Everyone was there, the family, Sophia, Robert, Cole, the girls from Girls United, the guy who ran the youth centre she worked at, and a whole bunch of other people I’ve never seen before. Overall it was actually a pretty happy episode. Sure, there was some drama, it wouldn’t be The Fosters if there wasn’t drama, right? But it really was a happy episode.


Now, Callie’s party wasn’t the only thing that happened. Stef and Lena attended their first couple’s counselling session, Callie and Mariana bought a car behind their parent’s backs, Wyatt revealed to Callie that he and Mariana slept together, AJ and Brandon got into a fight with Mike taking AJ’s side, and Callie and AJ kissed. All in all it was a pretty typical Monday night on The Fosters.

We all knew Mariana and Wyatt’s secret was going to come out eventually. Though I don’t think anyone, Mariana included was expecting it to come out quite the way it did. Wyatt asked Mariana on a date and, despite getting Callie’s blessing, Mariana said she couldn’t do it because she knew Callie wasn’t okay with it. This resulted in Wyatt freaking out on Callie and revealing they had hooked up. Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt…

This must be something that only happens on TV and in movies, right? Someone revealing some huge secret during an argument because you thought that’s what the person was mad about. That doesn’t happen in real life does it? Because if it does, clearly more people need to watch TV and films because they’re never mad about the thing you think they are. It’s always a totally separate issue, but you feel so guilty over the one thing that you get defensive and assume that’s what they’re mad about. Don’t assume. Don’t ever assume. Because you will end in a horrible Wyatt-Callie-Mariana situation.

A relationship that actually seems to be doing better is Stef and Lena’s. For most of the episode they were at odds with each other over Love/Dislike lists their therapist wanted them to make. However, near the end of the episode their seemed to be some love and understanding returning to the pair. I’m sure that will end when Monte’s kiss is revealed, something we’re all still waiting on.

Something I personally have not been waiting on is the inevitable AJ/Callie kiss which happened tonight. Is it just me? I will say that I do like AJ more now. He seems to be trying to get along with everyone (except Brandon) and he told Mike he talked to his brother, but this thing with Callie… I’m just not feeling it. Are you feeling it? Stef and Lena sure aren’t if the preview for next week is anything to go by.

AJ and Callie Kiss

This whole thing will inevitably cause more of an issue with Brandon and Mike who finally had the hard truth dealt to him. After AJ and Brandon get into a fight over who AJ has been talking to, Mike tells Brandon to stay out of. It’s horribly ironic because Brandon was right, AJ was talking to his brother and hiding it from Mike.

Brandon Mike 1

When Mike later goes to talk to Brandon, Brandon informs him that he’s visited the house and bonded more with AJ in the few weeks he’s been there than he has with Brandon in several years. Is Mike the worst father ever? No, absolutely not. But I’m happy Brandon finally told Mike exactly how he feels because maybe now Mike can start to fix it.

Brandon Mike 2

Also in the boat of crappy fathers was Sophia who found a partner in crime in Brandon tonight. She knows about her father’s affair and is refusing to talk to him and seems to be putting her need for some sort of revenge to use by helping Brandon spy on AJ. I don’t think I need to describe how badly this ended, you all saw it.

Brandon and Sophia

Alright, finally, the car. Callie now has her license and asked Stef and Lena if she could buy a car with the money she’s saved. Unfortunately, they say no. This does not stop Callie and Mariana (who will be getting her license soon) from pooling their money together and buying a car anyway.

We learn that the reason Stef and Lena said no to Callie buying a car was because Robert, her father, had already bought her one for her birthday. However, Callie turned it down. She might be regretting that decision now as sharing a car with the girl who slept with your ex-boyfriend behind your back and then kept it a secret for ages might be a little awkward.

Oh dear, oh dear. Just your usual Monday night. Next week’s episode looks crazy and I am so excited to see what happens! Ana is back and Callie and AJ are in major trouble after their kiss and I just can’t wait.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? What do you think is going to happen next Monday?

Check out the preview below!

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The Fosters Episode Review: “Going South”

The Fosters

Season 3 | Episode 5 | Aired July 6, 2015

Last night’s episode was packed with crazy huge things happening from start to finish. Callie and Brandon went hand gliding in Mexico, Mariana revealed to her moms that she had sex with Wyatt, Lena and Stef decided to go to marriage counseling, AJ and Mike connected after being faced with a racist cop, and Brandon got back into Idyllwild.

Alright where do I start? Callie kidnapped Brandon to go to Mexico with her because she wanted to go hand gliding. Needless to say this didn’t end well when apparently the hand gliding they were participating in was illegal and the only thing that prevented them from getting arrested was Brandon giving the police his very expensive keyboard.

Callie Hand gliding

Things went downhill even more when they realized that in order to get back into the US they needed passports (apparently you don’t need passports to get into Mexico?!) which of course they didn’t have. They managed to get back into the States by playing dumb, but I’m pretty certain Brandon wishes he’d stayed in Mexico when his friend from Idyllwild told him he was back in the program. Which, of course, means he needs his keyboard. *slow clap*

Mariana Tells

I was so worried when I saw the preview last week thinking they were going back to the whole Brandon/Callie storyline and I really did not want to have to watch that train wreck again. It was painful the first time, let’s leave it alone in season one. The hand gliding was pretty cool and actually made it seem like something I myself could maybe do one day. It probably won’t happen on a beach in Mexico with cops chasing me, but it seems a bit easier (and less heart attack inducing) than skydiving.

I think we all knew something was going to come out of Brandon giving away his keyboard. Obviously, Lena, Stef, and Mike wouldn’t like that he had done it, but anyone watching could probably tell it wouldn’t just stop at his parents being angry. Now that he’s back at Idyllwild Brandon is going to need a keyboard and in order to get a keyboard his parents will need to buy it, but that will also include Brandon telling them he gave it away because he didn’t think he needed it anymore. Good luck Brandon.

Alright, moving on to Mariana. She finally confessed to her parents that she slept with Wyatt after Stef found a pregnancy test box in the trash. The conversation wasn’t great at first, but by the end of it all three women seemed to be better off and Lena and Stef got across to Mariana that they just wanted her to be happy and to love herself. While we now know for sure that Mariana isn’t pregnant, she still has yet to tell Callie and even though she broke up with Matt, I think we can all assume he’s going to find out somehow.

Mariana Moody

One of the biggest things that I think happened last night was AJ’s storyline. After going with Mike to visit AJ’s grandmother (which was an incredibly sad and real representation of dementia), it is discovered the AJ’s brother, Ty, had been there to visit only two days prior. After leaving AJ goes with Mike as a ride along to a robbery. After getting out of the car to get a closer look, AJ is pinned to the ground and cuffed by another cop who, even after Mike explains the situation, refuses to look AJ in the eye and apologize.

AJ Arrested

This was such a real and painful representation of something that everybody constantly sees happening now. The power that many white police officers believe they hold and abuse against African Americans. I’m so glad they depicted this because it’s something that’s happening right now and people need to see it, and what better way to get people to see it than put it on a television show?

Yeah I Know What You Thought

So often when it’s shown on the news the cop isn’t the one in the wrong (even if they are), so to put it on a widely popular show that clearly puts the cop in the wrong for everyone to see was so important and I give The Fosters high praise for showing this.

AJ Society

However, not everything was bad for AJ this episode. Mike finally seemed to get through to him on some level which is awesome because I think we might start to see a bit more of AJ as a character and less of AJ as the guy who got Callie fired, now. I’m still not sure I trust him, but we are only a few episodes in so there’s still time. Also, at the very end of the episode, AJ got a call from his brother Ty. This, too, made me trust him a bit more as we now have confirmation that there is definitely a brother.

The final major thing to happen last night was not a good thing. Stef and Lena seemed to be constantly on edge with each other. They were bickering and snapping and fighting about everything. Even their contractor (hired by Stef, much to Lena’s annoyance) thought their marriage was in trouble. This resulted in them making the decision to go to marriage counseling which is something that I think we all have a bad feeling about.


Technically it’s supposed to help, but it’s also a place where everyone can get their feelings out in the open. Including Lena’s kiss with Monte which she still hasn’t told anyone about. Come on people! Have we learned nothing from the past two seasons about keeping secrets?! Especially when it comes to relationships! The best time to tell someone something you don’t want them to know is right after it happens. The longer you wait, the worse the outcome is going to be.

Fighting 2

But this is television and the plots would probably be pretty boring if nobody had any secrets. Overall I really enjoyed this episode of The Fosters. It dealt with some incredibly important things while also making me realize hand gliding could potentially be fun.

But what did you think? Any predictions for what’s going to happen next?

Watch the preview for next week below!

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The Fosters Episode Review: “More Than Words”

The Fosters

Season 3 | Episode 4 | Aired June 29, 2015

This episode was very much about labels. We saw the return of Cole who invites Callie, Jude, and Connor to an LGBTQ+ prom he is putting together. We also finally met Lena’s stepbrother Nate who, until last night, we didn’t know much about. Also, things came to a head at Idyllwild for Brandon and Kat when, feeling so much pressure to do well, Brandon copied a piece from Bach and tried to play it off as his own. Oh Brandon. This episode was equal parts angst and adorable.

Let’s start with Brandon. Why, why did he think it was a good idea to plagiarize Bach? I’m pretty certain I said ‘no’ about a hundred times as soon as he looked up the song and continued to say no as Kat played the piece Brandon had “written”. This resulted in both Kat and Brandon getting kicked of Idyllwild, but I think we all know this isn’t the end of it. Stef, Lena, and Mike don’t know it’s happened yet and I’m not looking forward to seeing the fallout of that. I actually have a funny feeling Brandon might be returning to Idyllwild.

Moving on to happier things. How adorable were Cole, Callie, June, and Connor at the prom? Things were a little awkward as Cole thought him and Callie going together was a date date and not a friend date. There was also some tension between Jude and Connor about the fact that Jude doesn’t want to call himself gay. In the end though, Cole and Callie, and Jude and Connor made up and had a great night. I was so happy they included this scene and I’m even more happy that they brought Cole back!

Connor and Jude dance

He was a great character and the actor who plays him, Tom Phelan, is absolutely phenomenal and you can find his tumblr here! Really hoping we see more of Cole, anyone else want this too?


Finally, we’re back to the angst. For the first time in years, Lena is coming face to face with her half-brother, Nate. Up to this point, all we knew about Nate was that he hadn’t spoken to his family in years until Lena contacted him at Christmas. On Monday night, we saw why. It turns out that when Nate was a teenager he felt angry and abandoned after his father got remarried to Lena’s mother and ended up calling her the N-word. However, in a bid to protect her husband, Lena’s mother never said anything.

Lena, though, wasn’t able to forget it and was determined to talk to Nate about it and demand an apology, as she rightly should. Her mother didn’t want anything to be said, but Stef stood by Lena and agreed that something needed to be done because Lena needed it done. Unfortunately, things don’t go the way they should have. Nate didn’t apologize and was instead asked to leave.

Stef and Lena

The episode ended on a happy note though with the entire family gathered around the table eating together. It was a very sweet ending to an episode that dealt with some incredibly serious topics and with many moments that you just know we haven’t heard the end of yet.

This episode’s central focus was labels and they dealt with many. As with each episode, The Fosters handled each situation amazingly and explored the idea that labels can be both good and bad and the different affects they can have on people’s lives.

What did you think of Monday’s episode? What do you think is going to happen next week?

Check out the video below for a preview of next week’s episode!

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The Fosters Episode Review – “Not That King of Girl”

The Fosters

Season 2 | Episode 20 | Aired March 16, 2015

Run: June 3, 2013 – Present
Created by: Peter Paige, Bradley Bredeweg
Prod. Bradley Bredeweg, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Greg Gugliotta, Joanna Johnson, Jennifer Lopez, Benny Medine, Peter Paige, John Ziffren
Genre: Family Drama, Teen Drama
Starring: Teri Polo, Sherri Saum, Maia Mitchell, David Lambert, Hayden Byerly, Jake T. Austin, Danny Nucci, Cierra Ramirez

I love The Fosters. Like The Walking Dead, it was one of those shows that I had been wanting to watch for ages and when I finally did I was so glad. This show is probably one of the most diverse shows on television, featuring an inter-racial lesbian couple and their five children, both adopted and biological.

With this being the second to last episode in the season this is kind of a weird place for me to start reviewing, but I didn’t actually get caught up until last week. And considering how intense last week’s episode was, I just needed to talk about this weeks.

Last week left off with a crazy cliff hanger leaving viewers wondering who had gotten shot. We learned last night that it was Connor, but thankfully the injury wasn’t serious. Unfortunately, the consequences were. Connor’s dad claims that Connor blamed their sneaking out and drinking on Jude. However, we learn later that Connor actually told his dad he was gay. This was such a groundbreaking moment for the show because until now Connor has been hiding his feelings for Jude from his father out of fear and for him to come out was huge and is going to have such an affect on people watching.

jude and connor

I love the relationship between Connor and Jude. The Fosters made history a couple weeks ago when the couple shared their first on screen kiss. Gavin MacIntosh and Hayden Byerly do so amazing in their roles as Connor and Jude respectively. These two boys are making history and inspiring so many. I have so much hope for these two and I am excited to see where the creators of the show are going to take things.

Callie also runs into some trouble in this episode when she discovers that she somehow owes over $24,000 in debt even though she doesn’t have any credit cards. It is discovered that Liam, her old foster brother (the same one who had sexually assaulted her) was able to get credit cards in her name and was getting another former foster sister of his to buy the bags. Thankfully, this situation has a happy ending for both Callie and viewers. Ever since Liam’s first episode I’ve wanted him locked up in jail and it finally happened! I was cheering when they said he was going away because there was just no way he could get away with the stuff he did.

On a bit of a lighter note this episode, Brandon agrees to teach Mariana and Jesus to drive. Now, as someone who is still not a totally confidant driver, I was having a great time watching these two. Mariana was so careful and by-the-book, but still didn’t quite have the hang of it. Meanwhile, Jesus was all over the place and had maybe just a bit too much confidence in what he was going. It was absolutely hilarious to watch and these scenes really showed how The Fosters manages to balance the serious stuff and the humour.

Finally, in last night’s episode, Mariana got to meet her grandparents. Mariana and Jesus still don’t know that Stef and Lena plan to adopt Ana’s baby so Mariana goes to her recently discovered grandparents and asks them to adopt her. I am very interested to see where this storyline is going to go because now there’s three possible adoptees for this baby. Originally when Stef and Lena weren’t going to adopt the baby, Mike told Lena he wanted to. Then Stef and Lena decided they were going to adopt the baby (sorry about your plans Mike), but haven’t told the kids yet. So now, the kids are trying to get Ana’s parents to adopt her baby. These are the kinds of storylines I love on this show.

The viewers are always going to know things before certain characters do no matter what show it is, but The Fosters takes it to a whole new level of perfection. I am so excited to watch the season finale next week and can’t wait to see where they take the show in season three.

Do you watch The Fosters? What did you think of last night’s episode?

This was my first review of The Fosters! What did you think? Anything you would like to see more of? Less of? Let me know!

Check out the preview for the season finale below!

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