The Whispers Episode Review: “Traveller in the Dark”

The Whispers

Season 1 | Episode 12 | Aired August 24, 2015

Part of me wishes this episode had been boring. Why? Because I woke up this morning feeling like there’s an elephant sitting on me. Fun right? But this episode wasn’t boring. It was the farthest thing from boring and I just have to talk about it.

“Traveller in the Dark” was equal parts heartbreaking and stressful. After last week’s dramatic end, all signs point to Minx being Drill. However, we actually learned that Minx is innocent (in the nick of time) and it’s actually Cassandra, the President’s daughter, who has been possessed by Drill.

Who saw this coming? I was iffy about Minx last week. I thought maybe it was her and there were times in this episode where I thought she was Drill. However, after watching the ‘Previously On…’ part at the start of the show I was doubting it was her because Cassandra grabs her arm.

Turns out that’s exactly what happened. Cassandra framed Minx so that the rest of the children could be let go and Drill could get into the White House.

As all this is going on, Sean and Jessup are still talking to that reporter who thinks he’s knows what’s going on (he doesn’t) and Sean makes a choice. He’ll tell the reporter everything that’s been happening, the truth about Drill and the children, all so the man will contact the White House and they’ll be forced to let the children go.

sean and Jessup

This was a great plan, but with Minx accused the children were already going to be let go and the President was going to hold a press conference to tell the people of America the truth. Needless to say things don’t quite go as planned.

Sean realizes Cassandra is Drill when the reporter mentions all the President’s family members having code names. Cassandra’s code name? Orion.

Claire tries to stop the press conference from happening, but it’s too late. Drill (as Cassandra) stands in front of all the cameras and screams, sending out a signal to his family. Excellent.

Despite all this crazy, awful stuff that happened, one good thing was that all the kids were returned home. Wes managed to rescue Minx (with two seconds to go!) and Henry was reunited with his dad. Just in time for Drill to call home.

Sean and Henry

This episode was non-stop from start to finish and Kylie Rogers definitely stole the show. The actors always do an amazing job, but this episode was definitely focused on Wes and Minx (whose real name is actually Millicent!). Barry Sloane did a phenomenal job at portraying the emotion this episode.


He’s playing a man whose daughter is being accused of something horrific and he doesn’t seem totally sure what to believe, but it’s his daughter so he has to try anyway and he was amazing. Seriously, every moment he was on screen was fantastic and emotional.

As for Kylie Rogers, I can’t even begin to describe how amazing she was. There were moments where I was convinced she was Minx, but then there were other moments where I thought otherwise. By the end of the episode I was crying along with her and all I could think is, “wow, this kid is beyond fantastic at what she does.”


She and Barry Sloane both did outstanding jobs in last night’s episode. They had me crying and laughing and eventually, thankfully, feeling relieved. Minx is fine, Wes is fine, everybody is fine. At least they are until Drill’s family arrives.

This show cast some seriously amazing kids. Some kids who can pull out the creepy perfectly for this show. Cassandra’s line at the end, “Don’t worry Claire, I’m not going anywhere”. Shivers. Seriously.


These little one liners are so perfect and terrifying. Like, I was genuinely concerned we were going to see Minx die (what on earth was that machine?), but thankfully it’s not that kind of show. Instead they just mentally scar and terrify you by giving these adorable and talented child actors some heart stopping lines and plots.

There’s only one episode left this season! What? It feels so sudden, I desperately hope they get renewed.

I have no idea what’ll happen next week, but I think we can all assume it won’t be good.

Check out the preview for the season finale below!

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Also, Kylie Rogers favourited my tweet yesterday and this made me very happy.


The Whispers Episode Review: “Homesick”

The Whispers

Season 1 | Episode 11 | Aired August 17, 2015

After the emotional mess The Whispers left me in last week I didn’t think it could get any worse. Boy was I wrong. More people died, plenty of people almost died, and there was just a lot going on.

“Homesick” wastes no time in delving right in to the insanity. While at the wake for Lena, Wes and Minx are talking when Minx suddenly passes out. Taking her to the hospital, Wes discovers many children are sick, some of whom he recognizes as being friends of Drill.

It turns out then when Drill contacts a child, something in their brain changes that keeps them connected to Drill. Wes decides the best way to weaken Drill is to cut him off from all the children, namely, quarantine.

With the President’s permission, they start rounding up all the children and taking them to an unknown location, Henry included. However, things don’t go exactly as planned when Dr. Benavidez, who had been there at Wes’s request to help, ends up dead.

They discover Drill has possessed one of the children and is inside the facility so Wes calls in Claire to talk to each of the children and try to figure out which one was Drill. She discovers that one of the children, Silas, knows who Drill is, but as Claire is showing him pictures of the children, alarms start going off.

They evacuate everyone outside and that’s when it’s revealed that Minx is Drill.

This episode just had me all over the place. It was insane! First of all, I felt really bad for Wes and suspect that his grief is probably the reason he made so many bad decisions this episode.

He just lost his wife and while mourning her death at the wake, Minx passes out. Yeah, I can understand him being terrified and freaking out. However, I don’t think rounding up all the kids and taking them away from their parents was really the solution.

Last week I thought Henry might’ve been right and that maybe Drill was punishing him for not talking to him anymore. Now I have no clue what’s going on. Why are all the kids sick? What is Drill doing to their brains?

Especially since all the kids starting feeling better at the same time, I’m assuming this happened when Drill possessed one of them. So does he mark them to keep track of them? Does he use this to decide which child is best? I need answers!

There are six children I know by name who seem to sort of be the main kids they’re focusing on: Henry, Minx, Harper, Silas, Cassandra, and Nicholas. Obviously there are others (hundreds as we saw last night), and a few of them I recognized from the last time they had a bunch of them together (cause it worked so well then). But these six seem to be key figures so I think it’s probably safe to assume one of them is being possessed by Drill.

Now by the end of the episode it does appear to be Minx who is possessed, but the preview for next week makes me question that.

There’s no way it was Silas, he was too terrified. And I pretty much ruled out Henry (I was so happy about this, I really didn’t want it to be Henry). I think Harper can be ruled out too since she wasn’t acting all weird and creepy during her interview, but like a kid who was sick and tired of being questioned over and over again.

That leaves Minx, Cassandra, and Nicholas. I don’t think it’s Nicholas just because Drill already tried to possess him so I think we’d probably know if it was him. Also, the handprints from the possessed child looked too small to be Nicholas’s.

It would make sense if it were Minx. She was definitely the creepiest kid during the interview and she very easily could have been possessed when Drill killed Lena last week.

But then from the looks of the preview next week it seems like Drill is in the White House. How would he get there if he’s possessing Minx? Can he go from child to child cause I didn’t think he could. So right now it seems like it’s Minx, but then Cassandra also seems pretty likely.

Which child do you think he’s possessing?

I really hope it’s not Minx. I mean, I don’t want it to be any of them, but how awful would that be that Wes loses his wife in one episode and then a couple episodes later, his daughter is possessed by this terrifying alien creature.

A terrifying alien creature looking for ‘Orion’ or ‘O’Ryan’ or something like that. I have no idea what it is because the characters don’t actually know what it is, but Sean, Jessup, and the strange man who has been following everyone (who is apparently a reporter Dr. Benavidez knew) are looking into it and trying to figure out what it is Drill wants.

Strange man

I read a fan theory online that said Orion is some sort of spaceship or something that contained a lot of a radiation. If this is the case then that would make sense since Drill needs radiation to survive, like at the power plant.

There’s only one episode left until the season finale and it looks like things are only going to get crazier!

I have so many questions and so many theories and there’s only two episodes left to get answers. What is going to happen? Who is Drill possessing? What is Orion?

And the big one: Is The Whispers going to be renewed for a second season? Please ABC? Please? Can this happen?

Apparently the weekly ratings haven’t been great, but it’s still one of the top rated shows of the summer. However, with some of the cast members (Lily Rabe and Milo Ventimiglia) on the fence about returning for season two, they haven’t confirmed anything yet.

I really hope it gets renewed. I absolutely love this show and watch every episode more than once. Keeping my fingers crossed that it gets renewed!

Check out the preview for next week!

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The Whispers Episode Review: “Broken Child”

The Whispers

Season 1 | Episode 9 | Aired August 3, 2015

Two weeks and we finally got to see the fallout from the last episode. Things kicked off right where they ended last week with the group rushing Thomas to the hospital after he was shot by Lena. While he is being treated by Dr. Benavidez, Lena, Wes, Sean, and Claire are all taken into custody and interrogating. They’re not arrested however as they’re the only ones who have a lead on Drill.

Sean returns to the hospital to help Jessup guard Thomas, while Claire, Lena, and Wes investigate Thomas’s house and later, the institution he was locked in after his brother’s death. While there they discover something seriously terrifying, Thomas didn’t kill his brother. Drill killed Thomas’s brother and then took over his body. Great. Drill can possess people. Fantastic.

Back at the hospital, Jessup is knocked unconscious by a little girl (Ava Telek) at Drill’s request. In exchange, Drill will heal her sick brother (Spencer Drever) which he does and then the boy is sent on a mission: to kill Thomas. Unfortunately, Drill succeeds.

I missed The Whispers. I forgot it wasn’t on last week and sat down all prepared to watch it and then I remembered. So glad it was back this week cause I desperately wanted to find out what had happened with Thomas and Drill. I had a lot of predictions for how Thomas may have killed Drill, but I was not prepared for the actual answer.

Drill possessed Thomas’s brother! Drill can possess people? As if it wasn’t creepy enough that he can control electricity and only the kids can hear him, now apparently he has the ability to take over your body! That’s terrifying.

What makes it even worse is that Drill is looking for the right host which means it could be Henry, Minx, Harper, the president’s daughter, or countless others. It could be a child not on the show yet!

The upside that came with this episode is that they now know how to destroy Drill. The downside to this is that destroying Drill means allowing him to possess – and kill – one of the children. Can you not? Please don’t kill one of the kids. There has to be another way to get rid of him. I guess we’ll just have to wait until next week to find out.

This is How He Did it

Something I was happy about this episode was the inclusion of Jessup. Granted it wasn’t for incredibly long as that little girl knocked him out, but it felt like more than what we’ve seen in other episodes. Up to this point Jessup just hasn’t felt like a main character to me, but last night that all changed and Jessup had an important role to play.

The Whispers is very much little a horror/thriller/creepy film in some ways. I’ve talked a bit about this before like with Minx standing creepily next to Lena’s bed in the dark and staring at her. Well, last night they included a little girl (the one who attacks Jessup) in a terrifying mask. This kid shouldn’t have been that creepy. It was just a little girl wearing a paper plate with two holes for eyes. And yet, it was absolutely horrific.

Creepy Mask Kid

Another thing they did that reminded me of horror films was when Dr. Benavidez was with Thomas and all the lights suddenly came back on. She called out, asking if it was Sean and, when there was no response, starting walking down the hall towards the light box, leaving Thomas all alone. Come on people! I was yelling at my screen so much during this scene.

Like really, it’s obviously not Sean since he was the one who turned all the lights out in the first and said they had to keep the lights off. And I’m sorry, but since when is it a good idea to walk towards the silence when you’re fighting against a supernatural entity? Oh that’s right, never! It’s never a good idea! It’s especially not a good idea if you’re supposed to be protecting someone and then leave them alone to investigate. Don’t do it!

Dr. Benavidez

Something else you probably shouldn’t do is go anywhere with the man you cheated with and his wife because it will be incredibly awkward. I’d like to imagine that since they all have a common ground of wanting to protect their children that there’d be some sort of truce. However, majority of the time, it was just incredibly awkward, especially when Claire tried to talk to Lena about it.

It’s even more awkward because Sean has forgiven Claire, Lena seems to have forgiven Wes, and even Sean and Wes seemed to have reached some sort of truce for the time being, but every time Lena and Claire are in a room together I just cringe. It’s so frosty I can feel it through the screen. Not that I can really blame them. It’s definitely an awkward situation, but I’m really hoping they can at least deal with it enough to figure this Drill stuff out first. Especially since they’re apparently going against Claire’s boss and, possibly, the President.

At the very end of the episode Claire’s boss goes to the President and tells him about how they can kill Drill (which he overheard while spying on Claire, Lena, and Wes). He then asks the President if he is willing to sacrifice the life of one child to save the entire world.

How on earth do you make that decision. Like, obviously, you don’t want the entire planet to be destroyed and everyone on it killed. But how does anyone, especially someone with a child, say they’d be willing to do that?

This episode was intense and emotional and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Everything that happened with Thomas, both in present time and in the flashbacks they showed was absolutely heartbreaking. It’s definitely going to be a driving force for the other characters to stop Drill as Sean has already said he won’t let what happened to Thomas, happen to Henry.

I honestly have no idea what is going to happen. I’ve made predictions in the past and they’re always wrong so I figure I’ll quit while I’m ahead. But what do you think?

Do you have any thoughts on this episode? How about what’s going to happen next week?

What would you do if you were in the President’s shoes?

Check out the preview for next week below!

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All Photos and Video Come From The Whispers Tumblr

The Whispers Episode Review: “A Hollow Man”

The Whispers

Season 1 | Episode 8 | Aired July 20, 2015

Did anyone else have an issue when they tried to watch the episode last night? For some reason the channel I normally watch it on cut the first ten minutes of the show, it played for about five minutes, and then there was just a bluish-green screen. I have no idea what this was, but I had to wait until this morning to find somewhere to watch the episode. Glad I did because it was so good.

Alright, who thought it was going to be Sean or Claire who died in last night’s episode?

I know I did. Thankfully, both of them were fine, but last night’s episode was definitely intense. It had so many twists and turns that I definitely didn’t see coming.

After destroying the rock last week, Sean and Claire are now on the run. They meet up with Jessup who brings Henry to them, rather than taking him to the FBI like he was instructed (though Sean does punch him). With Jessup’s help, Sean and Claire find out about a man named Thomas who spoke to Drill in the 1980s and they go to find him.

Sean and Claire

While Sean and Claire are getting answers from Thomas, Lena is on her own mission from Drill. She and Drill make a deal, Lena would do what he asked on the condition that Drill never speaks to Minx again.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve said The Whispers always leaves me with a ton of questions and last night was no different. The only change was that some of the questions actually were answered throughout the episode.

What does Drill want Lena to do? Kill
Who does Drill want her to kill? Thomas
Why does Drill want her to kill Thomas? Because Thomas knows how to kill Drill

This last one kind of confused me because apparently the Drill that Thomas spoke to when he was a child in the 1980s isn’t the same Drill that is now talking to Henry and Minx and all the other children. But then how does that work?

Drill was meant to be calling to his family and getting them to join him on Earth. So does that mean they’re all Drill? Is Drill the name of a species and not the specific entity that’s been talking to the kids? Whatever it is, it suddenly makes Drill significantly scarier if there’s more than one of him.

Alright, back to what happened last night. All signs were pointing to Claire or Sean getting shot by Lena. The preview for the episode, Sean and Claire talking about being a family again, and we all know Lane hates Claire. I was freaking out (much like Henry) when she walked into the house with the gun.

Thankfully, Sean and Claire were both fine. Unfortunately, Thomas is the one who got shot and if they aren’t able to save him then they may never find out how to kill Drill. Even more unfortunate is that, in order to save Thomas, they need to take him to a hospital. A hospital where they’ll ask questions like, “who shot him?” Clearly Wes has a choice to make and it looks like he, Lena, and Minx may be on the run now too.

Thomas shot

I actually felt really bad for Lena in this episode. I mean, it’s not exactly an easy choice to make, is it? And it was obvious from the start that she did not want to be doing what Drill had told her to, but can you really blame her? She can’t actually see or hear Drill, but Minx can, and Minx will do whatever Drill asks. That’s terrifying. So really, doing whatever she has to to protect her kid, yeah, I get it.

Though I am also leaning the other way a bit too only because she won’t know if Drill held up his end. Like, “Kill this person and Drill will leave Minx alone.” That’s all well and good, but considering how much Minx has lied for Drill in the past, he could continue talking to her and having her do things and Wes and Lena would never know. So while I get her reasoning for doing it, maybe ask questions first next time.

I also felt really bad for Henry. The poor kid was locked inside the car, he knew Drill was there, he saw Lena go in with a gun, and he couldn’t do anything about it! He just had to sit there and was finally allowed out of the car after he heard gunshots, probably thinking his parents might be dead. How is this kid not traumatized after everything that’s happened so far?

Drill Storm

Alright, I know I talk about this every week, but I just have to mention the scene in the motel with Sean and Claire. Blame the writers for making these two so adorable I just have to talk about them. I always love in a show when they talk about the characters backgrounds. They did the same thing on last week’s episode of Zoo and I really enjoyed it because it makes the characters more real.

Sean Claire Henry

Up until last week, we hadn’t gotten to see Sean and Claire interacting as a couple. And since most of last week’s episode Sean was in shackles and when he wasn’t it was just awkward between them, this was sort of the first real interaction we’ve seen them have and it was far too cute.

“Somehow we managed to stop talking to each other.” – Sean
“Or maybe we just stopped listening.” – Claire

Though I must admit, scenes like this, where the characters are talking about caring about each other and being a family, are really the scenes that make me think something is going to go wrong. It didn’t this week, but I really hope none of the main characters die in this show. Right? Anyone else?

Something I actually got really excited about last night was when Thomas was talking about Drill to Claire and Sean. He starts talking about how he could hear “the whispers” in his head when Drill was there, but that he doesn’t hear them anymore. He then asks Sean when he stopped hearing “the whispers”.

I love when they say the title of the thing in the thing. Like in all the Twilight saga books they say the title in the book. I had never quite thought about why this show was called The Whispers, but suddenly it makes so much sense! I feel like it should have been obvious for ages now because whenever we hear Drill talking to the kids it’s like he’s whispering, but for some reason I just never made the connection!

So much happened last night and I don’t feel like I’ve quite covered it all, but I don’t want to give away everything cause that wouldn’t be any fun, would it? The next episode doesn’t premier for two week (why is this a thing? The Fosters isn’t on next week either and I’m very confused) and it looks like a fantastic episode.

What did you think of last night? Any predictions for two weeks from now?

Check out the preview for the next episode!

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The Whispers Episode Review: “Whatever It Takes”

The Whispers

Season 1 | Episode 7 | Aired July 13, 2015

Just when I think this show can’t get any better, Monday night’s episode had me shouting at my screen. So many things happened!

The episode starts off with Sean recounting his first encounter with Drill to a room full of people, including the president and Wes. They are debating on what to do with the rock Wes brought back from the Sahara. Wes wants them to protect it and use it as a bargaining chip, but Sean thinks they should destroy it so Drill has no chance of getting near it. The president votes for keeping it safe which I think we all knew was the wrong decision.

Especially when we learn that Drill has made a new friend in the president’s daughter. Drill goes back and forth between the president’s daughter and Minx in this episode. Though he’s not just talking to Minx anymore, he’s also using the lights to talk to Lena, something Wes knows nothing about. Minx is thrilled about her mother talking to Drill, though the only reason Lena is even doing it is because she wants Drill to leave Minx alone.

Lena Minx and Drill

While all this is going on, Sean is being detained by the Pentagon. He is given two options. Either he can become their guinea pig and allow them to run tests on him or he can go to prison for his involvement with Drill. Wow, what a fair choice. Hmmm, I wonder which he’ll choose.

Sean agrees to the tests on the condition that he gets to spend one night at home which was simultaneously adorable, awkward, and sad. Henry was so excited to have his dad and was dragging Sean all over the house to show him things, but at the same time, Sean and Claire haven’t talked about anything making it a little tense.

Sean returns to the lab where a doctor starts running tests on him and he tells her about all the things he saw in the blue light when he touched the rock. He saw nothing. Well, not nothing, but nobody. Everyone was gone, vanished into thin air. I’m starting to reconsider the possibility that people might actually be the food Drill was looking for.

Back with the president daughter’s, we learn that she has unknowingly helped Drill locate the rock and they discover that the rock is a sort of beacon, a phone Drill needs to call home. Because one alien entity wasn’t enough, let’s call the rest of the family in. Great.

It's a Phone

However, it seems like all hope is not lost when Claire uses an FBI vest given to her by Jessup to smuggle in some equipment Sean needs to blow up the rock. Before they can complete the task though, Drill arrives, as do Wes and several armed men who shoot the doctor.

While Drill is inside the rock, Wes drags Claire away at Sean’s request while Sean prepares to blow up the rock. He succeeds in destroying and somehow makes it alive, with him and Claire escaping before the rest of the cavalry get there.

At the very end of the episode we learn that Drill is not gone. Sean managed to blow up the rock, but Drill is still very much alive and he agrees to do something for Lena if she will do something for him.

Wow so much happened! I rewrote this review about five times mostly because I kept trying to make the recap shorter. Unfortunately, every time I did that I would forget things so I just decided to leave it as is. I think it works, right?

Now, let’s move on to the actual review part of this review. This episode was absolutely packed and every second was crazy!

I was so excited to finally see what had happened to Sean between leaving his house and crashing his plane. However, after seeing this scene I have so many more questions! This show always leaves me with questions. Was Sean’s first encounter with Drill an accident? Was he chosen for a specific reason? Or was it just convenience that he was there?

Another question I have is what’s going to happen to Wes? I assume there’ll be some sort of repercussions from the fact that he helped Sean and Claire blow up the rock and then allowed the couple to escape. I wasn’t overly thrilled with Wes in this episode. Main reason being that he wanted to use the rock as a bargaining chip without Drill, apparently forgetting that Drill has a bargaining chip too: the kids.


Drill almost killed Harper’s mom and then brought her out of a coma, he restored Henry’s hearing, he absorbed radiation, and has complete and total access to your kids without you knowing it. I feel like Drill’s bargaining chip is bigger than theirs.

It’s even bigger now that he’s talking to Lena. We learn from Minx (who does that creepy thing kids do in horror films where they stand in the dark and stare at you) that Drill is very much alive. Unfortunately, Sean, Claire, and Wes don’t know this yet. And something none of us know yet is what exactly it is Drill wants from Lena.

The last thing that left me with a question (but not the last thing I’m going to talk about) was the scene with Jessup where he is told to take Henry into FBI custody. What’s going to happen to Henry? We see him in the preview for next week and he is definitely not in FBI custody so I guess we can assume Jessup disobeyed his orders. But then there are also a ton of other possibilities for things that could’ve happened or that could happen! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Finally, Sean and Claire. They were so cute! When Sean promised Henry he’d come home, but Henry didn’t believe him, I thought, “okay, well they’re not going to kill him now.” But then, when he told Claire he forgave her I started to get a little concerned. My excited shouting over how adorable they were turned to “No! No! No! You can’t kill him! He only just remembered who he is!” Thankfully they didn’t kill him and everything was fine.

Sean and Claire

I’m interested to see what’s going to happen next week now they’re technically on the run I guess. Are they going to get to Henry in time? Is that why Jessup doesn’t take him into custody? They get there first. Who knows! Well, the cast and crew know I guess, but we’ll know soon enough.

What did you think of Monday’s episode? Any predictions for next week’s?

Check out the preview below!

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The Whispers Episode Review: “The Archer”

The Whispers

Season 1 | Episode 6 | Aired July 6, 2015

This may have been my favourite episode so far. Seriously, this episode was amazing. I will be sorely disappointed if The Whispers does not get a second season because they literally make each episode better than the last and I don’t know how they do it.

So many things happened in this episode! Sean returned to Washington with the giant, blue, glowing rock from the Sahara; Claire gathered the kids who have been talking to Drill and tried to get some answers; we actually saw Drill, or at least a form of him; Lena started believing in Drill’s existence; and Sean remembered! Whew, is that everything? I think that’s everything?

Like I already said, this episode was crazy good. The meeting between Claire, the kids, and Drill was actually pretty creepy. We don’t fully know what Drill is capable of yet and I half expecting for the lights to turn back on and for them to be one kid short.

The group

We actually learned a few things about Drill during this meeting though. Harper tells Claire that Drill misses his family, but he had to come to Earth by himself first to find food. This explains the lack of radiation at the nuclear power plant, Drill absorbed it.

One of the kids also tells Claire that Drill only talks to kids because “grown ups only hear what they want to hear.” This has been said on this show before and with everything else that’s happened so far it seems to be hinting that Drill might a child himself. Whatever species he, wherever he’s from, Drill appears very childlike.


Claire says that it’s easy for one kid to keep a secret, but get a bunch together and that’s when they start talking. Drill is constantly keeping secrets, from the kids themselves about what he really wants and he has the kids keeping secrets from their parents and then gets angry when the adults find things out. All of this is very childlike behavior.

One of the things this show really drills (no pun intended) home is how creepy kids can be. Like seriously, one of the things that freaks me out the most in horror films is creepy kids. After the fiasco at the kid’s meeting where Drill freaked everyone out, one of the little girls reveals she has a message for Claire from Drill. What is that message?

“[Drill] says you’re not gonna win.”

Was this necessary?! For the scare factor, yes probably. But seriously, this was one of the creepiest parts of the show. We had just seen Drill as some sort of energy source on the screen floating from kid to kid, able to talk to them and to mess with the lights and the locks on the doors and then a little girl says that. Nope, no thanks.

There were quite a few kids involved in this meeting. Henry was there, as were Harper, Ethan, the boy we saw step in front of the psychologist’s bike, and several others. However, one child who wasn’t there was Minx as Lena refused to let her go. I can’t tell if this is because she didn’t want to believe Drill was real, because she was mad at Wes, or because she hates Claire that she refused. Whatever it was, by the end of the episode, she was definitely believing.


After overhearing Minx talking to Drill about how much she hates Claire, Lena decides to play a game that leaves her believing in Drill and leaves Drill apparently trusting Lena. I don’t see this ending well, for Lena or for Claire who appears to be a tight spot next week.

While all this is going on, Wes has returned to the States with the strange, blue, pulsing rock from the Sahara. We still don’t know much about it other than it’s connected to Drill. How? No idea. Is it his ship? Are the strange glowing lights the rest of Drill’s family? No clue. But there’s something very strange about because when Wes goes to touch it, it appears to throw him back.

However, later, when Claire and Wes take Sean to it he touches it without issue. Claire and Sean were getting closer in this episode. Despite him not remembering anything, she continued to visit him on a regular basis. Sean reveals that ever since Wes returned to the States with whatever it was he’d found, Sean had felt something calling to him.

They take him to the rock and when he touches it he regains his memories. I was so happy! I said in my review for last week’s episode that I am seriously rooting for Claire and Sean and the happiness lasts about two seconds. Sean doesn’t just remember, he remembers everything. Including Claire’s affair with Wes.

Sean Remembers

Well, I had hope, it’s slightly diminished, but still there. After all, when you’ve got a crazy, invisible, malevolent something communicating with your son, everything else probably gets put on the back burner for a bit.

This episode was fantastic and next week looks even better. Now they know more about Drill they can really start looking at how to stop him. In the preview that you can watch below we see a bunch of the kids who have been communicating with Drill, Claire in some sort of distress, and Sean back in his army uniform.

Yes, I think it’s safe to say the season can only get better.

What did you think of last night’s episode? What did you think of Drill?

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The Whispers Episode Review: “What Lies Beneath”

The Whispers

Season 1 | Episode 5 | Aired June 29, 2015

After working, socializing, and having family visiting, this is the latest I have posted a review for this show so far and the latest I ever plan on posting a review for this show. I’ve also been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls which is actually because I’ve been watching The Whispers and I forgot how awesome of an actor Milo Ventimiglia is so naturally I’ve had to binge Gilmore Girls. I can definitely say though that I won’t be posting a review this late for this show ever again. Now, onto last Monday’s episode!

“What Lies Beneath” starts off directly after Sean, Claire, and Henry are taken into custody at the nuclear power plant. Everyone is baffled by the events of the last episode when they saw the nuclear reaction contain itself and Claire, Sean (who still doesn’t remember anything), and Henry are all fine and clear of radiation

Henry Drill

I did think it was a little strange that there wasn’t more of a conversation about the fact that Henry can suddenly hear again, but then I guess after all the other weird things that have happened recently nothing is really a surprise anymore.

Sean is interrogated by both Wes and Claire and during his interview with Wes, the machine monitoring Sean’s heart rate spikes and the pattern matches the giant frozen fulgumite we saw in the first episode right by where Sean’s plane crashed. His interview with Claire was actually really sad to watch because he doesn’t remember anything, not even after she shows him pictures of them and Henry. Five episodes in and I’m already emotionally compromised over these fictional characters.

Heart Rate

Also during Claire’s interrogation with Sean, he explains what each tattoo means. He has all of them figured out, each one relates to some sort of accident or almost accident caused by Drill. All except one. “AS33” is the only tattoo he doesn’t understand yet. However, Claire does. She discovers that “AS33” is the jersey number of another little boy who has been talking to Drill.

The boy is seen to be making what appears to be a bomb which we later learn in the episode he is putting inside a volcano. The boy, Ethan, is actually the son of one of the women who works with Wes which makes Claire believe Wes may be a target. I’m thinking they all may be a target as the only kids chosen all seem to be connected through their parents somehow.

Wes realizes this and tries to send Lena and Minx away, but Lena refuses to leave even though she appears to be terrified of her daughter. When she takes Minx to a play place kind of like Chuck-e-Cheese she freaks out when she can’t find Minx. Can’t really blame her though, she did just learn the doctor she took Minx to had died and then Minx has gone off to “talk to a friend”. Yeah, I’d probably be freaking out too.

Meanwhile, probably the biggest moment of the episode, Wes is back in the Sahara after he realizes they need to dig into the ground to find clues about Drill. They find something bright and glowing that almost appears to be pulsing. It looks almost like a heart and, given the way Sean reacted like he was in pain (can they please not kill him) when they yanked it out of the ground, I have a feeling things are only going to get worse now that they have it.

Now I don’t know how many episodes are in this season. There’s at least eight cause that’s what’s advertised on Wikipedia and as this is a summer program I think it’s safe to assume it won’t be a 22-episode season. However, even though we’re only on episode six I feel like they’re getting close to something big. Some really big. In the promo for tonight’s episode (which you can watch below) we see Claire with all the kids who have talked to Drill so far, all of them staring up at the lights.

The characters are getting closer and closer to finding out more about Drill and while I’m excited to find out who or what Drill is, I have a feeling the repercussions won’t be good.

Who Is Drill

Now, I’ve heard rumors that the show may not be renewed for a second season and that if it is a bunch of the cast may not be returning as the shooting location for the show changed. I really hope these are only rumors as I’m really enjoying The Whispers and I hope it continues.

What did you think of last week’s episode? What do you think is going to happen tonight?

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