Finding Carter Episode Review: “Stay With Me”

Finding Carter

Season 2 | Episode 6 | Aired May 5, 2015

The episode was called “Stay With Me”, but personally I think it should have been called “Hour of Heartbreak”. Seriously, everyone was miserable!

Taylor, Ofe, Carter, Crash, Max, Grant, Elizabeth, and David! All of them, miserable at one point or another in last week’s episode!

While there was a quite a bit that happened (including Elizabeth going on a date and Grant telling Taylor about his therapy sessions) the main things I want to talk about today are Crash/Carter and Taylor/Ofe.

After discovering that Max was right about Crash’s uncle and the drugs, Carter and Max manage to convince Elizabeth to let Crash stay with them for one night. Now, previous to this I had been kind of iffy about Crash and what his motives were. But then last week I started to like him, thinking, “Alright, maybe he is a good guy now, or at least trying to be”. Then he left. Gone, Never to be seen again? Who knows!

After Crash’s uncle shows up at Carter’s house and threatens them, Crash tells Elizabeth everything about his uncle’s crimes before he leaves in the middle of the night and joins the military. I felt so bad for Carter here. Things finally seemed to be looking up and then things come crashing (no pun intended) down.

Dear Carter

I think when Elizabeth worried about Carter and Crash’s relationship and the possibility of Crash leaving her daughter, she probably didn’t think it would be so Carter was safe.

“I’m not going to accept him because he’s going to break your heart. And I don’t want you to get hurt.”
– Elizabeth Wilson

I’m really hoping Crash will come back at some point because I was actually starting to like him. I think it’s probably a safe assumption that we’ll see him again since we see that as the bus Crash is on is pulling away, his uncle is sitting there in a car watching him.

Crash Military

I don’t think Lori’s the biggest threat anymore.

Probably the biggest thing that happened in last week’s episode was between Taylor and Ofe. After Taylor takes some of Ofe’s drugs (which she stole from him) she ends up passing out at Ofe’s house. Ofe is, understandably, quite upset and frustrated by this because he genuinely likes Taylor and she practically admits that she’s just been using him.

“You’re not my boyfriend!” – Taylor
“Clearly not…” – Ofe

I was so mad at Taylor here. I know that she’s dealing with a lot, but Ofe has been nothing but sweet to her. When she told him she’d been feeling sick, Ofe worried that she might be pregnant and his response was: “I’d make a great dad.” I was both awe-ing and laughing. He ends up breaking off their friends with benefits deal, stating that he’s scared she’s going to end up breaking his heart.

Taylor passes out

His face was so sad! Like come on, someone give Ofe a hug! He’s so nice and so sweet and I just wanted to protect him from getting hurt.

I’m really hoping things will start looking up soon, but it is Finding Carter so I suspect tonight’s episode will consist of sadness and lies.

What did you think of last week’s episode?

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Dancing With the Stars Week Eight: Double Elimination Results

Dancing With the StarsTonight was Dancing With the Stars first results show and there was no holding back as it was also the first double elimination! The night will feature dancing, singing, and a ton of behind the scenes footage.

To recap, here are the final scores from last night.

Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess
Dance: Tango
Song: “Geronimo” – Sheppard
Score: 66

Chris Soules and Whitney Carson
Dance: Contemporary
Song: “Lay Me Down” – Sam Smith
Score: 64

Riker Lynch and Allison Holker
Dance: Viennese Waltz
Song: “What Now” – Rihanna
Score: 78

Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson
Dance: Contemporary
Song: “Champagne Kisses” – Jessie Ware
Score: 62

Nastia Liukin and Sasha Farber (Standing in for Derek)
Dance: Paso Doble
Song: “Centuries” – Fall Out Boy
Score: 76

Rumer Willis and Valentin Chmerkobskiy
Dance: Rumba
Song: “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” – Doris Day
Score: 80

Then, after combining last nights scores with the scores from last week, here is the leader board going into the double elimination:

Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough
Score: 117
Status: Safe

Rumer Willis and Valentin Chmerkobskiy
Score: 117
Status: Safe

Riker Lynch and Allison Holker
Score: 115
Status: In Jeopardy

Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess
Score: 101
Status: Safe

Chris Soules and Whitney Carson
Score: 95
Status: In Jeopardy; Eliminated

Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson
Score: 93
Status: Eliminated

The show kicked off with an encore performance of Rumer, Val, and Artem’s Paso Doble which was just as amazing as it was last night.

Throughout the show they gave a little recap of each couple’s journey so far as well as some footage that hadn’t been seen up until this point. It’s truly amazing to see how far some of the stars have come. However, I don’t think any level of improvement could have settled their nerves as the knowledge of Willow and Mark’s shocking elimination was still so fresh in everyone’s minds.

The first couples we saw were Rumer and Val, who were declared safe (I don’t think anyone was surprised about that after their perfect night!) and Chris and Whitney who were revealed to be in jeopardy.

The night was also chalk full of special guests. First up was Carly Rae Jepsen singing her hit single “I Really Like You”. After her performance we then moved on to looking at Noah & Sharna and Robert & Kym.

Out of these two couples it was revealed that one had the lowest score of all and was eliminated right then and there. The couple that was eliminated was Robert and Kym. Noah and Sharna will be moving on to the semi-finals with Rumer and Val.

Robert and Kum

Next up was a special dance performance by Travis Wall and Shaping Sound featuring Jenna and Allison. And I have to say it was a pretty spectacular performance.

The show then moved on to look back at Nastia, Derek, and Sasha’s performance as well as Riker and Allison’s before they then told the couples who would be moving on to the semi-finals and who was in jeopardy. Nastia and Derek were safe and would be dancing next week, but unfortunately Riker and Allison were in jeopardy (come on people, vote!).

After that shocking revelation, Josh Groban performed a stunning rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” with an equally stunning dance number featuring Maddie Ziegler. Seriously, an absolutely beautiful performance from both.

The night was not over yet though. Chris & Whitney and Riker & Allison were both in jeopardy. One couple would be moving forward, one would not. The couple eliminated was Chris and Whitney while Riker and Allison will be dancing in the semi-finals.

Chris and Whitnney

The competition is tougher than ever now. Rumer and Val, Riker and Allison, Noah and Sharna, and Nastia and Derek will be dancing in the semi-finals next week and all will be vying for a place in the finals.

How do you think they’ll do? Which couple are you rooting for?

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