The Walking Dead Episode Review:”Head’s Up”

WARNING: This reviews contains MAJOR spoilers for tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead! If you have not yet watched the episode don’t scroll past the picture!

The Walking Dead

Season 6 | Episode 7 | Aired: November 22, 2015

GLENN’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There aren’t enough exclamations in the world to let you know how excited I am so I’m just going to have to try and convey it with words. I’m a writer, it should be easy. You can’t tell, but I’m laughing so hard I’m crying at that thought.

So. Many. Things. Happened! I realize I’ve basically said this every week, but wholly molly this season has been absolutely insane! And we’re already almost half way through! I’m both incredibly excited and sad cause I want to see it, but I don’t want it to end. However, we’re not there yet, so let’s focus on everything that happened in “Head’s Up”.

Last week we started with the Anderson family so how about starting with the Monroe family this time. Well, we didn’t actually see Deanna much, but when we did it actually seemed pretty significant. Maybe not at first, given everything else that was happening at the time, but thinking about it now, her moments were pretty important.

The first was when she gave Rick the plans she had drawn up for Alexandria. The second time we saw was when she thanked Rick for saving Spencer and made a point about how Rick chose to save him. Why are these important? Because it shows that Deanna can still lead Alexandria.

She has the ability and the humanity to keep the place running, but she needs Rick to help keep the place standing. We all know it, now if only they would realize it.

I mentioned she thanked Rick for saving Spencer. Why did Rick save Spencer? Why did Spencer need saving? Because he’s an idiot, that’s why! (I’m kidding, sort of, I love Austin Nichols).

Spencer decided to try and climb across to another building so he could reach a car and try to distract the walkers and get them away from the walls. This, of course, didn’t work and instead he turned himself into swinging walker bait and needed Rick, Morgan, and Tobin to help pull him to safety while Tara went all badass Lara Croft on the walkers.


This was probably one of the funniest moments just because Rick yells at Tara, but, because she’s incredibly sassy and amazing, Tara flips him off and just has the absolute best expression when she does it.

Alright, speaking of stupid decisions because that seemed to be a bit of theme tonight. Morgan. Oh Morgan. He just makes so many bad choices. He may be all zen like Yoda, but that’s basically where the resemblance stops cause the wisdom doesn’t really seem to be there a lot of the time.

Rick, Michonne, and the others know Morgan let some of the Wolves escape (round of applause for Carol who just DGAF) and they know it was the same Wolves who tried to kill Rick. Slow clap for Morgan for bad decision number one.

What nobody knows (Yet. Again, applause for Carol) is that Morgan is still holding one of the Wolves in one of the empty houses. He enlists Denise’s help because the Wolf is injured and Carol follows them sneakily to the house like she’s in Mission Impossible and ends up confronting Morgan.

Well, I definitely don’t see this ending well and I will be so angry and so upset if anything happens to the Queen of the Zombie Apocalypse. Leave Carol alone!

Carol also had a moment with Sam (who is still staying upstairs) tonight when she dropped Judith off with Jessie. Sam asked her if they were like the people who had attacked them. If killing someone is what turned you into a monster. Carol’s answer? Killing is what stops you from becoming a monster.


This seemed so significant to me! Maybe I just read too much into things and I think Carol and Sam are adorable together, but who knows! Sam’s a kid and has been sheltered inside Alexandria so he doesn’t see monsters the same way Carol does.

Carol’s been outside the walls, she knows walkers are the monsters and people are just people. Were the Wolves monsters? Yes. But they were still just people. Carol kills to survive and so those around her can survive and so they don’t become monsters. I have a feeling this isn’t the end of this conversation as Sam still needs to come downstairs eventually.

Alright, should we keep going with the Anderson family here? Didn’t see much of Jessie, saw a little bit of Sam, spent quite a bit of time with Ron tonight. I had hoped this kid was turning over a new leaf, even if he did still seem a little shady and oh what do you know? He’s more than just a little shady, Ron has more shade than Horatio Cane at the start of a CSI: Miami episode.

Rick and Carl were starting to teach Ron to shoot. Just the basic stuff at first. How to aim, get the feel of a gun, beginner stuff. Well, beginner for someone they don’t trust. Carl was ten, stole a gun, and they still gave him real bullets to learn with, but Ron? Personally, I wouldn’t give that kid a picture of a gun. But hey, like I said, bad decisions all around tonight.

Ron ends up stealing bullets for his gun and by the end of the episode we see him pulling out his gun while following Carl. This all happens right before The Herd breaks down the wall (hang on, I’m getting to it). Now, I’m thinking this is going to lead to something huge that happens in the comics.

Spoiler alert now if you haven’t read them and don’t want to know.

ron and Carl.png

Carl loses his eye. After The Herd overruns Alexandria, Douglas (now Deanna) is shooting walkers and accidentally hits Carl in the face, causing him to lose one of his eyes. Obviously, there are many differences between the comics and the show, but I’m wondering if they’ll keep the eye-loss storyline, but change who shoots him.

It would make sense why there’s been so much animosity between Ron and Carl so far and now with Ron stealing the bullets it seems like this is going to be the case, but we’ll just have to wait and see. I hate to say it, but Carl can lose his eye, that’s fine. So long as they don’t kill him! Carl needs to live, who else is going to carry Judith around?

What should we talk about now? Hmmmm. I know what you’re all waiting for and I’m getting to it, I promise! Save the best for last, right?

Probably one of the biggest things to happen last night happened in the last ten seconds of the episode. One of the towers just outside the walls collapsed, bringing a large section of the wall down with it and allowing the walkers to get inside.

I have been waiting for this moment. I know it happens in the comics and I know lots of people die and lots of horrible things happen and of course they would leave it to the mid-season finale and I can’t take it! There are some people who, if they were to get eaten by walkers, I wouldn’t be too bothered, but there are others who just aren’t allowed to die!

And like, the Wolves already killed most of the Alexandrians who we didn’t really care about so now who’s left? Team Family and Alexandrians who, even if we don’t care about them, have names and faces we’re familiar with! Some of them are even starting to feel like a part of Team Family and I don’t want them to die.

This show tortures me and yet I keep coming back.

And we’ve all been tortured for several weeks now haven’t we? Yes, this is it, the moment we were all waiting and hoping for. GLENN LIVES!

This is Glenn right now:

I Live.gif

And this is all of us:

I Knew It.gif

Seriously, these past several weeks have been torture waiting and wondering and hoping beyond hope that he’s alive. And he is! When him and Nicholas fell off the dumpster I cried harder than I thought was possible and then he lived and I cried again, but this time it was cause I was happy.

There were many theories going on about how he could live and many people were right! The blood and guts we saw the walkers chowing down on belonged to Nicholas. Glenn managed to slip under the dumpster and hide there until they left in search of new food at which point Glenn left his hiding spot only to be found by Enid.

They make their way back to Alexandria together even though Enid is reluctant to go. I can’t really blame her, she did see her parents eaten by walkers right in front of her, it’s not all that surprising that she doesn’t want to stay in one place too long and get attached to people anymore.

Glenn Lives

Nonetheless, they go back to Alexandria, Glenn uses his best parental voice on Enid to get her to listen, and they discover the herd outside the walls. While Enid is all prepared to pack it in and leave again, Glenn refuses and they use the green balloons that had been blown up as part of the walker relocation plan to send a signal to Alexandria.

Turns out the green balloons were being used to mark the safe zone where everyone was going to meet after the plan was done. I didn’t know this until Talking Dead came on and thought that was pretty cool.


What I didn’t think was cool was that they once again made me an emotional wreck during this episode when Maggie sees the balloons and immediately goes running. I was crying cause I was happy and I was excited and she looked so happy and excited and that made me cry more cause she thought he was dead and she’s pregnant and there are too many emotions that come with watching this show!

It still doesn’t explain one thing though. Whose voice was that on the walkie at the end of last week’s episode? It seems more likely now that it was someone back in Alexandria calling for help now The Herd is inside.

Next week looks intense! It’s the mid-season finale (already?!), The Herd is inside the walls, and hopefully Team Family will all be reunited (alive!). I have so many questions and so many thoughts, but they’re just going to have to wait until next week.

What did you think of “Head’s Up”? What’s going to happen next week?

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Also, not related to The Walking Dead, I have something very excited to share with you all soon! As soon as I know more I’ll let you know more!

Criminal Minds Season Ten Finale Review: “The Hunt”

Criminal Minds.Run: September 22nd, 2005-Present
Created by: Jeff David
Genre: Police Procedural, Crime Drama, Action, Thriller
Starring: Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Thomas Gibson

I’ve been avoiding reviewing episodes of Criminal Minds and pretty much every other show like this that I watch. If CSI:NY or Miami were still on, I would want to review them, but I wouldn’t. Why? Because so much happens! But not in a Game of Thrones sort of way, like covering ten character storylines in one episode. More in a, police/medical jargon, flicking back and forth between the cops and killers and I need to make sure I keep up sort of way. But, at the same time, I’ve been wanting to try this for a while. So I figured that a heart-pounding season finale might be a good place to start. So, here we are.

So, the season ten finale of Criminal Minds aired last night and I have been on the edge of my seat with this one since the end of last week. Last week we saw Kate’s niece, Meg, and Meg’s best friend, Markayla, get in a van with “Bobby’s Mom”. Now, we all knew this lady was not Bobby’s mom and we all knew that Bobby was not really Bobby. However, we had to wait until last night to find out what was going on.

The Season Finale

Well, apparently what was going on, was human trafficking. Not sex trafficking, oh no, serial killing trafficking. These people would kidnap people and then sell them online to serial killers. Really?! I love this show, but it also makes me scared to leave the house (and scared to be in my house sometimes).

There were three primary people involved in the kidnapping, one of whom turned out to be a victim herself, kidnapped twenty-two years prior, and her son (who is also the son of her kidnapper). Talk about family drama. They had kidnapped Meg and Markayla to get back at Kate, who had inadvertently been investigating them for months.

Kate had been digging into an old case that she believed there was more to. Well, turns out she was right. The killer that they caught during that case was actually one of the customers of the serial trafficking website. Kate’s investigation was bringing her closer and closer to finding out the truth. To get back at her, and because they knew they would never be able to take Kate, the criminals went for the next best thing: Meg and Markayla.


I felt like this episode was one of those that sort of acted as a lesson or a cautionary tale. At one point, Markayla actually manages to escape the kidnappers after Meg kicks one of them. We later learn that this was all part of a plan Meg had come up with, using some of the knowledge that Kate had given her. And even though Kate was blaming herself throughout the whole episode, I feel like her lessons to Meg were really lessons to everyone watching. Having a panic word and what to do in an emergency, something most people do go over, but I doubt kidnapping was ever on anyone’s mind.

Now thankfully they managed to rescue Meg. Though, not going to lie, I was a little concerned there that she might lose more than some of her hair at the hands of the creepy guy that bought her. But the BAU saved the day and JJ actually killed the serial killer before he could hurt Meg and we got to see a happy reunion between Meg, Kate, and Chris.

All through this episode it seemed like there had been something going on with JJ. I’m not sure what it was, there was just something… off. Was I the only one who thought so? Was I imagining it? Maybe. But then at the end of the episode during a conversation we Reid, we learn that JJ is pregnant again. This is, of course, to tie in with AJ Cook’s real-life pregnancy, and I am so excited! I love JJ and Henry is adorable, and I have to admit that Reid’s face when JJ said he’d be getting another godchild was too adorable for words.


However, not all good things were happening at the end of this episode. Once again, the season finished off with a member of the team walking away. Kate left, so as to spend more time with Meg and the new baby once it arrived. I had mixed feelings about her leaving. I enjoyed her character and JLH is a wonderful actress, but I also feel like we didn’t learn a whole lot about her character to really feel sad about her going.


I was really worried about how this episode was going to turn up. They’d been building up to something like this happening for a while, ever since we saw the girls send their picture to “Bobby” over messenger. As soon as they got in that car last week I was excited that we had finally reached this point in the season and would get to see what happened, but I was also kind of sitting here like, “Are they really going to be able to do this in one episode?”

There was so much build up and anticipation, how on earth could they sort this whole thing out in one episode? But they did it. They did and it turned out amazing. It was creepy, and heart pounding, and a little confusing, all of which are aspects of a great episode of Criminal Minds. It’s a show that is both entertaining to watch, makes it hard to sleep at night, but it also makes you think. And I was definitely thinking a lot during this episode so I would say it was a success.

So, season ten is over. Season eleven has yet to be announced which has me slightly worried because the ending of this season was very, final, I guess. There were still things left unfinished and stuff up in the air, but there was no crazy killer looking at a member of the team through a scope or anything. If they cancelled it now and wanted to end it, it’s not like we’re left with some big cliffhanger.

However, I’m hoping they don’t cancel it and that it does come back for another season. I always prefer that if a series is over then it gets a proper farewell and not a half-goodbye. Plus I would love to see Reid with his new godchild. And who would they get to fill Kate’s spot?

What did you think of the season finale? Thoughts on the new season?

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The Walking Dead Season Finale Through Gifs

I love The Walking Dead. I also gifs, especially cat gifs. So here’s The Walking Dead season five finale told through gifs, many of which are cats.

Morgan Coming Out of Nowhere Like:

snow Cat

Daryl Looking Badass on His Motorcycle:

Dumptruck Cat

Rick Just… Being Rick:

Deep Sigh

Carol Continuing to Sneak Around:

Cupboard Cat

Reg Getting Philosophical:


Daryl and Aaron Being Ambushed by Walkers:


Daryl and Aaron Trapped in the Car:

Shit Shit Shit

Carol Threatening Pete:


Morgan Rescuing Daryl and Aaron:

Morgan be like

Abraham and Eugene Apologizing to Each Other:

Cat and Raccoon

Meanwhile, Rosita Watching Them Like:

Eye Roll

Gabriel Leaving the Gate Open:

Closing the Damn Door

Rick and Michonne Having a Moment:

How You Doin

Gabriel Talking About Bob and Tyreese to Sasha:


Rick Going Inshane on Those Walkers:


Alexandrians at the Meeting:

Simultaneous Catting

Sasha and Gabriel Fighting:


Glenn Fighting with Nicholas:

Cat Stop

Walker Rave Party:

Let's Get Weird

Rick’s Speech at the Meeting:

Prepare to Die

Reg’s Death:

Whoop There it is

Pete’s Death:


Meanwhile, The Wolves be Like:


Season Finale Ends:

Now What


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