Once Upon a Time Season Four Finale: “Operation Mongoose”

Once Upon a TimeRun: October 23, 2011-Present
Created by: Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz
Prod. Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, Steve Pearlman, David H. Goodman
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Adventure, Mystery
Starring:Ginner Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Colin O’Donoghue, Jared S. Gilmore, Michael Socha, Robert Carlyle, Sean Maguire, Georgina Haig, Elizabeth Lail, Elizabeth Mitchell, Scott Michael Foster, Kristen Bauer van Straten, Lee Arenberg, Beverley Elliott, Patrick Fischler, Timothy Webber, Victoria Smurfit, Merrin Dungey, Faustino Di Bauda, Christie Laing, Rebecca Mader, Raphael Alejandro, Eion Bailey, Abby Ross

First time reviewing/recapping an episode of Once Upon a Time! I had wanted to review OUAT for a while, but I fell behind a couple episodes and I didn’t want every show I review to start more than half way through the season. However, I like reviewing season finales to get a taste of the show and get an idea of what you all think and then hopefully I can start reviewing next season from the beginning.

So, Once Upon a Time has a history for having some crazy season finales and they definitely did not disappoint last night. This episode, oh boy, it was a rollercoaster from beginning to end. First, The Author changed the entire story.

Snow White

Everything was backwards! Snow and Charming were evil, Hook wasn’t the captain, Gold was a brave knight and was married to Belle, and Robin and Regina were both thieves competing with one another, while he was set to marry Zelena.


However, as grim as it looked at some points, this is Once Upon a Time! Good always wins, Henry’s been saying that since season one. And he was right, they defeated The Author and things went back to normal. When The Author changed the story and gave himself a happy ending, he broke the rules and was no longer “The Author”. It turns out, Henry is the new Author and was able to use his magic to restore Storybrooke to how it was supposed to be.

But this is a Once Upon a Time season finale, and in true OUAT style, things turned horribly, horribly wrong in the last five minutes. As everyone is celebrating their return to normal (which includes Lily staying in Storybrooke and Robin and Regina going for an adorable moonlit walk), Belle bursts in a says that Rumple’s heart is almost gone and when that happens all that will remain in The Dark One. Of course that’s all that will remain. And of course it happens now. This show is supposed to have happy endings!

Season 4

They remove the darkness from his heart and put a spell on him to make sure he doesn’t die before they can figure out how to help him. However, the darkness cannot be contained and escapes. While Snow and Charming run after it, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice tells Emma and Hook that the only way to defeat the darkness is by finding the sorcerer, Merlin (I’ll get to my reaction on that in just a second).

As the darkness tries to surround Regina, Emma says she has waited too long to get her happy ending and binds the darkness to herself using the dagger. In the last scene we see the dagger now contains the name ‘Emma Swan’.

emma Swan

Alright, where do I start? The whole thing where the characters were reversed in the alternate world? Loved it! That was so fun to watch and I can only imagine how fun it was to be the actors and actresses suddenly getting to switch roles. I also loved the bit with Henry becoming the next Author and how he snapped the pen. I know a lot of people felt he was kind of useless this season and, despite not being as involved this season, I have to disagree. Henry spent the first three seasons being a pivotal character (especially during the Peter Pan arc), I thought it was about time to give the kid a bit of a break and focus on some other things. Besides, with his mother now The Dark One, imagine the arc he’s going to have in season five!

But those last ten minutes… oh man…

The thing I love about Once Upon a Time is that it can be cheesy and predictable, but it does it in a way that works. When Emma decided to let the darkness take her and Killian ran over, everyone watching knew she was going to tell him she loved him. She hadn’t said it, she had evaded those very words only a few minutes prior. But I didn’t feel like it was wasted. I didn’t feel like it was cheesy or overdone. It worked, as these things typically do on this show.

I love you

As I was watching it I was just sitting back going, “Of course! Of course this has to happen! A season focused on happy ending cannot have a happy ending!” She just forgave her parents, and Henry was happy, and she was getting along with Regina, and she told Hook she loved him! And now she’s The Dark One.

Good Grief

Now, I can’t end this review without talking about Merlin. I was a little confuse at first, but I’ve learned to just role with the unexpected on this show. And, while unexpected, Merlin is a welcome addition. I love Arthurian/Merlin legends and will watch/read pretty much anything I can get my hands on that involves this stuff so I am definitely excited to see what is going to happen with that in the next season.

Honestly, I loved the season finale. I was definitely left with a lot of questions though. Where did Emma go? What’s going to happen to Hook now? What are they going to tell Henry? Will Robin and Regina get a happy ending? What about Zelena?

So many questions and so many months to wait until season five

What did you think of “Operation Mongoose”? What do you think is going to happen in season five? Thoughts on Merlin?

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Game of Thrones Episode Five Review: “Kill the Boy”

Game of Thrones

Season 5 | Episode 5 | Aired May 10, 2015

This episode was probably one of the easiest to follow this season as there seemed to be three primary storyline/plot points that they followed. First, Dany, dealing with the repercussions of the slaughter we saw last week. Second, Sansa and the Boltons. Third, and actually connected to the other two, we spent a lot of time at The Wall last night.

Kill the BoyI actually really enjoyed this episode. Like, I typically do, it’s very rare that I don’t like an episode for one reason or another. But I really did like this one. There was only one Stark and one Lannister in the entire episode and yet it was still so good.

Let the man be born

Now, at the end of last week’s episode, we saw Ser Barristan fall and Grey Worm land next to him, alive or dead, we did not know. This week we see that Dany mourning Ser Barristan’s death, but we also see that Grey Worm has survived (and he finally admits how much he cares for Dany’s right-hand-woman!). Daenerys’s rage over Ser Barristan’s death prompts her to take drastic measures and she brings the head of each family down to where she keeps two of her dragons. This ended with the dragons flaying and eating two of the men and Dany ordering the others to be locked up.


While I don’t typically enjoy seeing men burnt alive and then eating, I was so happy the dragons are back! We actually saw all three of them in this episode when the third dragon flies over Jorah and Tyrion as they’re in their boat going through Valyria.

Now, long story short, the men are allowed to live. Dany decides to reopen the fighting pits as was requested of her and says that to forge a bond with the people of her city, she will marry one of the family heads, namely the man who had been asking about the pits.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Out of everything I thought was coming, this was definitely not it. I’m also not sure if this will forge a bond or be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. What do you think? How do you think Jorah is going to react? I reckon he won’t be too happy, but now that he’s been infected by Grey Scale (how terrifying was that scene?!) I don’t know that there’s too much he can complain about. Though, they did manage to stop it spreading too far in Shireen so maybe there’s hope for him yet.

grey Scale

Onto the next major point last night: The Boltons. Holy moly this is an intense family. We see that Brienne and Podrick are in Winterfell (or nearby) hoping to rescue Sansa in some way. We also saw that Ramsay’s girlfriend wasn’t too pleased with Sansa being there now and retaliates by bringing Sansa and Theon back together.

Sansa Winterfell

Something big is definitely going to happen here, you just know it. One of the reasons Sansa is marrying Ramsay is because the Boltons currently rule the north. By marrying him, Sansa will become Lady of Winterfell. But if Sansa finds out that Theon didn’t actually kill Bran and Rickon then she technically doesn’t need to marry him, she just needs to find her brothers because then there is still a natural heir to Winterfell. I reckon this will happen some time in the next few episodes, Sansa will find Brienne and Podrick, and the three will set out to find Bran and Rickon, thus setting up for the boys return next season.


We also found out that Ramsay’s mother (step-mother?) is pregnant and they believe it to be a boy. Ramsay is obviously feeling threatened by this as he only just recently was declared to be Roose Bolton’s real son and not just a bastard. I’m wondering if maybe he’ll take his anger out on Sansa and maybe Theon will come to the rescue? Who know, it’s all speculation at this point.

Probably the biggest storyline of this episode was everything happening at The Wall. Jon wants to make peace with the Wildlings, stating that if they don’t make peace now then the Wildlings will just end up added to the White Walkers army. And he’s not wrong. However, after years and years of fighting each other, the other Crows are extremely opposed to this whole thing. Despite this though, Jon plans to follow through with his plan. Once again he has done something that, despite it being for the good of everyone, is only dividing him from his brothers.

I don't want them to kneel

I think this is probably building up to something big too. Like, Jon will go away to recruit the rest of the Wildlings and come back to find there’s been a mutiny and he’s been overthrown or something like that. He’ll leave and join Stannis’s army with the Wildlings and maybe Sam and a couple others and maybe at some point find out his brothers and sisters are alive. Hey, I can hope for happy endings, can’t I?

Speaking of Stannis, he finally decided he’d had enough of The Wall and ordered his army to march on Winterfell and the Boltons. I noticed when they showed his whole army leaving that there were significantly more people than there possibly could have been/were seen at The Wall so I don’t know where Stannis was hiding all those men, but he’s finally off and heading for war.

Stannis ArmyThere were three things that kind of stood out to me. The first thing which I really loved about this whole episode is how connected things seemed to be. Maester Aemon is a relative of Dany’s so he’s worrying about her while he’s on The Wall. Meanwhile, Stannis and his army are heading to Winterfell to overthrow the Boltons. I just really loved the connections that they showed throughout the whole thing. And! And! Jorah and Tyrion being attacked by the people with Grey Scale, the same disease Stannis’s daughter had. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

The next thing I noticed, or I guess laughed at more than noticed, was when the Crows were protesting to Jon’s plan. One of the men said how the Wildlings killed Grenn and Pip. Now, I’m only on the first book, but often times spoilers are hard to avoid on the internet. And I know those two are still alive in the book. So when they were using their deaths as a reason not to do as Jon was saying I couldn’t help but laugh because really? Did the writers really need to kill them off? That’s the one thing that bugs me about this show, the tendency to kill off those still alive in the books. Because there isn’t enough death in the Game of Thrones universe already.

Finally, the thing that really had me laughing, Stannis correcting people’s grammar. I don’t know why this is so funny, maybe it’s because it’s not the first time he’s done it and people all over the internet noticed. During the same scene with Jon and the Crows, someone uses the word ‘less’ and just from the back of the room where Stannis and Davos are standing, Stannis mumbles “Fewer”. I thought this was great. They’re talking about death and war and Stannis has to correct the way people speak.


This episode was great and it definitely reaffirmed for me that they’re building to something big. Maybe this winter that they keep saying is coming.

What did you think last night? What do you think will happen next?

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