Fear The Walking Dead Episode Review: “Cobalt”

Fear the Walking Dead

At the end of last week’s episode we saw Griselda and Nick being carted off by the military to supposedly get help. However, this week it became clear that that wasn’t actually the case.

While there were people, Liza included, who were doing their best to help people, it is revealed throughout the episode that the military would be executing all civilians and then leaving. Wow, great protection plan guys.

Not gonna lie, that’s definitely not what I had imagined being the reason the safe zones failed. I figured it would be a build up of walkers or one person on the inside dying or something. I never thought it would be because the military guys are asshats, but that’s apparently the case.

This information was relayed from Ofelia’s boyfriend to Daniel after Daniel tied him up in a basement and tortured him. Yup, that happened.

Madison and Daniel

What else happened in this episode? Travis went with some soldiers on a mission to the hospital, but they never actually made it there. At the hospital, Nick was recruited to help a fellow prisoner with his plan to, I believe escape before the soldiers can kill them. At the same time we see that Griselda has succumbed to her injury and died with Liza being the one to put her down before she can reanimate.

Back in the Safe Zone, Alicia and Chris get drunk and break into a house where they proceed to break everything in the house and steal things. They also seemed to be flirting with each other which was kind of weird.

This episode was kind of all over the place and while I don’t think it was great, I’d definitely say it was better than last week.

Let’s start with Travis. He went with the military with the intention of getting Liza, Griselda, and Nick back. However, they stopped to help another unit and most of the men were bit, resulting in Travis and one other returning to the Safe Zone. On their excursion though, we see Travis is still not willing to kill a walker.


Seriously man? Come on! The dead are walking, you know that now, there’s no questioning it. If you don’t kill them, you die. It’s not a hard concept, but Travis still doesn’t seem to have grasped it yet.

Madison on the other hand is a ‘do what you have to to survive’ kind of girl. While I think torturing the poor soldier might have been going a bit far, I’m glad to see that at least Madison and Daniel understand that sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do if you want to survive.


Alicia and Chris have apparently taken ‘you gotta do what you gotta do’ to mean go get drunk in the middle of the day and break shit.


This whole sequence was just really awkward because they kept looking at each other like they wanted to jump each others bones right then and there. I know they’re not biologically related, but that’s still weird. They’re step-siblings, stop flirting, it’s creepy.

What’s also creepy is the random guy who has recruited Nick and actually bargained with the soldiers for them not to take Nick away. Who are you? What do you want? Why do you have so much power? What’s your plan with Nick? I have so many questions about this guy, but I’m not sure I even want the answers.

Nick and Strange Man

Someone who does want answers is Liza who quickly realized tonight that not everything is as it seems as the facility she, Nick, and Griselda were taken too. Liza was under the impression she was helping people, but soon discovered that many people (like Nick) were just being locked up.

She especially seemed to realize this after being forced to put down Griselda after she died. Griselda was the first real loss on the show. We’ve seen a couple people get bit or had already been bit, but as far as central characters Griselda was the first and I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t overly surprised.

We learned pretty much nothing about Griselda except that she believes basically everything her husband says. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, it works for them, but that’s pretty much all we knew about her. She got injured right at the start which meant she wouldn’t be able to get around without help and, if the others had to run, she would slow them down so I wasn’t too surprised when they killed her off.

I did feel kind of bad though because I feel like the main reason they killed her was to develop Liza’s character since she was the one who had to put her down. There was no shock factor to it. She got an infection after her surgery, started speaking in Spanish and thanks to AMC’s ridiculously small subtitles I still have no clue what she said, and then she died. It’s like she was just there to eventually move the other characters forward and didn’t actually have any real purpose.

I guess we’ll just have to see what happens now with the other characters. At the end of the episode Daniel walked up to a building and could hear groaning inside letting him and the viewers know that it’s full of walkers.

The season finale is on tonight and it definitely needs to be a beyond phenomenal episode if they’re hoping to be renewed for a second season. I’m guessing someone else will probably be dying tonight and I hate to say it, but if it’s Travis, Chris, or Liza I probably won’t be too bothered. Sorry, but it’s true.

If anyone with the last name Clark dies though, well… That’s another story. We shall just have to wait and see. Only have to wait an hour though since this review is so late! I promise the season finale review won’t be this late, I just had a really hard time getting into these past couple episodes.

If Fear The Walking Dead does get a second season I’m not sure if I’ll be doing reviews just cause if I’m not excited for the show it takes me forever to review so we’ll have to see.

What did you think of “Cobalt”?

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The Walking Dead Top 10 Fave Episodes: #9

Tell it to the Frogs

This is the episode that made me realize I was in it for the long haul.

Season one, episode three: “Tell it to the Frogs”.

I loved the pilot episode, it was so different from anything I’d seen before. Episode two was pretty good, but I was really skeptical about the show and I couldn’t believe this many people could make so many bad decisions.

But episode three is when we meet the rest of the group. It’s when we really see the attempt these people are making not only to survive, but to still live somewhat normal lives.

I miss a lot of the original group, but at the same time, a lot of the original group drove me up the wall so it’s always funny to kind of go back and watch and see how different all the characters were then compared to now.

In “Tell it to the Frogs”, even though we only have just met some of these characters, we already get a sense about what they’re like right off the bat. We know if we’re going to love ’em or hate ’em and I think, if you hadn’t already realized it, that this was a show different from all others. Not just different from zombie shows, but all shows.

Watching the episode now is always funny to me in one particular spot. When Rick and the others first arrive at the camp and Carl sees his dad and goes running I think it’s adorable and Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln did such a great job, but I can’t help but laugh.

I started watching The Walking Dead after it had already aired for a couple years so I had already heard about what a lil’ shit Carl was. The first time I saw him onscreen I was like, “Ah, so you’re the one. The one with the pudding.”

And yet here we are, season six is approaching and episode three of the whole series is one of my favourite episodes.

What did you think of “Tell it to the Frogs”?

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Heroes Reborn Series Premier Review: “Brave New World/Odessa”

Heroes Reborn

Run: September 24, 2015-Present
Created By: Tim Kring
Prod. Tim Kring
Genre: Science Fiction, Superhero, Serial Drama
Starring: Jack Coleman, Zachary Levi, Robbie Kay, Kiki Zukezane, Ryan Guzman, Rya Kihlstedt, Gatlin Green, Henry Zebrowski, Judith Shakoni, Danika Tarosh, Toru Uchikado

Heroes Reborn premiered Thursday night and what a premier it was!

We were introduced to a bunch of new characters and saw a couple old ones return. Just like the original Heroes premier I spent a great deal of it confused as to what was going on and who everyone was. It was fantastic.

Four years after Claire revealed her powers to the world and Evos (people with power) are living their lives and just doing their thing. I thought it was really cool right at the start of the episode seeing what was like an Evo Pride festival.

However, the festival was attacked and barely anyone made it out alive. Noah survived, but he spent a year believing Claire was dead. Now it’s been brought to his attention that that may not be true. It may also not be true that Evos and Evo supporter (Mohinder Suresh) were responsible for the attack.


Now he is on a journey to figure out what really happened that day, find his daughter, and save everyone else with powers before they’re killed. Along the way we’ll meet some new faces and see the return of some old ones while Evos and non-Evos try to save the world from a much bigger threat.

I’m not going to talk about every single thing that happened in the episode because it was two hours and that would make for an obnoxiously long review.

First things first is the characters. Just like Heroes, there’s a ton of them! Jack Coleman returned to play Noah Bennet and I was actually really excited to see him back on the screen. While there were a couple familiar faces in this episode, his is the most prominent and he’s the only main character to return.

Robbie Kay (who some people may know from Once Upon a Time) plays the role of Tommy Clark and so far I’d say he has the coolest power in which he can send things away and to anywhere he’s thinking of. Maybe I’m biased cause I’m a fan of his from OUAT.


This character also kind of reminded me of Claire as he’s in high school and is attempting to be ‘normal’. I saw someone describe his character and his relationship with Emily (Green) as being sort of like Claire and Zack’s relationship from season one, but switched in which Tommy is the nerdy one and Emily is popular.

Zachary Levi has taken a step back from comedy and is playing Luke Collins, one of the antagonists on the show who is going around killing everyone with powers, along with his wife Joanne (Shekoni).

Another set of characters who reminded me of the original series are Miko Otomo (Sukezane) and Ren Shimosawa (Uchikado). Ren is the Ando to Miko’s Hiro.

Katana Girl

Miko became a master swordswoman and took on the role of Katana Girl (a character from a videogame Ren plays) and Ren stepped in to help her solve the apparent mystery of her missing father (I’m not totally sure what was happening here).

There were a few other characters introduced including Carlos (Guzman) and who I believe is his nephew (correct me if I’m wrong), Jose (Lucius Hoyos). This was probably one of the biggest surprises of the night because right near the end of the episode it is revealed that Jose has a power. He can like meld himself or sink through other objects (I don’t really know how to describe it other than to say he’s kind of like Kitty from X-Men).

I’m really loving the connections to the old series. Noah is obviously the biggest one, but all these other little things like other characters being similar or the fact that Tommy attends Linderman High School. I just thought all these little throwbacks were a cool addition that really connected the show to it’s roots while still remaining it’s own thing.

There was another character from the original series who they brought back last night, though I didn’t realize it until the end. Molly Walker, the adorable little girl taken in my Matt Parkman? She is now played by Francesca Eastwood and, not going to lie, I was a little confused.

Molly was like, eight? Maybe ten? It was said on the show that four years had passed since Claire revealed her powers to the world and therefore, since the end of the fourth season. But Molly looks like she’s twenty to twenty-five in this show.

Like, okay, sure, maybe she could’ve been a bit older than ten in the original series (not by much), but there’s no way she’s that old yet so if someone can explain this puzzle to me I would greatly appreciate it.

The other character from the original series who returned was The Hatian (Jimmy Jean-Louis). Yes, yes, I know his name is actually Rene, but I spent majority of the four seasons hearing him called The Haitian and therefore that is what I call him.

The Haitian

Unfortunately he was only in the episode for about five minutes as he tried to kill Noah Bennet (apparently Noah had instructed him to do this), but Noah killed him first.

I believe my exact reaction was:

“The Haitian!”
Five minutes later…
“Oh no… The Haitian.”

He got so little screen time! However, I hope Jimmy Jean-Louis was very happy because everyone I saw on Twitter and Tumblr were all incredibly excited to see him back even just for those five minutes.

There’s one character they introduced that I’m so confused about. Who the hell is The Penny Man? It’s like watching the original Heroes before knowing who Noah was. He was The Man in The Horn Rimmed Glasses. Now, Heroes Reborn, we have The Penny Man. He seems like a bad guy, but so did Noah at first, so I have no idea what to think.

Now then, what was probably my favourite part of the entire episode lasted for about half a second and happens when Ren is playing his videogame. He puts on his headset and is going into battle and goes, “Leeroy Jenkins!”

I’m going to assume most of you know what this is from. If not, watch the video below and click this link to read more.

I laughed so hard I had to pause the episode. Kudos to the writers or to whoever it was that included that in the episode. The Internet thanks you.

I laughed this premier and I am so excited to see what happens in the rest of the season! What happened to Claire? What’s going to happen with all these other new characters? How did Molly Walker suddenly age ten years?

What do you think? Let me know below!

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Fear The Walking Dead Episode Review: “Not Fade Away”

Fear the Walking Dead

Episode four of six aired last Sunday and if the last two episodes are anything like last night’s then it’s probably a good thing there’s only six episodes.

This episode was just… kind of boring, if I’m being totally honest. The preview for next week looks like there’s going to be lots of action so I’m assuming that this week was sort of supposed to be building the suspense to a huge climax, but there was no suspense.

You have to have suspense to build up to a climax, but there was no suspense last night. There was just… quiet safety.

At the end of last week’s episode the military arrived. This week we saw that the characters were now in a “safe zone”, a fenced off area where the infected cannot get in.

Well great, they’ve now taken the ‘Walking Dead’ out of Fear The Walking Dead.

For the past three episodes I’ve really enjoyed seeing what the world was like right at the start of the apocalypse. Obviously there would’ve been measures like this taken to try and save things and it’s not going to be action and excitement all the time, but last night the most exciting thing that happened was Chris seeing a light on a hill somewhere outside the safe zone.

There was no action, no build-up, no suspense, and not really any character development. We saw a little sibling moment between Nick and Alicia which was nice, but individually there didn’t seem to be much going on. They both actually seem pretty self-destructive right now (can’t really blame them, the world is ending) with Nick stealing morphine from his sick neighbor and Alicia carving into her skin on the drawing Matt had done on her arm.

Alicia and Nick

Ofelia actually probably had the most development last night, which isn’t really saying much since we’d hardly seen or heard from her before this. We saw that she’s started a relationship with a soldier, but after the soldiers took her mother to a hospital (apparently), but wouldn’t let her father go I have a feeling the relationship may be over.

The soldiers also took Nick and Madison seemed pretty concerned about this which actually surprised me since she’s slapped him pretty good earlier. Why did she do this? Did she find out about him and the morphine? Was it just because of everything? I watched the episode twice and still didn’t get it.

I think the only other somewhat exciting thing that happened was when Chris saw a light reflecting from outside the safe zone. While not exciting at the time I’m assuming this will lead to him sneaking out of the safe zone to investigate or that’s where they’ll end up going when the safe zone inevitably falls apart.


Honestly, I don’t have a whole lot to say about this episode. There isn’t much to summarize because not much really happened. They’re safe, there you go, that’s all there is to know.

The preview for next week looks more exciting, but that’s also what I said about this week so who knows. I’m holding out hope that these last two episodes will really turn things around and be great.

I’ve had this review written since Tuesday now, but I wanted to watch the episode again before posting because I saw so many people raving about the episode and I was sitting here going, “Did I miss something?” No I didn’t, it was a good episode, but not the best. But that’s okay because there’s a new episode tomorrow night and I am very excited for this one!

What did you think of “Not Fade Away”?

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Zoo Season One Finale Review: “That Great Big Hill of Hope”


Talk about a season finale! Oh my gosh, Zoo did brilliant, absolutely could not have had a better episode to end season one.

“That Great Big Hill of Hope” was so different than all the other episodes in the season with the team actually being separated for majority of the episode.

After the plane went down at the end of last week’s episode, Jamie was rescued from the water by a strange man in a boat. However, the others don’t know this and all presume she, along with the cub (and the cure), are dead.

The others were granted immunity from their past actions in exchange for them agreeing not to talk about what happened. And they don’t talk about it, not even with each other.

Jackson and Chloe have been working with Amelia Sage to try and find a new method of curing the animals, but it is shown that Jackson has really been struggling and was let go from leading a team after months of failures.

Poor Jackson

Abraham has started working as a bodyguard and protecting people from the animals. He and a group of others have taken it on as their job to drive people around and protect them from the animals now out to kill them.

Meanwhile, Mitch has taken up pretty permanent residence on a bar stool and has been drinking away his sorrows. He’s in a perpetual state of misery over losing Jamie and believes he is a failure because he wasn’t able to save her or the cure and couldn’t stop the world falling apart.

It is revealed during their time apart that Reiden Global made a deal with the government. Essentially they would be pardoned of their actions so long as they helped deal with curing the animals. Typical, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Eventually, the team is brought back together, but not without a lot of drama.

Chloe finds out that a military team in Zambia had found the leopards. Unfortunately, it was too late. The leopards had wandered off their usual territory and were now infected just like all the other animals.

While Jackson is out filling his neighbour’s prescription and grabbing beer he is attacked by baboons, bitten by a dog, and has an epiphany. Mosquitoes are the answer. They bite every living creature, regardless of what it is and they lay their eggs in water so if they inject mosquitoes with the cure then it will be spread in no time.

However, without the leopards it doesn’t matter and it seems like all hope is lost.

It's Over

Then Abraham shows up. The man had been on one of his own runs, driving a man from his home to the hospital when they had stopped at an underground restaurant still serving meat. The man made Abraham realize that now is not the time to push away those you care about, but rather hold them closer than ever.

Jackson and Abraham reconcile and, though they still don’t have a solution, things don’t seem totally hopeless now.

Then something wonderful happens. Jamie calls Mitch. At first he doesn’t believe it’s her (my heart was literally breaking for him, amazing performance Billy Burke, seriously spectacular), but she finally managed to convince him and he was so happy!

Seriously, the fan girl in me was squealing very happily, it was so adorable. Things got even better when Jamie revealed that she still had the cub! Though not really a cub anymore, the fisherman who pulled her from the water that day also saved the leopard cub which means they still have a cure.

Now they the whole team, the cure, and a way to spread the cure, they just needed to get all those things together.

The Team

Mitch calls the others and the four of them are together again, driving to a boat so they can get to Jamie and the cure. However, before they get there they are stopped by a herd of animals who charge them in the road.

And that’s it. That’s where the episode ends. I swear, if this show doesn’t get a second season I will scream. Between Zoo and The Whispers I desperately need to know what’s happening and it’s very much not okay to leave us all hanging!

Alright, so that was a ridiculously long summary of what happened, but last night’s episode was crazy! So much happened and each character had their own little plot and then they all came together, it was great!

Alright, so where do I start? Well, Reiden Global. I said I’d get to that in a minute so let’s talk about that first. I thought that was brilliant what they did with that because it’s so true. RG is a giant company who makes tons of money and basically controls the world so instead of being forced to shut down or re-evaluate everything, they get a slap on the wrist and have to help clean up their mess.

That’s it. That’s all they have to do then they can just go back to what they were doing before. I thought this was so accurate to what actually happens in real life because who hasn’t seen something like that happen with big companies in this day and age.

And then the government was talking about killing all the animals and starting from scratch with rebuilding populations. Are you kidding me?! Yeah, like that’s going to work. Jackson said it best, the human race is just aiding their own demise and extinction.

Killing all the animals and pardoning big companies is exactly what will be the downfall of the human race and I feel like Zoo is showing that brilliantly.

I loved the way they did this episode. It’s always important for a show to have a killer season premier and a killer season finale, especially on the first season if they’re hoping to be renewed (I’m hoping!). And this season finale was killer.

It was so different! I don’t think any of us expected the team to be scattered like that. I assumed (hoped) they would all survive and that when they did they would all still be together.

Instead they were totally separated. It sounded like they talked to each other sometimes, but really had cut themselves off from everyone (expect Jackson and Chloe) and it was both sad and interesting to watch it happen like this.

It was interesting to see how the characters all got on by themselves now. They’d all been so reluctant to work together at first, but now being separated it was like they didn’t know what to do. I just felt so bad for all of them!

I think it really showed a lot of character development when Abraham said the team were friends who became family because at first they were just working together for the sake of figuring out what was going on. Now they couldn’t even look at each other because it was a reminder of their failure, but they couldn’t stay away from each other because they were family.

There's a story there

And the family gained a pet apparently because the cub survived! Oh my goodness, any of you who read my review last week know I desperately wanted to know what happened to the cub and tonight we learned it’s alive! It’s not a cub anymore, not by a long shot (so was Jamie just asleep that whole time or…?)

Yes, the little guy is now a big guy, but still adorable and still holds the key to the cure as Jamie very excitedly told Mitch.

These two are adorable. I know one person who read this ships them just like I do and from looking on Tumblr and Twitter I know a lot of you were very excited at what happened last night.

Mitch basically admitted (drunkenly, yes, but still) that he loved Jamie and it was so incredibly heartbreaking to watch him falling apart and sinking into this deep, dark hole.

Mitch Love

Then they spoke and I was feeling so many emotions all at once it was wonderful. Then, just when things seemed to be looking up and it looked like Mitch and Jamie were going to be reunited, a herd of animals got in the way.

Another character duo I’m glad to see reunited was Jackson and Abraham. I love Chloe and Jackson and I was so happy to see they’d stuck together after everything, but I have to admit I was kind of surprised Jackson and Abraham hadn’t spoken, especially after everything that happened last week!

Not the days

Thankfully the pair made up and the brotherhood was reunited so we got to see Jackson and Abraham and Jackson and Chloe.

Though I have a really bad feeling about Jackson if the show gets another season. They drew attention to that dog bite at the end of the episode and that has to mean something, right? That bite looked really gross and it got me wondering if maybe the animals have advanced so much they can pass the Reiden Global virus onto people?

I mean, we don’t know for sure they can’t, right? Not at this point where when an animal attacks they just kill you. In the beginning when they attacked people maybe they weren’t advanced enough, but that bite looked really nasty and I’m desperately hoping nothing bad happens to Jackson.

From the bite or from the stampede.

Yeah, if you’re going to end your first season, what better way to go out than to have majority of your main cast trapped in a car being charged at by a bunch of blood-thirsty murderous animals?


As if this episode wasn’t crazy enough already, that ending was insane. Every animal you could think of was just stood there, stopping them from reaching the boat and reaching Jamie and the cure. It was like the animals knew who they were and where they going. Then they charged and it turned to a black screen.

What?! Come on, this is worst than last week! At least last week we knew we’d see the aftermath of what happened, this was the season finale! What if it doesn’t get renewed? We’ll never know what happened.

I’ve said before that if a show ends of a cliff hanger and then gets cancelled they should be able to make one more episode just to show what would have happened. Like, a five years later of something. I decided this after watching Heroes and I stand by it. I will especially stand by it if Zoo and The Whispers don’t get renewed.

Please CBS, give us season two! This show was amazing and fantastic and so many other positive adjective! We desperately need to know what happens!

What do you think happened?

Let me know down below what you thought of the season finale and what you think happens next (no spoilers if you’ve read the book)!

Thanks so much for sticking with me over the course of season one, hopefully we’ll be back here next summer for season two!

**Update: As of October 2, 2015 Zoo has been renewed for a second season!**

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Fear the Walking Dead Episode Review: “The Dog”

Fear the Walking Dead

This was a good episode. We saw some character development, some sass, and all the characters are actually together. We also finally saw some walkers up close.

Travis, his family, and the Salazar’s are forced to flee the shop they’ve taken refuge in from the riots after the shop next door is set on fire. During their escape Griselda is injured, but the hospital has been overrun so they take her back to Travis and Madison’s house. However, Madison and the kids aren’t there.

They’d run from the house and gone next door for a gun after a walker (a former neighbour) started approaching the house. Travis is attacked by the walker when he enters the house, but thankfully is saved from being bitten when Daniel Salazar shoots the walker in the head.

Travis and both his families decide to wait until morning to leave for the desert, but Daniel Salazar decides his family will stay there despite his daughter’s protests.

Before the Manawa/Clark family can leave, the army shows up and Travis and Madison believe everything will be alright now. Daniel, on the other hand, says it’s already too late.

We know who’s right.

daniel it's too late

There was a lot of conflict between the characters last night. Can’t really blame them, it’s a pretty stressful situation. Travis just seemed to be arguing with everyone last night: Madison, Chris, Liza, and Daniel!

Madison seemed kind of fed up with Nick last night. In all fairness he was kind of being an asshat.

“I don’t need you, I need my medicine.”

Come on kid, I know you’re going through a rough time right now, but your mom literally nearly died getting those pills for you. At least throw a ‘thanks anyways’ in there. I want to slap him and hug him at the same time.

It was kind of funny though how as they’re waiting for Travis to return Madison gets out the Monopoly and they all immediately pick a game piece.


Also being an asshat last night was Daniel. All Travis, Liza, and Chris wanted was a place to wait out the riots and yet he was acting like they’d asked for a kidney! Then, when they’re running for their lives and Griselda gets hurt, who is that carries her to the truck? Travis! And yet Daniel still is just resisting being even the slightest bit polite to him.

I am enjoying this though. The way the families are so different and the way they bicker back and forth. It’s like watching real families instead of actors in a show. Couples bicker, parents get fed up with their children, not everybody gets along.

They might want to start trying though since the dead are up and walking. Oh what’s that? This guy said something that hurt your feelings? Well, did he try to eat your face? No? Then shut up, who cares, you’re still alive!

Three episodes in and I’m torn between liking the characters and wanting to slap them. Yes, they’re doing this right. Well done writers.

There was also a lot of focus on the idea of strength .vs. weakness, particularly between Travis and Daniel.

Good people are the first ones to die

After their neighbour is turned into a walker, Madison wants to kill her, but Travis talks her out of it. He says it’s not her call to make and that they don’t know for sure there isn’t going to be a cure for this ‘sickness’. Daniel sees this interaction and calls Travis weak.

I wouldn’t necessarily say Travis is weak, but more hopeful, kind of naive, and probably incredibly confused as to what the hell is happening to the world. Thankfully Madison and Liza seem to be teaming up and know that they have to do what they have to do.

Madisona and Liza

It was once again one of those moments that made you think about what you would do if you were in that situation. Would you hesitate? You’ve known this person for years and now here they are. Some people say she’s dead, but others are saying it’s just a sickness and there will be a cure. What do you do?

We already saw last night that Daniel has no issue just killing them (every time a walker gets shot now all I can hear is the girl from episode one, “kill shot bitch”). However, Travis doesn’t want to kill them. He wants to believe there may still be a way out of this.

It’s funny because I saw someone on Tumblr say how all the people watching the show who have seen The Walking Dead are now like Rick Grimes and the people in FTWD are the Alexandrians. Yup, I’d say this is a pretty good comparison.

I’d also say that people who have seen The Walking Dead know not to leave your house when the dead are walking and leave the damn door open! Like come on!

Closing the Damn Door

This was all of us, right?

It’s hard for me to feel sympathetic for them just because I’ve seen The Walking Dead so I know what happens and all I can hear is Carol’s “oh sunshine” in my head. Like, I just want to knock some sense of reality into Travis that this is how the world is now.

But for them it isn’t and that’s what I love about this show is that they don’t know what’s coming. On one hand that sucks, but on the other hand it’s so interesting to watch how each character reacts and slowly comes to realize that this is it.

Like Alicia last night who, up until this episode, had no clue what was going. She thought people were just getting a bad flu until her neighbour tried to eat her. She freaked out because she realized that her boyfriend is now also one of those things. It was heartbreaking. A+ to Alycia Debnam-Carey on her performance. This show has strong female characters and I am so happy!

Nick’s accepted it. As far as he’s concerned the world already sucked Before, the only difference now is that the dead don’t die. Madison’s struggling to accept it. She believes the people are dead, but you can tell she doesn’t want to believe it in the way she let Travis take the hammer last night.

Madison hammer

Alicia’s terrified and confused and I’m intrigued to see more of her reaction to the whole thing next week. Travis just doesn’t believe it. He’s in full denial, there will still be a cure, the government will figure it out mode. Sorry to break it to you, but no. So I’m also really interested in seeing his reaction next week and whether he starts to accept things.

We didn’t see much of Chris and Liza’s reactions to everything, but they both seem understandably freaked out. Liza almost seems defeated in the way she talked about not being able to help Griselda and Chris I think is looking at things with a typical teenage perspective in which now is the perfect opportunity for him to learn to use a gun.

Remind you of anyone?

Carl Grimes S2

The Salazar family is still kind a wild card. Daniel speaks for them all. He believes the world is doomed, the government can’t do anything to help. For Griselda it seems to be whatever her husband says is fine because he’s always looked after them before. But Ofelia isn’t so sure.

Her character right from the start was described as being very sheltered and now she’s seeing this world and doesn’t know what to do with it. I think we’ll be seeing some badass stuff her at some point though. It’s always the quiet ones.

So yes, this episode was pretty good. There was a lot of start to character conflict and I think we’ll probably see more of that next week.

Also, can I just say, what was up with those subtitles AMC? I was watching the show on a big TV and I have no sight issues and yet I was having the hardest time reading those tiny subtitles. The Walking Dead is one of the most successful shows on television right now and you’re telling me you can’t afford to make your subtitles bigger?

What did you think of last night’s episode?

How do you think you would react if the dead started walking?

Check out the preview for next week below!

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Zoo Episode Review: “Eats, Shoots, and Leaves/Wild Things”


Season 1 | Episodes 11 & 12 | Aired September 8, 2015

Just when I think things can’t get any more nuts they throw a non-stop two hour episode at us!

I’m so glad this episode was two hours! There’s always so much craziness in one hour and I don’t think I could have waited a week after the first hour to see what happened next.

Let’s see, Ray died, he was killed by a leopard. Ben Shafer’s friend was killed and then Chloe was kidnapped by Reiden Global only to later be rescued by Delavenne (Apparently I’ve been spelling his name wrong for the past several weeks, blame Wikipedia because I just copied the spelling from there) who is apparently on their side again, but I really didn’t know if we should trust him.

Ray Leopards

Jackson got shot and almost died, but thankfully he was fine, he managed to save three kids from the leopards and him and Abraham made up. Mitch, Jamie, and Abraham successfully made and tested the cure for what is happening to the animals only for something to go horribly wrong with their plane on the way home with it. Oh yeah and Mitch and Jamie kissed. That was a thing!

Jackson Shot

In this two-hour episode there was so much craziness. The team is in Zambia to find a leopard for the cure. They manage to find a cub, but in this quest Ray ends up dead and Jackson gets shot. They must then take Jackson to the hospital which, unfortunately, has been overrun by animals.

While Jackson goes in for surgery, Abraham, Mitch, and Jamie take the cub and Mitch manages to make the cure using a tooth and a rubber heart. They administer it to a dog that Abraham borrowed and see a change almost instantly.


Meanwhile, Jackson’s surgery was successful, but while he’s in recovery the leopards get in and he must save three children who are also in the recovery room. This near death experience helps mend the bond between him and Abraham who had been fighting since the last episode over Jackson’s reckless behaviour.

Back in the States, Chloe has been taken into custody of Ben Shafer’s friend only for him to be killed moments later. She is kidnapped by some men from Reiden Global who torture her sister in an attempt to get her to tell them where the team is. Before Chloe can tell them the real answer, Delavenne shows up and helps her escape.


He takes her to a conference where he has her tell a room full of scientists and doctors about the Defiant Pupil and what the team has found, but none of them believe her. Except for one woman, Amelia Sage whose team of researchers has also been investigating the strange mutations found in the animals.

The team in Zambia are rescued by soldiers sent by Chloe and are finally on their way home with a cure. Everything seems good. Jackson and Abraham are friends again, Chloe is safe, Mitch and Jamie finally kiss, and then their plane is attacked by animals.

That’s it. Black screen. End of the episode.

What?! No! They can’t do this to us! Mitch and Jamie had just kissed and I was so excited because I’ve been waiting twelve episodes for this and then they have animals attack the plane and things go horribly wrong and asdfghjkl.

So I’ve been anxiously awaiting this week’s episode ever since we saw in the preview last week that Jackson gets shot. I definitely thought Ray was going to have something to do with it, but then he got dragged off by a leopard so that theory went out the window. Instead he got shot protecting Abraham and that was just an arrow straight to the heart, wasn’t it? Talk about an emotional rollercoaster between these two for the past two weeks.

Abraham and jackson

Thankfully Jackson was fine and he seems to have pulled his head out of his ass and realized he was acting really stupid. Now his brotherhood with Abraham is back to normal, I’m excited to see what will happen with him and Chloe when they are (hopefully) reunited soon.

I was so happy with what we got to see of Chloe this week. Not the whole ‘her family member is being tortured’ thing, but up until this point we’ve only seen little bits and pieces of her character. Tuesday night I feel like we got to see a lot more and we saw how strong she really is.


It’s always been obvious she’s a tough character, but I thought it was really interesting to see the change from episode one where she’s being rescued by Jackson to this episode where she rescued, not only Jackson, but the whole team by sending those soldiers for them.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll get to see even more of her badassness next week in the aftermath of whatever it was that happened at the end of this episode.

Ah yes, the end of this episode. The ending where, right before the animal attack, something happened that so many of us have been waiting for. The Jamie and Mitch kiss. It happened! It finally happened!

Mitch Jamie Kiss

They’d really been building it up to it for ages and this episode especially we could see them growing closer. We learned more about their pasts through them sharing things with each other like how Mitch dropped out of med school, Jamie spoke more about her mother, and the whole interaction with the tent was hilarious.

Moody Teenage Mitch use This one

I know I’ve said it in past reviews, but one of the things I really love about them is the banter. Mitch is so sarcastic and cynical, while Jamie is basically the opposite so seeing the two of them work together on anything is always interesting. Throw Abraham into the mix and even the most dire situation (where it seems like the cure didn’t work and the Mother Cell is lost) ends up full of sass and wit.

The banter was strong between all the characters this episode actually. It’s definitely one of my favourite things about this show because it’s like watching real people, not characters, have a conversation.

I found it really interesting how even though there are plot lines focusing on all the characters every week, something seemed different this week. Jackson sort of had his own storyline happening, as did Chloe, and I really liked how we got to see so much of Mitch, Jamie, and Abraham together in their own story which then interweaved with the others.

I would like to take a minute now just before the end of this review to talk about how adorable that kitten was. The team found a baby leopard to use for the cure and it was SO CUTE! All the animals are going crazy and hunting people, but I didn’t even care. This thing was so adorable and I wanted ten of them.


Is he a Bono or a Bowie?

But what happened to him during the flight? Was he okay? Are we going to see more of him?

As you can see, I’m asking the real questions about these episodes. Forget the main characters on the plane, what happened to the baby leopard?

Though I must admit, I’m kind of wondering what happened to the main characters too. Last we saw they flew up and hit the ceiling of the plane as it was attacked by animals, but what happened after? What animals were attacking the plane? Why were they attacking? Is everyone okay?

Gah! We just have to wait until next week and it’s driving me crazy. Next week is the last episode this season and I am incredibly excited to see it, but like all other shows, I don’t want it to end.

I’m curious to see if this is going to get renewed. I guess it sort of depends on the end since it seems like everything’s been solved now they have a cure, but it also seems like things could horribly wrong leading to a second season. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

What did you think of this two-hour episode? What do you think of Mitch/Jamie?

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Also! On a sort of unrelated note, I went to Fan Expo this past weekend! It was amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever nerded out so hard in my life. If you’re at all interested, you can read my blog post about Fan Expo Friday Here! I’ll be posting about Sunday soon!

I’m also going to a Supernatural convention next month and will be blogging about that too! Writing about Fan Expo is sort of practice for that as I will be attending the SPN convention all weekend so let me know what you think!

Zoo Episode Review: “Emotional Contagion”

ZooSeason 1 | Episode 10 | Aired September 1, 2015

Alright, so this review is late because I was busy being emotionally traumatized by the last season of White Collar. Yes, I have had it forever, but I didn’t actually watch it until today and I am severely emotionally hurt right now.

I had hoped reviewing Zoo would help me, but nope, this episode was so uncalled for and the preview for next week? Oh my goodness I am so done!

After their discovery last week of a potential cure, the group must find a way to get to Zimbabwe which is proving difficult since they’re on the run. They end up teaming up with a guy Jackson and Abraham know (and who got them into trouble on more than one occasion), Ray Endicott (Warren Christie).


Ray agrees to help them on the condition that they help him and his group break a bunch of animals out of a zoo. While doing this they are caught by security. They manage to get away, but not before Ray gets shot. Thankfully (or not, in Abraham’s opinion) Mitch is able to save him, but since Ray has been shot he can no longer fly the plane they were supposed to be taking to Africa.

Abraham and Ray’s partner go ahead to the airport so Abraham can set everything up (as he will now be flying them out of there) and the others plan to meet him later. As they’re leaving though, Ray wakes up and insists on going with them and on taking the animals they had stolen from the zoo, despite the group telling him it’s too dangerous.

Without room in the truck, Jackson and Chloe end up riding in the back with the murderous animals. Not exactly a cozy spot, but that doesn’t matter as Jackson and Chloe (finally) kiss while they’re back there.

Immediately afterwards (it was like the animals were protesting their affection) all the animals start freaking out and Mitch is forced to pull over the truck after the trailer carrying their cargo opens.

The group manages to run to the airport and Abraham starts the plane, but just before takeoff Chloe stops Ray’s partner from shooting at the police and they both fall out of the plane.

While the others get away Chloe is arrested by Ronnie Brannigan, Ben Shafer’s friend.

Chloe Arrested Use This One

An emotional rollercoaster, that’s what this episode was, an absolute emotional rollercoaster. And Jackson was right in the middle of it.

We don’t know a whole lot about Jackson’s father, but what we do is that he apparently became so obsessed with his work it drove him crazy. I feel like this can probably be debated slightly now as we know everything he said in his research was actually right.

We also know that his obsession with his work is pretty much what drove Jackson and his mother to move to Africa and caused a major rift between them. I can imagine then that being compared to his father probably isn’t something Jackson likes, especially from Abraham.

However, we learned last night that this isn’t the first time Jackson has followed Ray into one of his crazy schemes and it seems that a lot of the time it was Abraham who got Jackson out of trouble so it’s definitely understandable why he’d want to avoid the man.


He pointed out that Jackson’s been making a lot of rash decisions lately that don’t always turn out so well and that this is exactly what Jackson said his father started doing towards the end. Ouch.

I was not prepared for what I would feel during this scene. Zoo is the worst in that it’s only been on for ten episodes now and I’m already so emotionally invested it was like watching two people I’ve actually known for years fighting about something. So far these two characters have looked out for each other and it was definitely weird and a different side to their characters to see them disagreeing about something.

Really makes you think though, what Abraham said, on whether or not Jackson’s father was really as crazy as people thought.

Another Jackson-centric storyline last night was with him and Chloe. Now I am an Internet person. I spend a lot of time on Tumblr and Twitter and Fanfiction so I know what people are saying about this show. I know what fandom-type people are saying about this show, especially because I am one of those fandom type people.

Jackson and Chloe

People have wanted Jackson and Chloe together for weeks! I am one of these people so I was so excited last night when they were getting closer and then finally, in the back of the trailer, they kissed. I was so happy! I then also couldn’t stop laughing when the animals freaked out because it’s like they were angry about what had just happened in front of them.

“Nope, no affection in front of us!” and then just start bashing down the doors.

However, I guess I should’ve seen it coming that as soon as these two characters actually start something and are happy it would all be ripped away. Classic.

Yup, they kissed and about two minutes later Jackson was on a plane to another country and Chloe was being arrested in America. I have to say, of all the ways I’ve seen in shows and films to tear two characters apart who just started something together, this was one of the least lethal, but perhaps one of the most cruel since they’re both still alive and just being kept apart.

Now that’s officially a thing all us Internet people can start nudging for Mitch and Jamie. I don’t care if it’s a relationship-relationship, I just want to see more of these two sassy people interacting with each other because it’s hilarious.

And they were definitely sassy last night. Mitch was just not having it with Ray and kept schooling him on everything he said.


He just brings humour to the show and it’s wonderful. Him and Jamie broke into one of the offices at the zoo for a piece of equipment needed to make the cure and, after some struggle and sass, he managed to guess the password to the door. Not, however, before saying “I got this.”

I Got this

There wasn’t a whole lot of animal terror last night, I think they’re giving us a break. Sure there were animals, but it wasn’t like the past couple weeks where there were hordes or rats and killer, mass-communicating birds. There were some angry zebras and camels and other zoo wildlife, but they were in cages or enclosures for most of the episode so it wasn’t so bad.

What I found really interesting about this though is that, even without animal rampages, things still went so horribly wrong last night and it was all because of people.

The people were wearing animal masks which were meant to be symbolic to the group, but I think it was symbolic overall. These animals are going crazy and saying “screw you” to all the people and they’re becoming the dominant species and yet that’s still less terrifying than what people are capable of.

Animal People

Obviously I don’t want a bear to break into my kitchen or to be surrounded by a swarm of rats and you already know my opinion on birds, but people are scary. People are way scarier than any of those things and I think last night’s episode really showed that.

Next week’s episode (which is two hours!) looks amazing and like another rollercoaster. We’ve only got three episodes left in the season and I have no idea what is going to happen!

What’s going to happen to Chloe? Do the team find a cure? Who shoots Jackson next week?!

I am not prepared for this at all and yet I am so excited for the two hour episode.

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Pictures found on @ZooCBS and Tumblr

The Whispers Season Finale Review: “Game Over”

The Whispers

Season 1 | Episode 13 | Aired August 31, 2015

This is it. The season finale. And you know something? They killed it! It was phenomenal!

The whole cast did an absolutely amazing job, the storyline was insane, and I did not see that ending coming at all!

After Cassandra-Drill (Cassandrill?) sent out the message to the others, everyone was on high alert. Claire and Wes try talking to Drill only for him to sacrifice himself (and Cassandra, though she apparently was already gone) before they can really get any answers. They know one thing for sure though, domination is coming.

theyre here

Sean and Wes are both busy following their own leads to try and figure out how to stop Drill when everything suddenly goes downhill. All the kids suddenly seem to be possessed or in some sort of trance and they all scatter, going to wait in different places, Henry and Minx among them.

Sean and Claire are taken hostage by people who we find out were friends with Drill at the same time as Thomas. With Wes and Jessup’s help, they manage to escape and get back to the station when Henry was taken after being caught by police on the way to his location.

While Wes’s boss decides to send war heads into space, Henry reveals to Claire what the true plan is. Drill’s friends aren’t there for the planet, they’re there for the children.

They're here for our children

When the war heads fail to stop Drill’s friends, Sean, Claire, and Wes rush to find Minx before it’s too late. Unfortunately, they’re not successful. Minx, Harper, Nicholas, and all the other children are taken. All except Henry.

Before Henry could be taken Claire pushed him out of the way and was taken into the blue light instead. It is only then Henry awakens from his trance with no idea what just happened.

Well, last week Kylie Rogers had me in tears over Minx, this week it was apparently Kyle Harrison Breitkopf’s turn as Henry turned me into an absolute mess in the last ten minutes tonight.

This was a fantastic season finale. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, I yelled at the screen quite a bit, and I was crying like a baby at the end. It was perfect.

Everything came together. All the remaining main characters were included, Thomas’s father returned to help decipher Drill’s message, and we learned there were more children at the same time as Thomas.

That definitely made a lot of sense. Drill had so many friends in this show that it wouldn’t have made sense for Thomas to be the only one from his generation. This whole concept was also incredibly terrifying.

Once Drill Makes You His Friend

“Once Drill makes you his friend, you’re his friend for life.”

What? No! That’s terrifying! So, what, this alien thing is just in their heads forever? Were they all running scared like Thomas? I’m assuming not since they all so willingly helped Drill kidnap Sean and Claire and take the children. Complete insanity. But maybe that’s exactly what it is.

I mean, I’d imagine that if an alien chose you to be his friend when you were a child it might mess with your head a little. Especially if one day he abruptly stopped talking to you because one of the other children killed him and that all these years Drill 2.0 appeared.

Yeah, can’t really blame these people for not being totally stable.

I wasn’t feeling too stable during this episode. Seriously, these kids don’t just tug at your heartstrings, they break your heart completely! I’ve said time and time again how amazing this entire cast is and the season finale really drove that home.

Lily Rabe, Milo Ventimiglia, Barry Sloane, Derek Webster, and David Andrews all did a great job this episode. Seriously, this is an incredible cast. But the kids really stole the show.

Kylie Rogers, Kyle Harrison Breitkopf, Abby Ryder Fortson, and Kayden Magnuson all played huge roles in this whole show, but this episode in particular they all did an outstanding job. How did the creators of this show manage to find so many incredibly talented kids?

I’ve said several times now that by the end of the end of the episode I was crying and this is true, I was a mess. Wes just got Minx back after all that craziness of almost losing her last week and now she’s gone again! This time to who knows where!

And Claire’s gone! The whole scene just before this where she’s talking to Henry using sign language is what got the tears started, but when she ran and pushed him out of the way I was gone. Henry ‘woke up’ and had no idea what had happened and Sean didn’t really know what had just happened, I imagine he was happy his son was safe, but his wife was just sort of gone. Then Wes got there and now he’s lost Lena, Minx, and Claire.


Seriously?! This is very much not okay!

I kind of laughed though because we obviously don’t know what happens to the children after Drill’s friends took them, it was sort of a “Beam me up, Scotty!” moment where I’m assuming they were taken onto the ships/rocks/whatever they are. But what about Claire?

If this is the case and the children were just taken and not killed then I just imagined the alien’s reaction to Claire suddenly appearing amongst all these children like, “This is not what we ordered!”

That idea made me feel a bit better. At least until the episode ended. Just like that. Again, I say, seriously?!

Is there going to be a season two? I have no idea! I’m still desperately crossing my fingers that there will be, especially after that ending! It was the perfect set up for a second season and I desperately (you can tell it’s desperate cause I’ve used that word twice now) need to know what happened.

I have watched so many shows that get cancelled and just have horribly abrupt endings with no closure. Please ABC, don’t let The Whispers be one of those shows. Tell us what happens next. Give it a second season.

This may have been one of the best season finales I’ve ever seen on a show. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, up until the very end where I was practically on the floor. It was an emotional rollercoaster, but it was so good that I’ll be watching the episode again tomorrow morning and many more times after that.

The cast deserves a huge standing ovation, particularly Kylie Rogers and Kyle Harrison Breitkopf. Seriously, who do we call about giving these kids awards? They were fantastic.

I hope somebody makes Drill pay

I ask you all to join me in crossing your fingers for a second season because I know I can’t be the only one desperate (there it is again) to know what happens next.

In the meantime, let me know what you thought of the finale! Did you see that ending coming?

What are your thoughts on a second season?

Thank you to everyone who has read these reviews and I will hopefully see you next summer with reviews for a season two!

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Also, Kyle Harrison Breitkopf favourited my Tweet and that made me very happy

Kyle Harrison Breitkopf

Fear the Walking Dead Episode Review: “So Close, Yet So Far”

Fear the Walking Dead

Season 1 | Episode 2 | Aired August 30, 2015

So much happened! Episode two and there’s already so much drama and insanity, I love it! Madison is forced to return to the school to try and find something to help Nick through his withdrawal, Travis is determined to find Liza and Chris before it’s too late, and Alicia is left in charge of looking after her brother while all she really wants is to look after her sick boyfriend.

While Alicia is on her way home from school she stops by Matt’s house only to discover he’s sick. When Madison and Travis get to the house, they find out Matt’s been bitten. They’re not sure what that means, but we all know. RIP Matt.

Travis isn’t having any luck getting in touch with his son and makes the decision to go looking for Chris. Okay, I get it, you need to look for your son. But really? The dead are walking and you guys think splitting up is the right idea? Forget that not working on The Walking Dead, that plan never works in any show or movie.

Needless to say, things don’t go as planned. Travis and Liza manage to find Chris at a protest against cops who shot a homeless guy. They get to him just in time before the police shoot another seemingly innocent person (we all know they’re not innocent nor are they people anymore) and a riot breaks out.


The three of them take refuge in the shop of the Salazar family who don’t particularly seem to want them there.

While all this is going on Madison is on a mission of her own. To try and prevent Nick from going through a torturous withdrawal, she goes to the high school and manages to get some oxycodone.

However, Madison isn’t the only one at the school. Tobias shows up and asks for his knife back that Madison confiscated last week. Turns out he is there to stock up on food from the cafeteria. Smart kid.


Madison makes her first official kill this episode in the form of her boss, the principal of the school, who has turned and tries to attack Tobias. Turns out fire extinguishers make great weapons.

The episode ends with the family still separated and Madison and Alicia having to watch their neighbour (who has turned) attack the family across the road. I think this is something we all knew would happen. When multiple extras are introduced at the same time it’s inevitable that one or all of them will die. And we were introduced to a lot of characters this episode, not all of them extras.

We officially met Travis’s son, Chris, and his ex-wife, Liza. We were briefly introduced to them last week, but that was only for a short phone conversation. This week they were actually key parts of the story. Also introduced this week were the Salazars (not of the Slytherin variety).

So far I don’t really have an opinion on the Salazars. With most characters I tend to either like them or dislike them right away, but I’m not sure with this family yet, mostly because they’ve only have about thirty seconds of screen time.

They don’t seem crazy about Travis and the others, but you can’t really blame them for that. Closing up shop to avoid all the crazy and some of the crazy comes inside and invades your home. Granted it’s in search of safety, but still.

I know we’re only two episodes in, but I’m really liking this show so far. I’ve seen a lot of people saying they find it to be kind of slow, but I don’t think that’s the case at all. It’s the start of the apocalypse so it’s not like we’re going to be seeing death a destruction constantly (though there was quite a bit of that tonight), but it’s been pretty action packed so far.

I’m also really liking the characters. The characters aren’t perfect, far from it in fact. Some shows make characters that are close to being perfect, but then have extreme flaws. Fear the Walking Dead is liking watching real people.

she tried to leave

I especially loved this part. Madison watches Nick crush an oxy pill to take and before she can say anything about it he rats out his sister. It was such a typical sibling thing. “Oh, mom’s giving me that look, she’s not happy about this. Hey, Alicia did this…” It was such a normal thing to happen in the middle of the crisis and I really enjoyed it and I couldn’t stop laughing.

No one’s pretending about anything, it’s a family (now two families) who aren’t perfect and who don’t always get along. Sometimes they hate each other, but the world sucks right now so they’re going to stick together and figure things out because they have to. It’s these little moments that really make a show like this great because it keeps the characters human in a world full of the dead.

Nick and Alicia

I still find it funny that we, the viewers, know what’s going on. We know the guy who the police shot wasn’t just doing nothing. We know the girl we saw them shoot also wasn’t just doing nothing. We know what was wrong with Matt and that the cop who had a bite mark is doomed. We also know the only way for the dead to stay dead is with a headshot (which I think Madison learned this episode).

I feel like these shows are preparing us all for an actual zombie apocalypse. Like, alright, the dead start walking I’m going to need knives and crowbars and fire extinguishers. You always hear about the people who have food stocked in their basements and all this survival equipment and people laugh at them, but let’s face it, if this kind of thing ever did actually happen they’re going to be the ones laughing.

“So Close, Yet So Far” was so good, yet so short. It felt like the episode had barely started before it was over! I always feel like that when watching The Walking Dead though so I think it’s safe to say that means the episodes are really good since they don’t seem long enough.

The characters just keep getting more interesting and the storyline keeps getting deeper. I’m really loving seeing how the whole apocalypse started, but I have to admit, I can’t help but laugh when I think about the fact that all this crazy stuff is happening in LA and Rick is just lying in a hospital bed in Georgia.

The next episode airs in two weeks (so far!) and it looks amazing! I can’t wait to watch it so until then I’ll just have to rewatch the first two episodes and deal with watching the preview which you can check out below!

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